Live Stream: Table Talk Panel at Ika – Making Money From Misery


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IKA Seafood Bar & Grill + RMTU + The Daily Blog present


6.15 pm Tuesday 9th June – doors open 5 pm

INTERACTION: At the end of the discussion the panel will field questions from it’s live and remote audience. If you have a question please click here with your name, location, and question: 

Join Mihingarangi Forbes, host of Maori TVs ‘Native Affairs‘, at IKA Seafood Bar and Grill, 3 Mt Eden Rd, Eden Terrace for a public discussion on the privatisation of social services like prisons, schools, state homes and now forcing the ill and disabled back to work – with the panel:

-Chris Hipkins – Labour Party Education spokesperson
-Jan Logie – Green Party spokesperson on  social development 
-Susan St John – Child Poverty Action Group
-Moira Lawler – Lifewise homelessness activist

With guest tweeter Sacha Dylan live tweeting the event

5 pm – bar opens, Showtime 6.15 – 7 pm. Dinner service throughout for those who have booked a table.

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Seats are limited so the discussion will also be live streamed on

To guarantee a place book a table for dinner. There will be some capacity for bar-only guests, but the doors will close once capacity is reached. Bookings can be made here.



  1. What a shame the stream cut off at 7.08, I found it riveting viewing.

    P.S> Chris Trotter will never die.

  2. Great to see this discussion even taking place – I hope someone from the National party is watching and taking notes… Yeah right.
    Well done to all those involved. More please.

  3. Making Money From Misery

    Yeah like dragging an innocent animal from its home, murdering it, and charging people to eat it.
    Also ignoring the up to 50% contribution to Climate Change that flesh eating produces …. go greenies and HUMAN rights campaigners, fuck every other species.
    ‘They’ could at least respect the planet and the rest of the earths creatures by not condoning this on going destruction/carnage.
    The ‘left’ have as much blood on their hands as the ‘right’, stop complaining, you are part of the problem.

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