Perhaps Police could resolve real crime if they weren’t so busy busting cannabis growers?


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It’s inane that we have a Police force with so many extra spying powers and who can’t even do basic stuff like resolve burglary rates…

Crime resolution rates ‘disturbing’: Labour
Police Minister Michael Woodhouse has instructed the Police Commissioner to do more to reduce minor crimes, after the latest figures showed burglary resolution rates had fallen to as low as 7 per cent in some regions.

Mr Woodhouse told a select committee today that Commissioner Mike Bush had been told to turn around this worsening trend, which was described by the Labour Party as a record low.

Labour MP Phil Goff told the committee that the fall in resolution rates for assault, sexual assault and burglary were “disturbing”.

The figures were worst for high-volume, minor crimes, he said, pointing to the burglary resolution rate of 7.5 per cent in his Mt Roskill electorate.

“Which basically means if you’re a criminal you’ve got a 92.5 per cent chance of getting away with the burglary you’ve committed.” that because they spend so much time busting growers of a ‘drug’ that no one dies from and doesn’t have any of the negative health impacts that smoking and booze do?

Large-scale cannabis operation busted
Large-scale cannabis growing operations – including a yacht and makeshift growing rooms in shipping containers – have been busted by Auckland police today.

At one address, more than 100 customers were coming to buy the drugs each day.

An early-morning search by 46 officers across ten addresses in Beach Haven, Sunnyvale, Henderson, Massey, Albany and central Auckland found more than 1000 plants worth thousands of dollars.

Medicinal cannabis is not the gateway drug the moral antagonists claim it as and well regulated markets in America prove that regulation is far better than criminalisation.

What is more damaging to society? People who break into the homes of others and invade their sense of security and steal from them or a regulated taxable cannabis market that reduces Police costs, generates revenue and reduces overall harm?

It’s like we live in a time of denial where no matter the logic, narrow-mindedness is celebrated.


  1. Thanks , this piece sums up my day.
    , Sitting here suffering terrible coffee withdrawals because my coffee shop was smashed out of business. 4 times they had the windows smashed and shop wrecked. A very hard working couple . kids . ripped of by the previous owner, but all they did was worked . Never saw a police car, now i see what kept them busy; i thought it was helicoptering to look at piles of dirt on waiheke. Of course there’s good old insurance but the excess X4 mounts up when your already not making any money.
    I’m complaining about my head while tomorrow they’ll be finding out how our wonderful country spreads its safe landing rescue net out beneath them in their time of need. as it protected them while they worked.

    • I am so sorry for you Brian. It isn’t fair. Keep speaking up because we live in a society that doesn’t seem to care, until it happens to them. I think people do care, though, they just don’t know what to do.

  2. They ought to go after the real Government crimes committed firstly.

    Like the magic effort you made when you photographed the 9th Floor of the bee hive on the Friday night as they were busy burning all Jason Ede’s @ Wayne Eagleston’s records after the Nicky Hager book came out exposing where the leaks were being generated from, remember that?

    Nothing has come of that yet has there?

  3. a ‘drug’ that no one dies from and doesn’t have any of the negative health impacts that smoking and booze do?

    In respect to damage from inhalation of smoke this statement “doesn’t have any of the negative health impacts” is simply untrue.
    Marijuana and tobacco smoke both cause irreparable damage to the lungs when inhaled.

    Better to choose other delivery methods.

  4. Sorry to be a killjoy Martyn but you can’t say that marijuana is good for you.
    I recall when the satirist Tom Scott said “it was sad that such an intelligent young man as you chose to damage your brain with marijuana.” (before you were excommunicated from National Radio).

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