Fidel nails it




  1. Yes and in Cuba now they have a better medical system there than we have, – as well as a harmonious society! – unlike NZ now under Shonkey.

    • That’s right CLEANGREEN and the Cuban education system is second to none as well, with a literacy rate of 97%.

      We have family who are health professionals and holidayed in Cuba for three weeks in the mid 2000s, staying with different families across the island nation. They found most of the people they met and spoke with were very intelligent, clued up and even knew where NZ was and what it’s main exports are! Compare that to some Americans, who know nothing about anything outside the US, let alone know NZ’s geographic location and exports!

      The Cuban health system is indeed top notch, where every citizen has access to the best of free medical treatment regardless. My family were very impressed from what they discovered. Cuba’s health system put that of NZ’s into that of third world status category and in some instances they said, worse.

      Not bad, considering former US President GW Bush, listed Cuba (in his warped, insipid little mind that is) as one of his perceived axis of evil nations!

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