TDB Political Caption Competition




  1. Key ” I thought we could go back to NZ and rub peoples noses in it, but instead we have to pretend we listened to the people,why cant people mind their own business about TPP its got nothing to do with them,its our game”.

    Grosser “I’m not playing this game i’m taking my ball and going home”

  2. I thought we had a special place in the Pacific Rim of Fire (PROF – an apt acronym), down here, but we were the last cab off the rank.

    Now I hear that even if the eleven other countries took all their barriers down, New Zealand would gain just 0.05% of GDP by 2025. Why wasn’t I told?

    When you go off to fill the Washington post, I’ll get young Hosking to fill your little shoes. One of our brightest – he can go and speak with the adults.

  3. groser and key are told that multiple polls on paul henry’s brekkie-show..(‘their people’)..shows that over 90% of ‘their people’..

    ..don’t want a bar of this tpp-deal..

    ..key is heard to mutter ‘ingrates!’..

  4. Grosser: Dude, with the TPP, I think they’re on to us.

    Key: Yeah, (sigh), I wonder what’s for dinner.

  5. “I’m very sorry for all the lies, for the ponytails, for the persecution of Nicky Hager, for the selling off of electricity, for the building up of the Gestapo, for making schoolgirls cry, again for all the lies, for the cuts to welfare, for being a sexist pig and for being a total meanie…

    “Now please fuck off while I transfer Treasury to Switzerland…”

  6. “I just found out that Ayn Rand was dead…”

    “That was nearly twenty years ago John.”

    “Well I wasn’t told…”

  7. “She’s dead Tim”
    “The TPPA?
    “Nah, New Zealand – not to worry, don’t think anyone’ll notice – let’s crack a pinot.”

  8. “She’s dead, Tim”
    “The TPPA?”
    “Nah, New Zealand – but not to worry I don’t think anyone’ll notice – let’s crack a pinot.”

  9. Grosser: “Why can’t I go to Disneyland?”

    Key: “No rewards for you until you deliver me the TPPA on a silver platter – then I’ll buy you Disneyland!”

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