@NZStuff are leading their politics section with Key’s advice on parenting…


are leading their politics section with Key’s advice on parenting…

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This is NZ today, a cargo cult minus the cargo.

A man worth $200million preaching parenting advice of hard work for his kids? Who paid for Stephie’s Paris education? Who paid for Max’s Hawaiian holiday?

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If Key is seriously putting his family up for scrutiny one could be unkind to point out that the shallow flaunting of wealth his children exhibit sums up everything wrong with consumer culture.

Having to listen to this shite is one thing, having the media amplify it without any critical analysis is another.

With simpering media coverage like this, who needs big brother?



  1. Easy bringing up kids when you are earning $5-$10k per week and have net equity of $55 million.

    Try earning $400-$500 per week with a net equity of zero.

  2. Ha!….Id rather listen to Ozzy Osbournes views on parenting – he was doing something right there.

    Or better still – Ian Grant . Now there’s a person one can get the right answers from.

    Not some git like this ‘PM ‘ key who was involved in being the right hand man for Andrew Krieger in perpetrating the biggest Forex heist in history against his own country of birth’s economy.

    That fact and that alone tells you how much he doesn’t give a damn about the parents and family’s of this country ….

    Which is sweet F.A.

  3. don’t worry Martyn – more and more people are seeing him for what he is. And besides it just validates his own character – cause his son is following in his footsteps.

  4. The fourth most important thing the PM demonstrates –

    “If you are young and have a pony tail, I’m going to be where I can reach it.”

  5. Sadly there are too many sycophants in New Zealand, who have a tradition of greasing up to the famous, rich, successful and also to “royalty”. Our PM is NO exception, he is a perfect example, and he loves to shine in the limelight next to the leaders and shakers, same as some popular sports and entertainment personalities:








    So his new job is also parenting counsellor or advisor, I hear?!

    Yes, so many suburban folk are themselves so keen and happy to get a selfie with the All Blacks, with visiting music and entertainment stars, perhaps with a visiting dignitary, they seem to love Key for being like them, doing such or similar stuff on the international stage.

    Let us “crown” him one day, King Bokassa in Africa could do it himself, why now also John Key? Would be fitting, I presume, one day in the future, perhaps?


  6. Maybe one day John Key will give advice on how to act like a Prime Minister. That would really be a surprise!

  7. Imagine Key working for CYFS? I don’t think so. There’d be too many distraught children than is already needed. Besides, Key can’t even do his present job properly.

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