Last chance to vote The Daily Blog as People’s Choice


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Today is the last chance to vote for The Daily blog as the People’s choice.

You can vote here, results along with Best Blog of the Year Award announced tonight.


  1. ffs, judging from the list of choices that award is a thinly, very thinly, disguised exercise in marketing by business interests.

    Count me out.

    • Ahhh. yes you’re right of course.

      And btw just wondering..has Daily Blog become just another business ?
      Selling out to../ prone to censorship now?

      • No Cassie, you are way off base with that.

        This is obviously because the Government Blacks ops is undermining every group or individual that speaks out against them, as we have seen with everyone who has spoken out so far, so we support any way we can to save TDB thanks very much.

        Dirty politics is very much alive and operating on the underside of the National Party.

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