TDB Political Caption Competition


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  1. Well guys we have raided the gangs ,gained a lot of cash from them, and increased Sercos profits by imprisoning the gang members ,unless the gang members have top lawers,then we enrich the lawers, so its a trickle down effect ,arnt I the clever one.
    Oh Serco well that’s another story we will get to them sometime when Key decides what I am to do,so alls well, I I I I eye think it will be ,not sure yet.

  2. I thought Judith Collins would have done ‘due diligence’ on Serco, before signing off the contract.
    Nothing to see here – I thought.

  3. My advice was we could Sercomvent the costly rehabilitation process by having the prisoners self-administer their punishment. And the bonus is, Mediaworks are keen to get the fight footage on an ongoing basis for their troublesome 7pm slot.

  4. “Barry reckons I can go three rounds wiv Ripper then I should give him a solid right to the jaw…”

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