Stop selling our state houses – Protest delegations to parliament – Tuesday 13th October



Tuesday’s reopening of parliament will be the focus for delegations of state house tenants from around New Zealand protesting government proposals to sell state houses.

The protest (see poster) will be led by groups from Tauranga and Invercargill which are the first two centres where the wholesale privatisation of state house assets is planned.

A rally will be held on parliament’s steps (approx. 1.30pm) following the march where speakers from around New Zealand will condemn government housing plans. MPs from Labour (Phil Twyford), the Greens (Jan Logie) and New Zealand First (Ria Bond) have also accepted invitations to speak.

“We are appalled that in the middle of a housing crisis for low-income tenants and families the government is trying to sell state houses to social housing providers – something which will make the situation much worse.”

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“Many social housing groups do a good job but they will never have the capacity or resources to provide quality, affordable homes for everyone who needs them. Only the state is able to do this.”

“New Zealand has faced housing crises in the past where the government has stepped in to build large numbers of state rental houses. It must do so again.”

“Instead the National government wants to return low-income families to Victorian times when the only housing options were charities and churches.”

Tuesday’s protest delegations will let the government know this is unacceptable.


  1. Just to kick of the discussion.You think this blinkered self-serving government will take any notice? They will not and never have listened to the concerns of ordinary people ( Basically they’re all up their own rich aholes and if I here another Nat MP say: “at the end of the day “, I’ll scream! They have a personality cult towards money trader Shonkey in Chief- it’s pathetic) because they have contempt for them. In a small country like NZ their attitude is repulsive and completely abhorrent. They are dividing us as quick as they can.

  2. With the high paced news cycle we have, this bit will hardly be reported on, like many other important real news. I follow radio, and listen to news on various stations during the day, including Radio NZ and Radio Live. While Radio NZ made mention of a court ordering the government to reveal at least some TPPA documents, this has already gone under during the afternoon, where news were filled with crime and other court case matters.

    So good on the people from the housing action groups, to head to Parliament, at least here we read about it. I have not heard anything mentioned on mainstream media news about it. So I will monitor the headline news after 6 pm, but probably waste my time, with my hope for information.

    There is a rugby world cup on in the UK, and Aerosmith have complained about Donald Trump using their music, and so many other “important” news are having priority.

    Re the speakers from the opposition, I fear we get a lot of hand wringing and well meaning words, but little real action, as they have also not really been present when there were evictions in East Tamaki and Glen Innes, were they?

    What a disgrace we have, what has this country been turned into under “free traders” Key, English, Grosser and Bennett?

    • Add S Joyce also as he was spouting all about it today as the best thing we have done Blah blah.

      Put their names on the traitors list to be dealt with by the people as crimes against the people case comes around when we get the chance in power.

      History will remember them all as evil doers.

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