Phil Goff, Matt McCarten, Jacinda Ardern, Michael Wood, Denise Roche, Cathy Casey & Bomber Bradbury all walk into a bar…



No, it’s not a joke, it’s the City Vision fundraising debate this Saturday!

You are invited to an evening of entertainment, celebration and debate to mark the halfway point of the second term of the new Auckland Council.

Join us on Saturday 22 August for our winter City Vision debate on the proposition that “There is NO place for politics in local government.” 

We are delighted to have secured seasoned political raconteurs Jacinda Ardern MP, Matt McCarten and Michael Wood to square up against the cutting prowess of Denise Roche MP, Martyn Bradbury and Cr Cathy Casey.

Hon Phil Goff will try to keep order in the house as our Master of Ceremonies and impartial adjudicator.

The evening will include the launch of City Vision’s mid-term report by Cr Mike Lee.

Tickets $25 (concession $15) includes nibbles. Cash Bar

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Invite your friends and whanau for what promises to be a fun, social evening.

Saturday 22 August 7.30pm at the Polish Society Hall on the corner of Ethel and McDonald Streets in Morningside off Sandringham Road.

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  1. Man, last time I drank here, my colleague and I decided to try and drink like the Polish dockers from The Wire S2. Many ‘shot and a beer’ combos later, we ended up in an election night shouting match with a bunch of young Nats in Kingsland. Good times.

  2. Phil Goff, Matt McCarten, Jacinda Ardern, Michael Wood, Denise Roche, Cathy Casey & Bomber Bradbury all walk into a bar…

    … and at least one of you is a sneaky, old school neo liberal and career politician who watched on impartially as NZ / Aotearoa was dissected by jackals . No disrespect to actual Jackals .

    It’d be a fun evening if there was a large drum of tar simmering beside a few bags of feathers.
    The gigglefication of a fucking nightmare .
    Get close enough to phil goff and you’ll smell roger douglas on his breath.

  3. Political local govt is political local govt -as it has always been.
    How can this fact be debated, is that why it is set at a bar with politicians as you have to be unconscious to ignore the elephant in the room and debate the obvious.
    How did Auckland get to be the( unwanted by the people) “supercity”.
    Local political govt is local political action.
    Like local corruption is still corruption.
    Local govt is govt.
    Local politics is politics.

    There is no place for politics.
    “There is no govt like no govt.”

  4. Super City = Big Cock Up

    Increased costs, less progress, more bureacracy, more BS, higher wages for Council Staff, more Council Staff, less efficient, more traffic problems, higher rates, more corruption, more sex for the Mayor.

    Anything I haven’t mentioned

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