What happens if there is another example of Key pulling a woman’s hair in a workplace?


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What happens if there is another example of Key pulling a woman’s hair in the workplace?

Let’s say a Government department.

What would happen then?



  1. On current form, nothing will happen. But if there is evidence of another assault, then best it gets put out there just in case.

    • Well maybe the Herald piece today saying one of the staff had her hair touched by Key but she didn’t mind,probably lose her job if she did mind.Key just cant keep his hands to himself.

  2. I,d say the next woman he try’s it on (as he wouldn’t have the guts to pull the hair of a burly male contractor in overalls working for a govt dept ) just may not be quite so polite , having just passed her black belt the night before in her jujutsu class.

    And then Key might just have to front up in parliament debate having to explain just how he came to be sporting that huge shiner.

  3. Equally to the point: what would happen to his victim if she retaliated?
    I can guess: MSM headlines screaming about vicious assault on the PM and his bodyguards would probably teach her a severe lesson that in future she should just stand there, close her eyes and think of England next time.

  4. Nothing.

    if that women does not want to have her hair pulled she can cut it.

    Really, women who have long hair are just asking to have their hair pulled.
    Also, why was she where she was. Did she not know that by leaving the houses, un-accompanied by her headship or another annointed male guardian she was just asking for this type of attention.

    really. whats your problem?

    • Nah. Wear a scarf – just like the Queen when she’s walking the corgis. The wee fellow likes HMQ. (It may not be reciprocated, however.)

  5. I was actually surprised more complaints didn’t immediately surface after reading Amanda’s clearly traumatic experience with The John Key. Have to admit I was expecting this would be more of a Rolf Harris or Tiger Woods type deal – except now a serial hair fetish pony-tail pulling weirdo.

  6. “Martyn for Prime Minister”.

    Yes with Key the saying goes;


    Key is a compulsive gambler & liar, so why not in other sordid acts also?

    I must say I am intrigued also how stupid he can actually be.

  7. Hmmm…. If it was me, which it isn’t, I would probably get the evidence, or keep a diary and wait until he was more vulnerable. For a start, my job and reputation might be at long term risk. The wild card is that we don’t really know how the media would respond. They weren’t very nice to Amanda.

  8. No way could Key survive another such incident…

    Unfortunately, even if he resigned from Parliament, the brain-dead zombies (aka National voters) in his electorate would simply vote for the next muppet put up by the National Party…

    Moonbeam would stand a fair chance of re-election.

    Good for inter-species equality and animal rights, I guess…

  9. How lovely to see that Mr Key has been raised in a household with good European traditions.
    One hundred brush strokes for Mother’s hair every night – could have given him quite an appreciative eye for a woman’s locks.

  10. Another incident would be a serious blow and may open the floodgates if there was more water behind the dam.

    I know it’s generally out of bounds to discuss the families of political figures but I think Stephanie Key is adult enough to now be considered independent and I was wanting to know what others thought of her behaviour which manifests itself through her work at art school there in France.

    I damn sure there have been studies in the pornography industry around the indicators for and conditions under which people enter that industry.

    Stephanie Key’s art is so graphic, deliberate, and confrontational, and to do a study of John Key’s recent and well documented behaviour toward vulnerable women in conjunction with his daughter’s current period of “speaking out” would be fascinating.

    Or, perhaps what he says is true and the thing with the cafe worker was just a bit of banter.

    • @ Weepus beard – the “art” form you mention, personally I don’t consider art. Because most of it involves the “artist/creator” herself in weird situations and positions, with strong sexual/fetish overtones, I’d say it’s leaning more to exhibitionism, something which could have been inherited from her father perhaps!

      It’s interesting that Key’s daughter doesn’t exhibit under her given name, but in her business is known as “Cherry Lazar”, the surname being that of her paternal grandmother!

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  11. If nothing else this post will have those at Natz Part HQ running around like headless chooks terrified that something unknown but very unpleasant is about to explode.


  12. He invokes the Judith Collins rule and gives himself a “final warning”?

    Or he could resign. That’ll be the day.

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