The meek only inherit the earth in heaven – thoughts on the AAAP protest



Hello Mr Henry, I’d love to have a chat with you on your sexist, racist and mindless National Party cheerleading.

The most interesting thing about the AAAP protest last week was the tut-tutting from private voices on the Left rather than Key’s farcical, ‘I don’t even know why they are protesting’ response.

The Left are so battered, bruised and rudderless that when someone like the AAAP have the courage to stand and scream ‘NO MORE’, the reply from the dusty upper echelons of NZs Left is ‘Shhhh, you’re making a scene’.

The reality is that this budget didn’t do a damned thing for the poor. What has slipped past the mainstream media are the new work requirements. National are set to privatise welfare this means private companies will be given bonuses for every beneficiary they remove from their lists. If they find the beneficiary a job, that person is removed off their list and they get a bonus – OR they get the bonus if they disqualify the beneficiary.

The extra work commitments are set up to disqualify people from benefits when the solo parent can’t say yes to the work, it’s not there to help them or their children.

The myopic focus on the supposed $25 extra a week (really only about $18 when you take into account the cuts to other welfare) was a political smokescreen to ease the conscience of National Party voters living the good life off property speculation and borrowed tax cuts.

AAAP know this, they do advocacy for beneficiaries and they know that the hatred towards the weakest and the poorest means their furious voice is never heard. I am proud AAAP refuse to be polite and hold onto their righteous fury.

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If only more NZers had the backbone AAAP do.

Their anger is a gift, it’s not an embarrassment.


  1. Hmm looks awfully like Paul Henry needs some more Snickers – as if he doesn’t do enough self-congratulatory “snickering” at his own motor-mouth-national -Party gobshittery.

    And the problem with inequality Mr Henry is, that the rich just have to keep building higher and higher walls to isolate themselves from the poor, and finding ways to avoid the poor and downtrodden – helicopters, jetpacks or poor-bars on the front of the Ferrari Mike.

    “And it also became clear that these conditions of inequality and historical injustice have given rise to a feeling of hate in the world – a deeply felt hate that cannot easily be overcome with a few good words.”
    Ulrich Beck

  2. Frankly there’s nowhere enough of it. This whole country should be up in arms.

    If its good enough for French farmers to dump truckloads of cattleshit all over parliament steps – I say we start doing the same.

    Instead we get this wimped out response from these namby pamby neo liberal wimps about ‘ how unseemly it all is ‘.

    Fuck them and fuck any psuedo Leftist who thinks like it.

    I would like to see someone like Sue Bradford or a representative of AAAP come on this site , do an article and a regular invitation for any planned boycotts , marches, protests and demonstrations.

    This movement needs to be grown to become highly visible , loud , implacable and a political juggernaut.

    And along with them and under their umbrella – all the other long overdue issues that neo liberalism has stolen from the people of this country that we want back.

    Every summer should be a period of great political apprehension and angst for the neo liberals as these groups march. Every winter should be a time of embarrassment and shame as these groups demonstrate about exorbitant power prices in the hands of private company’s.

    Every placation handed out such as this miserable $25 per week with strings attached should be shown for what it is – the crumbs from an arrogant overlord class – and THAT AFTER 24 YEARS OF NON – ADJUSTMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every lie , every corruption every political untruth about surveillance , every time a politician gets special treatment and evades prison or sentence while a poor person does time for the same thing………

    THE PEOPLE SHOULD BE MARCHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    If we had 1/10 of the passion of the French , the South Americans…we would never have allowed this despicable take over of our country 35 years ago by these neo liberal pirates.

    They would have been sat on their arses and threatened with expulsion – JUST LIKE NORMAN KIRK DID TO ROGER DOUGLAS WHEN DOUGLAS WANTED TO INTRODUCE NEO LIBERALISM INTO NZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And we must be the same.

    These neo liberals need their wings clipped, their plans poured water on.

    And there is no laughing at this ….for every one of those seen on camera there is ONE THOUSAND viewing it who have exactly the same SENTIMENTS.

    Small movements can very , very quickly become BIG movements.

    We need a spokesperson from AAAP to regularly inform the people of events and to write articles. As well as the usual writers .

    We need the activists. They are the visual and brave people on the front line – what the spy societies of govt like to call – ‘the spearhead’ of the movement.

    And this needs to be the same.

    • “Frankly there’s nowhere enough of it. This whole country should be up in arms.”

      Yes, that is how I have often felt, but when talking to the many “sleepy hobbits”, as some describe the silent majority, I always get told off, and have go resign to the fact, that most New Zealanders are not at all inclined to take a firm stand, and get out onto the streets.

      Some say, “it is not the Kiwi way”, so I presume, they rather sit at a table over a cuppa, and have the more powerful force sitting on the opposite pull them over the table, or twist their arm so badly, they willingly give in and sign up for any “agreement” at the dotted line.

      Things need to much, much more horrific for many more people, before there will be any crowds rising up and protesting.

      Some sure did about “legal highs”, or a liquor shop near a school of their kids, and such things.

      Beneficiaries have been hammered and bashed so much, they are not considered a “worthy” part of society by most, that is the sad fact, I hear and see it every week.

  3. Yuk Martyn, what an ugly picture,

    There is an arrogance in National doctrine now that most don’t realise actually exists.

    Just that picture shows how much Henry actually hates any other person who has an opposing view.

    It is an ugly sight that Henry should be drawn and quartered for being so anti free speech but his job as we know is simply to defend Planet key art all costs.

    Henry should have investigated the issue fairly and suggested that the $25 dollar increase was only selective and didn’t include many groups.

    Most important he should have warned that it doesn’t start for a year!!!

    Perhaps you can begin a photographic library of ugly looking media photos? This one should be on the front cover for sure.

  4. The actions of the AAAP here can’t be defended, they might have mean’t well but all they have done is damage their credibility and the cause.

    • A thousand more supporters and we can be rid of these lazy lying incompetent abusive asset stealing scum once and for all – and start New Zealand moving forward again.

  5. Well, AAAP surely do some good work, and have reason to voice their disapproval, same do their supporters, and most on benefits or in poor slave wage work.

    But I say this again, at times I think the tactics they use do not seem to work all that well, and the media just loves to get some footage and comments from bystanders, to lash out at such vocal advocacy groups, accusing them of nasty, aggressive, even violent actions.

    I have been to such pickets and protests, and know how emotions come up, and how police presence, often by lining up shoulder to shoulder, as nothing short of bullies protecting the mighty and wealthy in society, can escalate tempers and pushing and shoving on both sides.

    Having seen various footage, which will of course not show all that happened, I fear once again, this will only serve the interests of the government and their willing servants, the boys in blue and yellow.

    And more people are needed to participate in such actions, as otherwise the label “rent-a-mob” will again be used, which such media hacks as Garner on Radio Live did last Friday.

    A new strategy may be needed, and more people need to be reached and involved. With the way the MSM and police present this, most will sadly not feel encouraged to join such protests.

  6. ‘I don’t even know why they are protesting’

    Another example of the idiot being proud of his ignorance.

    As leader of our country you’d think he would at least try to keep up with what is going on.

  7. Slightly off topic but related to the protest;

    The violence of the police squad was a shock. One in particular was flinging people around without any consideration of possible harm caused.

    It was not in response to physical threat. Just bullying.

    The bovver boys in blue would be easily identified from the footage.

    Their superiors should be disciplining them.

  8. Most people I try to engage in conversation about the system say
    “I don’t want to know ,what I don’t know cant hurt me ,I cant do anything about it anyway”.
    This is why protests don’t go anywhere ,Fear and laziness.
    Last year there was quite big protest on the steps of a National Party conference,it was very loud and angry. Key exited the back door like the coward he is along with increased protection. Next day not a word of it on Tv or MSM
    The government likes to keep the rest of nz in the dark about protests. When the protest about South Africa’s apparteid in rugby,there was huge protests and almost riots.
    Where are these people ? they have been fed the rubbish that all beneficiers are lazy dole bludgers.and people who live in comfort are happy to believe the con .
    It however is not just a NZ thing its worldwide.
    An article by Katherine Austin Fitts states that young men in America who have big student loan debts,have the loans set aside if they join the army,thus adding to the wealth of the military war machine,she states there is a MR Global who controls everything in the world,trying to find out who this is, is like looking through a one way mirror.
    The leaders of countries are the stupid puppets who do the bidding.
    Its the One World Order in action not a local thing,pretty hard to confront ,but we can make it difficult for the people in countries we belong to.
    In the past every time OWO was mentioned we were told that’s a conspiracy theory, but now most know its not,people have woken up to
    the truth of that,why cant they awaken to the fact action has to come from everyone about the dangers the world is facing.Its a bit like the holocaust in Germany ,many jewish people were warned but didn’t act on the warning ,they suffered badly,listen to the warnings people or suffer the consequences.

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