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  1. News on cybersecurity wars…you heard it first on the Daily Blog’s ‘Open Mic’ !

    ‘NSA, GCHQ targeted Kaspersky, other cybersecurity companies – Snowden docs’

    ‘Hackers steal ‘$300 million in 100 banks’ in massive heist’

    ‘Cyber threats increase, new international net cops needed – Kaspersky to RT’

  2. Gawd fucking strewth they’re amusing innit? These ‘conservatives’ now all very busy trying to paint themselves as ‘vuctums’.
    Christine fucking Rankin amongst the latest …. she of WINZ fame, along with her ability to cast nasturtiums on the morals of dirty filthy benies, and with the moral code of a predergast, either whether it be in mufti or whether dressed up in a nurse’s uniform.
    Hark at her on RNZ Midday Report (and no doubt elsewhere).
    Careful Tho’ Bomber – if and whether you choose to enable the comment) – they’re very quick to litigate – right up until the time they come a Capell cropper!
    Please Krussy – go and die a Bett Lynche death! I think there’s a predergast that could perform the funeral rights.

    ….. just as well the Captcha gave me a chance to elaborate:
    It’s not that I wish to judge these oversized pricks on their moral values – rather that they want to inflict/often-by-legal-means/….. a completely different set of values on everyone else. And on that I’d bet the hotel Hippopotomus!

    Fucking hideous people – morally and whichever way.

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