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  1. How bloody true it shows how bastardised we have made the laws and common rights of us individuals into their right to make an offence upon us at will.

  2. Oh I see – you allow comments from CleanGreen because he strokes your fancy and your biases and not allow comments that disagree with your beliefs. SOUNDS LIKE BIASED JOURNALISM TO ME.
    Sounds like a fear of letting freedom of speech be totally free and ethical.

    Unbelievable, and shows that very likely you have done no research nor check out the links I have put up and there are many more. Aware and intelligent people are waking up to these Left Gatekeepers and why they are operating the way they are. It is a joke that you still put him on a pedestal. Did you spend anytime listening to Ken O’Keefe spell out who was behind 9 / 11 ? ? ? ? ?
    Too bad that TDB will be moving into the realm of the not so open minded journo spots on the net. Many I know do not come to TDB anymore and I am beginning to see why.

    Now quickly delete this one too.

  3. Oh I see, you let one comment through but when I add a link you call it spam. What games you play and you are beginning to sound more and more like the MSM instead of an ethical alternative media site.

    One comment slipped through just now and then was quickly deleted.
    Shame Shame on TDB. Just waiting for your grande finale of blacklisting me because you just can not stand my exposing your hero Chomsky.

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