National Front attacks The Daily Blog


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The Daily Blog has been attacked by the National Front – I had no idea the National Front had a blog or the capacity to write let alone read!

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I’m not sure is what is more hilarious, that the National Front are standing up for Tracey Martin or describing Curwen as a narcissistic communist anti-White.


  1. Throwing names and labels instead of using logic and reason. gnore them.

    See the flag is prominent on their banner, I wonder what, (I nearly said, “think” there), reaction is to changing it!

    • A front for Slug slater?

      He is the National Party attack dog or a classic diversion?

      As the Government wants us not to watch what they are up to again as they plan more rape & Pillage?

  2. Long may the likes of Curwen and TDB continue to expose sleaze and corruption in politics and everything else that is odious and rotten.

    Bugger the NZ National Front, a bunch of filthy cretinous bigots!

  3. The NF will have a problem if Key’s referendum proceeds, and a styalised Maori motif is part of a new flag…

    Almost makes it worthwhile to participate just for that purpose alone…

    • On the subject of people closely associated with politics like Curwin, and politicians being before the courts, is there any news on the Mike Sabin case Frank?

      • Not that I’ve heard, Winnie…

        I’ll keep my “ears to the ground”, but there is a blanket Court suppression order on the case, so it may be left up to overseas blogs/news sources for any updates.

        • FJKey’s mate talks here.

          Goldman Sachs & the Destruction of Greece & the world now operating on NZ behind the senses we believe with FJK.

          They are the bandits that no one went after before in 2008 as they need to be taken apart using the military, not politicians, as they are bought and weak, as we see here.

          • The Military Heads globally (especially Nato) are owned by the banksters. The Cabal has made quite sure of its security, paid for by you and me.

        • Speaking of overseas blog/news sites Frank, Derryn Hinch is usually good value. He has some interesting things to say at times.

      • WINNIE – as far as I know the court case involving the “prominent NZer” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), is to be heard in April 2016.

        Anyone betting the outcome might go the same way as the charges against John Banks and Donghua Liu? All have some form of association with corrupt Dear Leader!

  4. I’d be surprised if they and their ilk can write too, TDB, rampant cuts to expenditure, no surplus, yet more debt than ever before. We know they sure as hell can’t add.

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