Did National lie? Of course National lied!



National denies it misled voters over taxes
National has denied it misled voters before last year’s election, when it vowed not to introduce any new taxes, by announcing two new taxes in this week’s Budget.

The Government has consistently denied its changes to taxing the capital gains on property and the introduction of a new airport levy are new taxes, with Finance Minister Bill English today accusing anyone calling them a tax of playing “word games”.

It came as Mr English denied National had misled voters.

Did National lie? Oh for the love of God people, of course they lied. They lied about raising GST, they lied about re-invading Iraq, they lied about mass surveillance, they lied about dirty politics and they lied about the ratings of TVNZ7. Lying about an exit tax and a capital gains tax is the least of the issues here.

Look,  this is a Government whose leader colluded with the SIS to smear Phil Goff with false information just before the 2011 election. If National are prepared to abuse executive power like that, lying about a fee to leave and enter the airport or a minimal response to Auckland’s property speculation are deceptions they make in the blink of an eye.

This Government is the most corrupt in modern political history, the fact this isn’t apparent shows just how good they are at manipulating the media to create that illusion.

In John we trust.


  1. In John we trust … nothing. English is the one using word games to cover lies by implying everyone else is a liar. In fact, the entire National government is nothing but a cartload of liars, pointing the blame at anyone else that dare to stand in their face.
    Well Key, I’ll stand in your face and call you a liar, then I’ll turn and face your minions, and tell them they are liars as well.

  2. Those that frequent the TDB are not so easily fooled by the lies and the faux media. Getting the rest of our fellow countrymen/ woman to do the same is the hard part. For my part, I try and inform people the best I can of this governments, and our media’s dirty deeds.

    • The biggest problem is mass indifference. People have become so accustomed to National’s dirty politics that it has ceased being a talking point. Business as usual. That is National’s most successful (although certainly not positive) achievement – dirty politics, lying and corruption has become business as usual. Very sad for a country that used to pride itself on honesty, transparency and equality.

  3. Yes Martyn

    National must use lies to get their way as they cant tell us what they are intending to do before hand as it would be to unpalatable for us all.

    They use diversion, element of surprise, (stealth) and other techniques that the opposition cant pick up on yet.

    It is almost believable that this Government is actually being controlled by foreign strategist think tank as part of the global elite/corporations and their dark ops unit part of “The Bilderberg “Club”.

    We must up skill the opposition as they seem to be asleep at the wheel also.

  4. The hell with ‘ in John we trust ‘ ….but as for all the other uninformed sheep voting for Key ?….

    Lets all direct em to the site Hackpad : Honest John ,…for a start.

    There at least they can see for themselves what an incredibly corrupt liar they have voted in. And you are right…this govt , and in particular this so -called ‘ PM ‘ would easily be the most corrupt this country has ever known.

    There once was a time when we said ‘ among the most’….I’m done with that and now say ‘ the most ‘ corrupt individual ever to occupy the PM’s office.

    And because he is corrupt ,…he has the ‘ knock – on ‘ effect of corrupting the rest of his caucus,- not to mention the media , police, academics , political scientists, historians etc etc…corruption works its way throughout society …it is a cancer.

  5. Sometime in the future, NZ history will record just how corrupt this National government was. Those who are not seduced by the PM’s fake Mr Nice Guy persona know what it is like now, but it is currently impossible to put this truth out to the people. One day it will be all out in black and white for everyone to see and we will wonder at our own blindness and stupidity. What the f… were we thinking?

  6. If the Natsies didn’t lie, they wouldn’t be governing us. Lying is what this government does best and without it, it wouldn’t be where it is.

    This FJK led government has nothing else to get it through, other than lies, corruption and deception! A case of follow the leader FJK, the champion of dirty politics!

  7. Edward Snowden reporting todays news on WAKE UP KIWI says America through the five eyes programme is spying on countries all around the world,that ISIS was set up by the Americans to topple the Assad government,and to them it is a game of control and they were totally indifferent to the millions of people killed and maimed and homes destroyed.
    The comment was made that Key is a liar if he says there was no mass surveillance of NZ because otherwise he is incompetant to govern NZ.

    NZ has sent troops to live in containers to support an American war .
    The war is false, ISIS as quoted is an American supported and paid for group,this group as Key well knows is to support the Illluminati, Cabal,
    the people who are ruling everything, the 1% call them what you like. They are the the proponents of the TPP.

    Our troops sent by KEY is fighting to support the 1% to take over the world, they are not fighting terrorists ,they unknowingly are fighting
    for world domination by the ONE WORLD ORDER
    Key knows this and lies about it .Key is either in league with the 1% or part of it.
    Snowden says the only media to report this is reuters and he was very surprised that they did.There is to be an examination of the legality of NSA in America but dosnt expect anything to change because its believed the examiners are paid by the 1%who own everything.
    read the Wake up NZ,every day a new revelation with proof.

  8. I think you give way too much credit to the liars. The media in this country don’t need any manipulation, they are right on script, sometimes even ahead of the lies. Equally, the believers aren’t deceived by anyone else but themselves. Lies get gobbled up and repeated without hesitation when a perceived personal advantage is up for grabs. Subsequently the quality of the lies and liars needs no finesse or sophistication, which is why a gaggle of international comics, bloggers and school children think NZ is a laughing stock … as do I.

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