What you probably don’t know about MediaWorks apology to Tamihere



I’m not surprised by this at all…

Mediaworks’ unreserved apology to John Tamihere
Mediaworks will today apologise unreservedly to former talkback host John Tamihere for the way it handled his departure from RadioLive following a controversial interview during the Roastbusters scandal.

Mr Tamihere sued the media company – which operates TV3 and a string of radio stations – in December 2013 alleging defamation and breach of contract.

He said he had been made a scapegoat following a public backlash to an interview with a female caller who claimed to be friends with one of the young men accused of boasting online about their sexual conquests of underage girls.

The case had appeared destined for a lengthy period of litigation until a surprise settlement was agreed on Friday.

…the reason MediaWorks wanted this to be held in secret, and why Tamihere wanted it public was because of what would have been revealed if it had gone public.

For all the anger John generated with that interview, which was poorly handled in the first place and led to some really gross victim blaming, the fury would have been ten times that if the public had heard what the Radio Live management had to say about the issue. Their perspective was that it was all great ratings, it wasn’t until Giovanni Tiso brilliantly started an advertising boycott that management realised they had totally underestimated the situation and threw Tamihere under a bus.

MediaWorks would have moved heaven and hell and paid John whatever figure he wanted to avoid having their behind the scenes comments about the incident made public.

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They are facing a bitter boycott backlash for killing off Campbell Live that has hurt them, having their comments about the Roastbuster scandal made public would have simply been throwing a lit match onto an ocean of petrol.

It would be decent if John gave a % of his payout to the young woman humiliated on air.


  1. Agreed! – and isn’t it surprising we never heard much about this on any MSM then? Um Um Um (sarcasm)

  2. “It would be decent if John gave a % of his payout to the young woman humiliated on air.”

    That, and there are many other worthy causes, I remember appeals for donations by organisations helping rape victims, and for women refuges.

    Also can the Auckland City Mission and perhaps the Mangere Budgeting Centre always do with a bit of kindheartedness and generous donations.

    There is NO shortage of need, believe you me, do you hear me, Mr Tamihere?!

  3. The Tamihere sacking was as much political as Campbell’s was.

    Maybe Tamihere was the butt of Key’s “urban myth” alleged comment, “I want that left-wing bastard gone”.

    Time will tell?

  4. Sickening.

    Granted, I haven’t forgiven him for ditching his pets all those years ago… and lest we forget his “front bums” misogyny.

    Trouble with capital T, yet he somehow gets away with it. Much like that other Teflon John.

    • I disagree- a little.
      The difference between John Tamihere and some other commentators is that while John may hold many abrasive, possibly misogynist, possibly prejudicial opinions- ( and he changes his mind like the wind)- he at least holds these as honest if somewhat fleeting opinions.
      Unlike many others, the Slaters, the Taxpayer’s Union, Farrar, Hosking, Henry, Glaucoma, all of National party- they all hold but one opinion- “Is it good for me?” and then spew any old lies they feel with reinforce this.

      THere’s a big difference in my book between anybody spouting the party line because they were told to do so and know that it will profit them, and someone who actually believes the party line.

      THe latter is a dangerous fool at worst, while the former are just dangerous.

  5. ..and still no arrests at all. the police and their families now have a license to cover up rape. and gang rape. thats where we are at as a nation.

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