Those who took down Campbell Live – cast of Dirty Politics 2 – time to boycott TV3?



Let’s not forget those who helped take down Campbell Live.

-Reality TV queen and National Party enthusiast Julie Christie

-John Key’s best corporate friend Mark Weldon.

-Judith Collins second favourite pet, Rachel Glucina, who seeded the news if a co presenter after Campbell had attacked Key over the GCSB.

-Cameron Slater’s media sales person Regan Cunliffe from Throng TV who helped spark the ratings decline debate.

The decision to kill off Campbell Live has nothing to do with ratings and everything to do with politics. Even if we are to accept the ratings claims, MediaWorks have benefitted hugely from a lax media regulation environment to gain market dominance. This foreign owned media company, now in the clutches of an American Vulture Fund, owes us 4th Estate obligations over payments to their shareholders.

They have failed at that obligation by cancelling a show that has recently out rated everything else.

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  1. Radio works owner Steven Joyce sold to Media works and later loaned 25 million of our money to Media works so they are owned by us?

    So Joyce has run Media works as a board member and now will run it down to junk value and wants to buy it all back cheap so he has his own “Media of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda” as his former propagandist Goebbels had in 1933 called “Ministry of Public Enlightenment & Propaganda” as he brainwashed the entire country of Germany then for Adolf Hitler, so will this character try to again here in NZ.

    This is a grand plan by dark forces be sure of this.

  2. To think that these are the role models in our society. Makes me so sad that society has seen fit to allow this sort into positions of power. I know it’s been happening forever but this lot seem to be much worse than their predecessors (excepting those Nazi’s referred to above) or is it much more blatant now that they know they won’t be fired. Is that what’s changed? How did this happen?

    • Srah, you make an interesting point re role models. There was a time in NZ Politics when Politicians, especially Prime Ministers were people of great Mana. People to whom respect was afforded, not because of their title but because of their deep and abiding sense of duty to their country and their people. These were people of principle and honour. They strived to represent their office with dignity and the seriousness that holding such power demands. I’m thinking of Norman Kirk, Michael Joseph Savage, Keith Holyoake (yes a Nat), David Lange and most recently Helen Clarke. The values that have been eroded in society are actually perfectly reflected by the likes of Mediaworks and their decision to axe John Campbell whilst promoting Dancing with the Stars. Our Prime Minister will undoubtedly go down in history as being the most shallow, self serving and least deserving individual to hold the title of PM. He represents everything that should make him unsuitable for office. Greed, lack of conscience, lack of empathy, lack of care of or connection to the people he serves, dishonest, disingenuous, corrupt, and conceited. He is glad wrap. His friends and colleagues are screwing our country over. These people aren’t role models, they’re cautionary tales. John Campbell was the Antithesis to these cartoons. There are dark energies at work globally, and we are incrementally witnessing the rise of Corporate fascism in Europe, Canada, US, Australia, and NZ is no exception. The powers that be will get rid of all those with substance and decency, who have influence, and represent democracy in action. That’s why John Campbell is gone, and who will take his place. Oh relief, Jono and Ben :-p

  3. What are the possibilities of a public call to force certain members of Mediaworks staff to resign. It is a public service is it not? So why can’t the public call for heads to roll, if Key can so easily get away with selecting and placing personal connections into strategic corporate positions?
    Surely we hold such a right, on the grounds of misrepresentation, falsifying information to the public in order to favour political/corporate means?

    • No, it’s a private company like any other. They have no public broadcast mandate whatsoever. Only some of their schedule receives NZOA funding, the same as TVNZ and MTS. Alas they are free to do whatever they choose. And worse, it is but a matter of time before TVNZ is sold and any tiny shred of public broadcasting will evaporate with it.
      Dark days indeed

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