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  1. ‘March against Monsanto: World rallies in protest LIVE UPDATES’

    “The third annual ‘March against Monsanto’ protest is taking place in cities around the world. Activists are highlighting the monopoly the GMO giant has in controlling food supply. Protesters say Monsanto controls 90 percent of the seed market in the US….

  2. Re the date of next April for the implementation of the (Budget) $25 increase to assist impoverished beneficiary children, has been well thought out by FJK and English!

    Expect FJK/English’s policy announcement sometime early 2016, possibly February or March to state –

    “Unforeseen circumstances prevent this increase to beneficiaries being paid out this April!”

    In other words it’s the usual BS, which in this case I’d say, knowing how this despicable government operates when it comes to addressing poverty, was the original intention in the first place when it was announced recently!

  3. There is a new take on Hitler and the wars, almost a pattern for the present OWO ,history is repeating itself ,but it shows a different story to what we have been taught.See it on forbidden knowledge.quite an eye opener.The film is called The greatest story never told.

    • ELLE, Chooky, Mary,

      Yes the whole $25 dollar thing is a con job.

      Because as you say come next year, when nit is due to be paid there wont be the money to pay for it.

      We are seeing the downturn in our economy now.

      Only Auckland and CHCH rebuild is apparently holding us up now.

      While the government is still borrowing $350-300 Million a week and our 2008 crown debt at $8 Billion is now approaching $100 Billion. as Key/English has yet again lied and used the MSM to snowball us all.

      About Key Vs Hitler

      Did you now Key was a fan for reading Second world war books and probably he got some ideas there?

      • Your very amusing with the claim that ‘come next year’ the money will not be there to pay the increases to the kids reliant upon a benefit,

        Such claims, in my opinion, would seem to take your opposition to this National Government into the realms of irrational thought,

        i can well understand the chagrin as the largesse contained in Bill’s Budget might just give this Government a 4th term,

        However, i prefer for the moment to concede National the points at this stage of the electoral cycle and cheer for the kids who have recovered 20 odd bucks of what i consider to be at least $100 a week that has been denied to them since the 4th Labour Government applied income tax payments to all welfare benefits,

        That taxation added by the Lange Government, and, the Clark Government’s flat refusal to either raise the level of benefits or include benefit dependent children in the Working for Families scheme was in my opinion a far bigger political betrayal of the poorest in our society than National’s 1991 benefit cuts,

        Myself i applaud any move to alleviate the poverty that is not the fault of any of the kids forced to live in it….

  4. Bill English talking ‘The Budget’ to RadioNZ National, according to Bill there are too many prison inmates being released and being given a benefit based upon an ‘addiction’,(the old sickness benefit),

    Surely according to Bill, ‘after having served their time they all would be
    free of addictions as there are no drugs or alcohol in our prisons’,

    Either ‘taking the piss’ or having imbibed far too much Himself the night befor i thought upon hearing this,

    Myself i am not about to educate English on the extent of drug and alcohol use in our jails, and, nor do i plan on supplying Him the information of how it all gets there,


    If overcoming addiction, of any form, were to be simply a matter of locking the individual away from society for a couple of years then there would be no such person as the addict would there,

    Deep seated addictions are in no way alleviated in such a manner, the sufferer simply suffers the inability to quench the addiction, and, like a scratch that cannot be reached, the addiction far from lessening becomes in some the impetus of much of that individuals waking thought processes,

    Of course in many, such confinement where the addiction cannot be quenched and is never addressed through examination of both the addiction and the identification of that addiction’s cause leads to a situation of borderline ‘forensic insanity’,

    Quite a number of inmates will, without prior exhibition, begin to exhibit the symptoms of this ‘forensic insanity’ whilst still in the prison enviroment, most tho, have the ability to suppress the worst aspects in the face of the knowledge that such expressions of ‘forensic insanity’ are firstly treated as ‘offenses against good order and discipline’ by the justice system,

    The ‘Rohipnol experiment’ at Auckland’s Pare Max during the early years of the 1980’s lead to disastrous situations where inmates only had to approach ‘Frank the Shrink’ telling Him a good story to become the recipient of a 3 times a day dose of ‘Rollies’ a highly addictive drug,

    The disaster ensued where upon release Doctors in the community flatly refused to supply ex-inmates the drug and in one memorable example one inmate was back behind bars in what might have been a record 3 days for making a demand of a chemist for the drug with a non-refusal clause attached,

    That Bill English is ‘Addiction’, you should ‘get an education’…

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