Video Stream: Table Talk at Ika – Beneath the Ponytail: women, work, progress?



IKA Seafood Bar & Grill + PSA + The Daily Blog present

Table Talk: Beneath the Ponytail: women, work, progress?


Table Talk 2 is on 6pm tonight at IKA restaurant, 3 Mt Eden Rd. Tickets have all sold out but there will be some standing room at the bar.

Tonights show is hosted by TV3’s Lisa Owen and will feature…

Human Rights EEO Commissioner, Dr Jackie Blue
Senior Lecturer at University of Auckland, Dr Michelle Dickinson 
First Union Secretary, Maxine Gay
Labour Party MP, Jacinda Ardern 
…the event will be live streamed here on The Daily Blog 6pm tonight



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  1. It would be helpful to have an actual date and more info ie. if it’s available to stream after the event..

    I’m in the UK not sure what night ‘tonight’ is ..?

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