TDB Political Caption Competition




  1. Who’s a pretty boy then?

    Jesus, if it’s not the odious FJK being photographed at every opportunity with the AB’s recently particularly Richie McCaw, it’s now his offspring’s turn! The very same offspring who hogged media pages last month for a couple of weeks, recording just about every ghastly detail of an Hawaiian holiday!

    Move on. Getting heartily sick and tired of seeing the Key mob in the limelight all the time!

    • That boy dosnt look happy ,I really don’t think he likes the limelight. Jk looks for all photo opportunities,his boy not so much. The press are the ones who put him in the limelight,not a normal life for a young chap.

  2. I’m way too cool for this. Anyway who are these guys. Don’t you dare make me do that ever again dad. And just as tonight’s drugs are starting to kick in….

  3. “Rugby, rugby, spelling bee, rugby”.
    I have absolutely zero idea who that “odd one out” is. Am I supposed to?

  4. A picture says a thousand words. The monetary aspirations of one, to be a billionaire, leave a vacant facial expression. The other three are not aspiring to ‘a brighter future’ – their lives are ‘brighter’ daily.

  5. New All Black coach appointed at insistence of corporate sponsors. Promises fans that rugby has a “bright future” and that A.B’s are “on the cusp of something special”.

  6. “Oh no! Leave me Alone! Why does the press keep on Hounding Me! – oi McCaw, get your bloody head in the photo!!”

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