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  1. lol….every time radio has a discussion about rugby I turn it off….it is amazing how peaceful it is and amazing how much productive work I get done …because often I forget to turn radio on again!

    …I am surprised at how good my own company is!…ha ha….and how intelligent my own thoughts!?…ha ha

    I have a bet with my own son on the rugby and my bet is always for the other side….bugger Argentina did not win!

    • Oh dear Chooky with those free thoughts, particularly about the rugby and the ABs, you will soon be labeled unpatriotic, a threat to NZ’s national security maybe, possibly being sent away to be reprogrammed for your anti rugby/FJK stance! You know FJK is rugby’s greatest fan and absolutely loves being seen with winners. Hence the reason he has been hanging out with Richie McCaw quite a lot recently! So in his pathetic warped mind (FJK’s that is), we should all do the same, following deal leader (minus the hanging out bit with McCaw of course) 🙂

      Speaking of the AB captain. There was something in today’s NZH about McCaw being sent to the sin bin for some game misdemeanour or other, while playing Argentina this morning (didn’t watch it). Then it’s followed by another article questioning McCaw’s moral compass, or something along those lines. Well to answer that one, it depends on the company one keeps I’d say. Goes to prove perhaps, FJK is not the best company for Richie to keep!

      • +100 Mary…Jonkey is using the popularity of the All Blacks to shore up his own flagging support …and for his vanity $26 million dollar flag

        …and it is back firing on the All Blacks….everyone is heartily sick of the PR spin in the msm

        last time I supported the All |Blacks …this time I don’t!

  2. Exactly Paul,

    Nactional are wiping sport up to radical levels never seen before, obviously to wash over all the underside black ops and secretive deals operations going on beneath the façade that is Nactional.

    We are being brainwashed and manipulated by the MSM and their Junta Government.

    • Yeah, around 30 years ago National’s Rob Muldoon campaigned to keep politics out of sport. Now National’s John Key has turned the All Blacks into a cross between the Ministry of Publicity (Propaganda) and an SOE.
      The saddest thing is that the irony is completely lost on the sleepy hobbits of New Dreamland.

      • 1000% Mike the leftie,

        I was there when Rob Muldoon said that Sport and Politics shouldn’t mix.

        Funny how this arrogant hollow chameleon PM now for his own gain, has twisted all National Party policies of the past to get their way at any cost and burn the morals the Party used to hold with dignity.

        Key has poisoned the national Party now.

  3. Yep @ cleangreen – I feel glad I can see it for what it is, but frustrated that others can’t.
    I’m just hoping there’s more of the ‘cans’ than the ‘can’t’s’.

  4. Yes that is a good question, “Are our NZ Pollsters corrupted and/or the elections?”

    We have long been studying the pollster’s issues since one rung us pre-election and muffled their name so it was virtually inaudible so I began answering the questions with her, until I smelled a rat that she was fishing for my political preferences so I asked again what polling company they were?

    And then like lightening she abruptly finished the poll with me saying she had enough of our category?

    We fleshed out that many oversees polling companies are actually now found to be connected directly to political organisations who have business interests also.

    We observed this in the US congressional hearings video here;

    When the US polling systems and elections were under scrutiny by Congress also and in NY elections,

    And also now in India who are considering banning polling companies!

    Other countries have already done so, siting corruption amongst them all, so we need to find out more of who our pollsters actually are connected to and why.

    During our Electoral system voting we use a paper voting form or ballot paper.

    The issue of fraud comes after the paper votes are recorded and them electronically counted or “tabulated afterwards.
    Paper-based electronic voting system[edit]
    Sometimes called a “document ballot voting system”, paper-based voting systems originated as a system where votes are cast and counted by hand, using paper ballots. With the advent of electronic tabulation came systems where paper cards or sheets could be marked by hand, but counted electronically. These systems included punched card voting, marksense and later digital pen voting systems.
    Most recently, these systems can include an Electronic Ballot Marker (EBM), that allow voters to make their selections using an electronic input device, usually a touch screen system similar to a DRE. Systems including a ballot marking device can incorporate different forms of assistive technology. In 2004, Open Voting Consortium demonstrated the ” Dechert Design ” a General Public License open source paper ballot printing system with open source bar codes on each ballot.

    What and who runs this system.
    Is it privately or a Government run system with no other vote counting process?

    “ Electoral Commission’s National Election Results System.”

    We must find out who operates this “system” called “Electoral Commission’s National Election results system?”

    There is no indication anywhere on the web “who or if” a private contractor runs this system for the electoral Commission.

    Keeping secrets?

    8.1 Preliminary results – election night

    After the voting place closes at 7pm on election day (20 September 2014) and all voters have left, the manager of every voting place will carry out the preliminary count of general election votes in the presence of scrutineers and voting place officials.

    The ballot boxes are opened and the ballot papers, party votes and electorate votes are counted. The result is phoned in to the Returning Officer and it is then input into the Electoral Commission’s National Election Results System.

    Results are displayed in real time on and at the same time are fed to television and radio media. The Electoral Commission’s target is to have 50% of voting place results available by 10pm on election night and 100% of voting place results available by 11.30pm.

    • +100 CLEANGREEN…very good points…I am sure , as are others I know, the last Election had a corrupted electronic result component after the manual counting….especially the early votes before Election Day …the results of that Election seemed to be counter intuitive especially in Christchurch

  5. Laura @action stations and Jane Kelsey in Scoop announce that the TPPA could finally signed on sept 26th. .

    Nothing said about NZ dairy article says Grosse will “swallow the rat” and sign anyway. Numbers of Mps in usa now to discuss.
    no oneinformed the public its still being kept secret and after it signed NO GOING BACK,this treacherous pm is going to sign.
    Unions say the social services sale is being prepared,we are being sold down the river.

    • whoops! final round of talks on 26th sept, not signing .if its agreed on 26th no going back. I was misinformed .sorry.

  6. I phoned Winston Peters keri keri office wrong number! I sent email,
    mailman said it cant be delivered permanently, I have walked past on a number of occasions past to see if is open, all closed up.
    What is going on ?

  7. Re the Kim Dotcom case being heard in court. Interesting to see it’s noted in the NZH article link below, the Crown (that’s the NZ government) is acting on behalf of the US government here!

    Since when did a government of any sovereign nation act on behalf of a foreign government in a court of law, against its own state’s citizens and residents?

    I have a sickening feeling this is going to get worse when the TPPA is finally signed within the next week! KDC will only be the first of many Kiwi residents or citizens to be served up on a plate to the US, courtesy of the traitor FJK!

  8. Interesting we have the Hungarian Key and the Pom Groser negotiating away our sovereignty, with the TPPA Agreement, this country is really going down the gurgler.

    Can’t see any pluses in the TPPA Agreement apart from sucking up to the USA.

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