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  1. Stuff – blindly reporting crap without any level of journalistic checking.
    The 5am dump reports another piece of a 777 washed up based on an old Sydney Morning Herald report – when elsewhere overnight overseas media had long been reporting it to be a piece of ladder!
    7.24am they finally catch up.

  2. Had to share this, it’s on facebook in the style of Dr. Seuss:

    I do not like this John Key twit.
    I do not like him just one bit!
    I do not like his welfare stance.
    Leaving families without a chance.
    I do not like his asset sales.
    Or any of his other tales.
    I do not like his bill of spies.
    Plotting our countries demise.
    I do not like the way he speaks.
    And fumbles talking on his feets.
    I do not like his lies and tricks.
    I do not like his head of bricks.
    I think we need to vote again.
    I do not want him as PM!

  3. Mass Migrant flows into countries are not the wishes of the countries concerned or their peoples…but caused and manipulated by capitalist corporate political oligarchies…. and particularly their wars

    ‘Migrant flow to Europe is result of US, EU military ops in Middle East – Czech president

    “The flow of immigrants to Europe stems from the Western states’ military interventions in Iraq, Libya and Syria, which have contributed to the emergence of terrorist groups in the Middle East, Czech President Milosh Zeman told local media.

    “The current wave of migration [to Europe] is rooted in the crazy [US] idea to launch an intervention in Iraq, which allegedly had weapons of mass destruction, but nothing was found,” Zeman said in a video interview with the Czech Repubic’s Blesk newspaper published on Sunday….

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