GUEST BLOG: Donna Mojab – My open letter to John Campbell



Donna Mojab is an Iranian-bred, British-born, Kiwi Citizen interested in justice, equality and healthy gourmet sandwiches.


  1. Donna Mojab Great letter and speaks very much the mind of this kiwi born citizen who was raised after the second world war to love others and care for them in a shared society then known as an “egalitarian” society which made NZ become the best second equal most desirable country in the world alongside Sweden in the 1950’s and 60’s.

    Then since successive changes this greedy uncaring Government has single handed almost destroyed our shared society today.

    Corporations are at the heart of key’s government and Corporations have no heart or human element they are simply a machine to seek the maximum way to extract the largest advantage and monetary gain and will destroy everything in their way to get this.

    Thank you John Campbell for showing us as we are really a caring society now without any political leadership to carry us on but we know John you are there among us all too.

    We are confident that you will rise again like the phoenix to again to raise all our hearts up to where the eagles dare to fly, as did the Labour Party’s election song did when in 1984 they took us all by our hearts then with that shared vision.

  2. A “Dear John letter” to MediaWorks is in order, it’s appropriate they know why any relationship with their consumer media has ended.

  3. Your comments about consumerism and corporate greed are true. When we stand up to them, as John Campbell frequently did, we too get singled out for ‘special treatment’. That is the true power of the corporates and, it would seem, this current government.

  4. Brilliant, simple, and succinct. Well said, Donna.

    As you said, ratings were slowly improving for ‘Campbell Live’ (whereas ratings for ‘Seven Sharp’ are steady); viewers switch OFF after TV1 News, when ‘Seven Sharp’ comes on (whereas ‘Campbell Live’ has MORE viewers than TV3 News)!

    So the ratings argument from TV3 falls flat when the actual numbers are analysed.

    Perhaps of all the shady and dodgy goings-on about axing ‘Campbell Live’ is the sad failure on the part of the public to help John when he and his team needed our help the most.

    That is gut-wrenching for me, personally.

    My only recourse is to forego TV3 News (and whatever bastardised replacement they put up at 7pm).

    It would be slim, grim satisfaction if consumer-driven power, in this case, worked to send a clear message to TV3 execs.

    A pox on their houses.

    TV1 News – I look forward to reaquainting myself with your show.

  5. Donna thanks for a great letter. What worries me is that Media Works may well manufacture some phony vox pops and ratings results to show that whatever replaces Campbell Live is more popular. They will have audience polls and get a massive organised txting campaign going to try and falsify thier viewing numbers too.
    Key’s corporate friends and political colleagues who call the shots are determined to kill off any form of intelligent current affairs programming and replace it with “entertainment” – bread and circuses the Romans called it.

  6. Television New Zealand, Limited (Māori: Te Reo Tātaki o Aotearoa), more commonly referred to as TVNZ, is a government-owned national broadcaster broadcasting in New Zealand and parts of the Pacific region.

    So why are you not having a crack at TVNZ???

      • My point simply is that surely a larger onus lies on a state broadcaster to focus on the “issues of the people” rather than a purely commercial broadcaster. It seems like this blog has not held TVNZ in anyway accountable.

  7. ‘Government owned National broadcaster’ says it all… Whatever the channel 1, 2, 3 or 4 they all have strong links to the National party.
    I suggest to avoid serious right wing brain washing to switch off altogether.

  8. Hear, hear. Well-written and to the point. I agree whole-heartedly with everything Donna has said.

  9. I bet Donna is glad she is in NZ so she can complain about trivial matters like an overpaid TV presenter turning down another job. Maybe she should write to the Iranian Govt about cleaning up some of their little problems. Oh wait, that might get her killed.

    • Nasty comment from Toasty.

      Donna I salute you – well said indeed. “Holding power to account doesn’t make us want to rush out and buy things” – exactly so.

      I believe that John Campbell will find a new place and role to continue his work of compassion, empathy and truth-telling.

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