Slater’s bizarre response to the allegations of hacking


Cameron Slater has finally commented on the allegations swirling around him that he paid an IT specialist to try and hack into a blog.

The response is fascinating…



How absolutely fascinating.

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Sooooo many questions.

So, while Slater was publicly pleading poverty and asking his readers to donate money on Whaleoil, he was ‘donating’ $9100 to Ben Rachinger, but the text messages between the two of them where Slater appears to be procuring a cyber crime aren’t real and Cam is actually quite worried for dear Ben???

That’s Cam’s response? That he’s trying to sound as caring as possible is more suspicious than him not posting this on Whaleoil. Cameron has clearly proved he lacks basic empathy in Dirty Politics, for him to suddenly become the patron saint of IT specialists seems, what’s the word I’m looking for folks, optimistic.

If it’s all lies, when will Cameron be suing Ben for slander?

Here are some questions.

1: Did Cam pay Ben $9100?

2: If he did, why?

3: Are the messages from Slater?

4: Who were the funders?

If Cam paid him, then why did he pay him and if it is really Cam speaking, then surely what’s been released proves that he was trying to procure a cyber crime? If that’s the case we need to know who the secret funders were.

The Police really need to get off their hands here and investigate this.


  1. so slater is a caring super hero? and ben is an erratic disturbed mental patient?
    jk can be trusted with my children too, the pixies in my garden tell me

  2. Oh Slater you big soft teddy bear you…. IF he is as messed up as you say and that’s a big if, I’m not bloody surprised having you as a mentor.

  3. Seems to me, Slater is reflecting himself in Ben Rachinger here. Isn’t there a name for that?

    As to who funded the WhaleOil man to use Ben to do the dirty work. A certain FJK comes to mind here. Or else someone very close to the PM from his office I’d say! Got his sleaze and slime all over it!

    • Wikipedia:

      Psychological projection:

      projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings […]

      An example of this behavior might be blaming another for self failure. The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and by redirecting libidinal satisfaction by attaching, or “projecting,” those same faults onto another person or object

      • That’s Cameron Slater! Big problem there I’d say!

        Many thanks for that info Jennifer 🙂

      • Apparently Slater was a depression sufferer, so I’m not at all surprised Slaters symptons are such as to say he was blaming another for his very own failures. This is a hacking that involves both Slater and Key, or as mentioned, another of Keys dog soldiers doing his dirty bidding for him. So it appears Key is out to attack someone, but has been stopped in the process before it’s too late and conspiracy damage has been done.

    • +100 Mary who funded WhaleOil to use Ben to do the dirty work?

      Yes i am inclined to think Slater is still doing dirty work for the jonkey Nactional Party

      …just look what jonkey nactional and mates have done to Campbell Live and any other worthy investigative television journalism…just look what they have done to Nicky Hager

      …the lobotomised, castrated msm is useless…as we saw in the last Election..right wing poodles

      ….the LEFT WING BLOGS are the only real threat to them …and they want to silence them!…

  4. “…telling my story in full…”

    He addressed nothing. Ben has what appears to be documentary evidence, and the Slater did nothing to disprove it. Just tried to slander his mental state and pretend to be a good Samaritan. Obviously standard political PR, but what a shit-house effort. For someone who considers himself a ‘master of the dark-arts’, the silly twat is desperately failing at this one.

  5. Honestly, when i read that, a letter from the heart of wee Cam, i was moved to tears,(of laughter),

    IF wee Cam coughed up large sums of the filthy lucre to get the names of ‘commenters’ using names like Bad12 on the particular website that would appear to have been under attack i would suggest that the cavernous space inside his cranial cavity is full of and as dead as a pile of space rocks,

    Hell Cam only would have had to ask and i would have happily have
    emailed him my details,

    The likes of wee Cam, Farrer, and, to a lesser extent Hooten, who i have repeatedly clashed with on various websites, including their own, over the years are very susceptible to having their circuit boards melted down by those of us who flatly refuse to treat any of them as some form of ‘exalted one’,

    Quite frankly i take a perverse pleasure in doing just that,(i know cruelty to dumb animals is unbecoming in the extreme),

    That elongated plea of innocence from wee Cam re-published in this Post is totally priceless and wee Cam should know that my health was threatened by the gales of laughter its reading provoked…

    • +100 …I also laughed (like a cat or a dog or a pig)…as i expect did most lefties….Slater really is turning into a bad comic

  6. Nice. Thanks for that. I’m a regular reader of many blogs, this one and WO included. It tells much of the integrity of WO that this affair is not being acknowledged, let alone addressed on that site. Someone yesterday put me onto Interesting insights into what is clearly a very complex and convoluted issue.

  7. Who wrote the letter above? How many sat around and contributed to the writing of it? Who gave advice as to what should be in it, should not be in it, and the tones it should carry?

    It’s the sort of stuff of a Rachel Gruesima headline ‘Whale Oil writer becomes Snake Oil salesman’.

  8. There are a couple of interesting things at play here:
    1) If these allegations are true, which is looking likely, then Slater broke the law in order to attempt to slander the Standard. This is a direct result of the Dirty politics scandal; he is quite obviously seething over the affair (the irony of using dirty politics as his “tag line” for whaleoil is just fantastic, even more beautiful is that the irony clearly goes over his head).

    2) As a casual whaleoil reader (not because i like or share the same views as whaleoil, I read the blog to try and understand the absurd logic, know thy enemy etc) I noticed that over the weekend Slater really upped the anti-Islam content. Over the past few weeks/months he has been posting anti-Muslim content sparsely, maybe two to three attack articles a week. Over the past weekend, he posted at least four anti-Muslim pro-“Death to ISIS” articles. From a lay persons point of view, I would say that this is a see through distraction tactic: he gets his audience whipped up into a fury over some irrelevant topic (basically saying “LOOK OVER THERE, THOSE GUYS ARE REALLY BAD PAY ATTENTION TO THEM”), while neglecting to post even his own response to the situation. I would have expected him to front foot this situation and really nail it down, slander the IT person into the ground and potentially drag the Standard into it too. In his letter of explanation he starts to slander the IT consultant, but I would have expected a full, all out rage/jihad against this guy. This must mean that the story has legs.

    3) Slater went on an all out personal war against Nicky Hager during the Dirty Politics saga, saying he was/is a “traitor,” a despicable human etc etc (going as far as putting Hager up for “most hated person in NZ”), for receiving stolen emails. If these statements turn out to be true, then Slater will not only be a massive hypocrite, he will have been caught red handed doing exactly what he has for months been saying is tantamount to being a “traitor.”

  9. Slater showing empathy?

    This is the same guy who referred to a West Coaster killed in a car crash as a “feral”?


    I think not.

    As for whether or not the Police will prosecute, I’m not holding my breath. Half of them are probably WO fans.

  10. Oh you cynical, cynical, unbelievers! For shame!

    Where did Slater get the money?

    Clearly from his counselling business. He has undoubtedly won the contract from Relationships Aotearoa and is doing really well for himself (to the tune of at least $9100).

    And being such a kind considerate teddy bear, he has passed this good fortune on to a less fortunate individual (any individual not being Cameron Slater would be a less fortunate individual, wouldn’t they?).

    And those unable to connect with the Master Counsellor himself, will be refered on to the equally giving William “The Dipton Dodger” English.

    Yeah right…

  11. The chances of the police conducting a fair and impartial investigation of anything that Slater does are as remote as the police ever concluding their investigation into the Mike Sabin fiasco.

  12. What will most likely happen is;

    One of whaleboils high up mates will get a call. They will in turn, make another call to another high up person. This high up person is going to use their influence to block this investigation.

    After a couple of months nothing will be found and the person who made the allegations will be ruined.

    Or, if all is fair. The correct procedures will be followed and we will find out whether he is innocent or guilty.

  13. This pathetic letter makes Cameron out to be a saint who innocently tried to help a poor deranged young man in need. Who needs help here and who is blame shifting and who is not seeing themselves in the mirror ?
    Who is lost and guilty and / or innocent of what here ? If Cameron is not guilty than why the need to write such a publicly defensive and in denial letter ? Who is he trying to fool and who is he desperate to impress ?

    A classic example of denial and no responsibility taken which, again, shows that Slater is the one who, very likely, needs the help and is emotionally unstable. He can run hard and fast but he can not hide from the truth.

    I still feel that Slaters family and friends need to continue to monitor him because when one is so out of touch with reality and blaming others then there is a chance that he may snap. The country is watching him, the investigators are building a case against him so his closest people had better head the warning about how fragile Slater may be and how much support he will need when the curtain raises and he is truly exposed.
    I could be wrong but I smell someone out of touch with himself so badly that he may be on the verge of a breakdown.

    • ironically it would be the people he denigrates, the ones with empathy and other weak lefty ideas that will be there for him when he hits the floor, the other “all about me, f**k anyone else” buddies will step over him, kick him cause they can and move on

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