Phil Goff has won Auckland Mayoralty – let’s move on with real policy already



Goff has announced he’s running for the Auckland Mayoralty – which means he’s won. Goff appeals to the Left, the Centre and the gentrified – Cameron Slater would have to have an interview with space aliens admitting Phil was committing galactic treason before he’d lose.

A break out candidate is always a possibility, but the odds would be in Goff’s favour by a clear majority.

The focus will need to now turn to the Mt Roskill by-election (which the very talented Michael Woods will most likely win the candidacy for).

Many different issues will run then.

-Can Labour & Greens show a united front by the Greens not standing?

-Can NZ First show Labour they could work together by not standing?

-If Greens & NZ First do stand candidates and it’s that amount that Labour lose to National by, will that make working together at the election  seem less likely?

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Labour have lots to lose here and the Party must put in a  huge effort as a stumble just before the election will over shadow the narrative leading into 2017.

Back to Auckland…

Seeing as Phil will likely win, really nailing him down on policy that will address Auckland’s hideous infrastructure under-investment, public transport under-funding and affordable housing crisis is crucial before the election.


  1. If he’s already won, why bother nailing him down on policy?

    Shouldn’t it be the other way round? Nail them on policy and then vote accordingly?

    Oh well…

  2. Add to that list, Martyn, of reining in the management of Ports of Auckland, in their vendetta against the Maritime Union.

    I can think of at last two names from Ports of Auckland who should be “retired” early.

    • Also add to that list the council asset sales agenda that surfaced a couple of weeks back.

      It was a no brainer that the Auckland Council was formed by Rodney Hide and John Key as a vehicle to flog off assets to the well healed. But they needed a National Party stooge mayor elected, so fingers crossed that doesn’t happen!

  3. Good analysis Martyn. You pose some salient questions. I strongly urge the Greens and New Zealand First to not stand candidates Mt Roskill, during the by-election.

    For example, look at what happened in the 2014 general election in Auckland Central and Christchurch Central electorates. If the Greens and NZ First had acted strategically with Labour in those electorates, the outcomes would have been different.

    Sometimes, you need to set aside your ego and naive idealism, and think of the bigger picture. Unless Labour, the Greens and NZ First work together, we are going to be stuck with this morally bankrupt, destructive Government for at least another term.

  4. I can’t see Goff doing anything except continuing the Rogernomics program in Auckland. His campaign material already talks about enterprise and other neoliberal slogans. How about liveability?

  5. For Gods sake . Goff The neo Liberal as Mayor of the logical fallacy that is the hollow town living beyond its means off a borrowed economy ?

    Time to emigrate. No, not me . Him . He just needs to fuck right off.

    Auckland would be better off with a coke dealer or a gambler or some other rascal who loves the pretty ladies and can party with the big shots.

    What’s Goff going to do ? Whistle through the gap in his teeth as he repaints his letter box while the real swingers run riot in Tinsel Town like they’ve always done ?

  6. Goff needs to show his hand early does he back Asset Sales and Roger Douglas/John Key style neo liberal economics or does he admit those policies were a failure.

  7. We can presume that Cameron Slater, Simon Lusk, Jason Ede et al, in their various guises, along with their adherents, will take every opportunity to undermine Phil Goff in his bid for mayoralty. They will likely use their usual tactics of spreading false rumours, lying and distracting to derail his campaign. Those who are unaware of their cynical, dishonest strategies should read Nicky Hager’s book “Dirty Politics”, which shows the sociopathic lengths they go to try to ruin people’s careers and lives.

    It seems that the only way the opposition parties can overpower the Right is by forming a united front. As Martyn Bradbury suggests, in the Mt Roskill by-election, the Greens and New Zealand First should think carefully before putting forward candidates. If they stand candidates, this would likely split the vote and result in National winning that seat.

  8. Three major factors are currently preventing Auckland from imploding:

    1. Mass migration from overseas, where it’s all turning to custards and those with money are fleeing.

    2. Massive creation of money out of thin air by central banks and record levels of borrowing at record-low interest rates.

    3. Sucking huge quantities of resources -food, water, timber, gas, electricity etc.- from the rest of NZ and the rest of the world.

    Just as ‘Anyone who believes in infinite growth on a finite planet is either a madman or an economist’, anyone who thinks Auckland has a long-term future is either a madman or an economist.

    Which is Goff?

  9. Ah oH, just looked at Phil Goffs speech and website! Bit short on policy there Phil, (like Labour) a lot of fuzzy words, (by the way the speech is out of sync in the video not a good look!).

    Not much detail of policy in the speech, a donate button and contact button (with your details being asked NOT giving Phils contact details??). Not a very personal feel there!

    As I DO NOT want an even worse right winger in, than PhIl, here is my advice:

    Do NOT employ buddies and anyone involved in Labour party campaign to ‘help’ you in your campaign – your website is already looking bad, see the above points.

    1) Correct website.
    2) Create real policy, i.e. go further than ‘not expand the wharf’ to open up the harbour and get Ports of Auckland who are a disgusting employer and horrible brand out of there as soon as possible.
    3) Create REAL public transport in the city and have a time frame for it that include RAIL in particular North of Auckland.
    4) Campaign to stop the disgusting IT disaster mess at Auckland council that is taking up millions of rate payers dollars (and is going to fail).
    5) Campaign to clean up the legal department and gouging of legal fees from legal consultants that Auckland council is spending such as ports of Auckland environment court case.
    6) Campaign to clean up the resource consents department at Auckland council which approved the 500 year old Kauri tree felling and ports of Auckland expansion and currently signing anything off. (Think liability like leaky building which has cost ratepayers dearly).
    7) Stop council speculating on development like Westfield
    8) Start doing proper urban planning and give incentives for affordable (and stylish) housing like eco housing and support the tiny house movement make sure that any new motorways and housing development connections s have got public transport plans.
    9) Remove the excess development costs for building and connecting to infrastructure like waste water, water and so forth.
    10) Increase tourism in Auckland
    11) Avoid supporting Sky City and corporate welfare who will want to lure you with free rooms AKA Len Brown style and constant events there.
    12) Do something real to support the environment – like a REAL goal to clean up all the beaches, rivers and lakes in Auckland.
    13) Avoid motorbike shots, as looks try hard. Stop going on about the freezing works the ‘working class’ metaphor does not work in Auckland – it is Urban and full of townies who love animals and trees.
    14) Pitch Auckland as being a new silicon valley with real broadband speeds and a telephone connection that can actually work!
    15) ZERO assets sales.
    16) More democracy in the Super City!

    If you are feeling really brave, denounce TPP to show the lefties who voted Len in, that you are a changed man from the 1980’s so they vote for you instead.

    In addition avoid any spin, spin doctors and constant asking for donations for the campaign!

    Be authentic and fudging policy is NOT authentic.

    Len won because he had a real policy which was improve transport, sadly he only concentrated on this and wrecked the city by allowing the council to make pathetic decisions on resource consents, ports of Auckland, IT and so forth which has led to gross wastes of ratepayers money and did not get enough transport through while putting up horrible developments which NOT affordable.

    The supercity is a failure and left and right hate it. We get less democracy for money money and Auckland is now run by corrupt incompetent council management who are making poor decisions and policy and have zero accountability to ratepayers.

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