RIP Peter Conway



Terrible news yesterday that Peter Conway had passed away.

Peter was a central figure in the Union movement, an incredible economist and a very kind person. I had the opportunity to work with him and meet him many times.

His death is a deep sadness.

Many respects to his whanau and friends.


  1. A tireless worker for fairness and equality. He will be missed.

    RIP Peter. Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

  2. Peter could have done many things but chose to use his talents to aid the workers cause, he was in the UK during the Miners Strike in ’84 and actively supported the miners, and gained economics degrees as he worked in various roles in mainly the Distribution Unions.

    He was ultimately social democratic in political outlook but participated in the marxist NZ WISSE (Workers Institute for Scientific Socialist Education) in the 90s and later Gamma Foundation, the Fabians and of course NZ Labour.

    He was one of the new breed of “academic unionists” that appeared as the ’51 Waterfront lockout era veterans moved on. Peter was on various company boards also such as Yellow Bus to put a union perspective right to other directors.

    He was involved in numerous pickets and actions and played a significant role in unionising the supermarket end of the retail sector. His NZCTU career will be told by others. And he was a musician to boot!
    RIP Peter.

  3. A brilliant man, and one of the most decent as well, on the humane and positive side of every argument, and in his spare time a marvellous musician. And our friend, too. What a sad day.

  4. Never knew him but as my dear departed mum would always say “Its only the good die young’ so very true on this sombre occasion Martyn, so sorry for yours/ours loss.

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