TDB Political Caption Competition


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  1. John Key press release
    “ah Akshully, we are in the process of moving all beneficiaries up to station wagons as part of our new warmer homes program, I have it on good authority the living in cars will lead to greater life expectancy with less mould, better insulation than the average state house and a built in heater…the biggest benefit of course has been the freeing up of state house land for private sector housing blocks and pots of money for BuMWarmers”

  2. “No, the new Ministerial BMW’s are not Bullet Proof BMW’s, like PM Tony Abbott’s new AU$6m fleet. We could have had the environmentally friendly Prius Hybrid’s for a tenth of the price. But, you know, it is my view, that the crowd like to hear me approaching – or they could be run over.”

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