Why Patrick Gower didn’t cover the Saudi Sheep Bribe?


Fran O’Sullivan and Matthew Hooton, not exactly card carrying members of the communist Party have had a twitter discussion over why Patrick Gower hasn’t attacked the Government over their bewildering Saudi Sheep bribe…

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.28.27 am

…so according to Hooton, Gower has gone lightly over the Saudi Sheep bribe because he believes in trade, yet he roasts the Greens for daring to suggest that the Government shouldn’t be ramming legislation through under urgency just so Kiwi’s can get drunk during World Cup matches?


No wonder NZers have such a one sided view of the political landscape in this country and no wonder so many are continuing to boycott TV3.

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This deal broke Government’s own rules and the Auditor General is investigating it, but TV3’s Political Reporter won’t.


  1. Nice glass of piss he’s sharing with Nick Smith the housing kid…

    ” Oh shit …whats the time ?…the rugby’s on….quick , honey can of piss , mate !!!

    Corruption ?…what corruption – oh ! – you mean the ref’s decision – yeah what a biased mongrel , eh ? ”

  2. I’ve more respect for Mike Hosking and Paul Henry – at least they admit to being entertainers.
    Whereas Paddy thinks he’s a journalist.
    The best part about John Campbell getting the boot is that thousands of NZers are no longer exposed to Paddy’s bland sensationalism.
    Paddy doesn’t make politics interesting, he depoliticises politics.

  3. For Fran O’Sullivan to criticise Gower, lends me to think he is asleep on the job. I guess David Cunliffe made an easier target for this silly little man pretending to be a journalist.

  4. With a set of teeth like Paddy Gower he could eat grass till the cows come home.

    His journalistic skills are highly suspect and unprofessional.

  5. Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    Patrick Gower is a Ferengi. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferengi (also Google Image Ferengi)

    Any “Star Trek:the Next Generation” geek (Blush! Blush!), will tell you the Ferengi are only ever motivated by profit. Their peace treaty with the Federation is based on this and in their culture even journalists (who are certainly not journalists in the Earthian sense of the word) will only cover a story for profit.

    So why didn’t he cover the Saudi sheep bribe?

    1) Maybe ‘Gower’ is actually a Saudi name (Paddy could certainly muster the appearance for this one).

    2) Maybe he thinks sheep are beneath him (certainly true if he is a Saudi or (more likely) a Ferengi), and he expects the agricultural journo to cover it instead.

    3) Maybe he was given a bribe he couldn’t turn down (true whichever race or species he may belong to).

    Whichever it is (and I’m still gonna go with the Ferengi hypothesis. Just look at images of them!) TV3 still keeps its impeccable record of entertainment over substance…

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