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  1. Facebook under the magnifying glass for privacy violations

    ”No respect for users, no precise answers:’ Facebook privacy policies slammed by Belgian watchdog’

    “A Belgian privacy watchdog says that Facebook is flouting European privacy laws by tracking people without their consent, including those who have not even registered with the social networking site.

    The Belgian Privacy Protection Commission (CPVP/CBPL) launched the scathing attack after carrying out an investigation into the US tech giant’s practices. Preliminary recommendations were published on Friday…”.

  2. …and plug-ins can even compromise people who dont have a Facebook account….political parties beware!

    “Facebook would not explain in detail how it uses the data it collects from individuals online and there are also problems with plug-ins, some of which can affect people who don’t even have a Facebook account, the commission said. One of the plug-ins under scrutiny was the ‘Like’ button….”

  3. “State Houses will only be sold to social housing providers”, whoever said that i would strongly suggest, if you can forgive me reverting to the language of the gutter, is a fucking LIAR,

    i have a very large suspicion that these 2 advertised on Trademe are also State Houses deliberately emptied specifically for this Government to flog them off,

    23 Guy Road, Kaikohe, Northland,
    104 Allen Bell Drive, Kaitaia, Northland,

    i am only watching the lower end of the market so a lot of what is being flogged off from the HousingNZ estate will be escaping my notice…

  4. Having watched with interest here at the Daily Blog the interview with the Green Party’s Kevin Hague it was a surprise to hear Kevin offering the only obvious lifeline to the coal mining sector down the West Coast,

    The future of coal according to Kevin is not in mining the stuff and burning it, the future for coal is in mining the stuff and converting it into what will in 25-30 years be the future material of a huge amount of what the world manufactures,….Carbon Fiber!,

    i couldn’t agree with Kevin more, carbon fiber car manufacture is the future and that future has already stated,…/bmw-plans-big-expansion-of-moses-lake-carbo...

    Of course promoting coal is going to be anathema to a hell of a lot of hardcore Greens who have spent years and vast amounts of energy in the fight against the stuff,

    We also have vast coal reserves of the stuff in other areas like Southland and the King Country which mined with the specific intentions of turning it all into carbon fiber would ensure its economic viability,

    Actually we have vast quantities of potential carbon fiber growing above the ground as a renewable resource in our huge pine forests as well,

    ”Wood is typically composed of 25% Lignin/ 45%Cellulose/ and, 25% Hemicellulose”,

    ”For the forest product industries Lignin is the major barrier to efficient extraction of Cellulose fibers for pulp and paper production”

    ”In the bio-energy industries, Lignin is a barrier to saccharinification for the production of liquid bio-fuel,(Methanol)”, unquote.

    Lignin for your info, when processed out of wood such as Pinus Radiata can be used, just as Coal can, to make Carbon Fiber,

    Every day of every week Lignin is produced as a by-product of pulp and paper making in the two major mills in the Central North Island, such primitive manufacture sees such Lignin as waste,

    As waste it is pumped as either ‘black’ or ‘coloured’ water,(depending on the dilution), into both the Tarawera River, or, Lake Maraetai/Waikato River,…/09/19-kinlieth-discharge.PDF

    Such ‘black water’ pollution of New Zealand rivers and lakes on an industrial scale is primitive, barbaric, unacceptable and a waste of what is fast becoming a valuable commodity,

    A pine tree is, when processed correctly this– Lignin–Methanol–Wood Pulp,

    From Lignin Carbon Fiber can be extracted,

    From Methanol we gain fuel, and, just as important, Methanol plays a huge part in the manufacture of Glues,and,Plastics,

    From Wood Pulp we gain not only paper but also using ‘Glues’ we gain manufactured wood products, plywoods etc,

    Moving right along into the future of manufacture, if BMW are correct then the future of the car is electric, lightweight, and thus created from Carbon Fiber and Plastics,

    The future of actual manufacturing, from cars to anything you can imagine is of course 3D printing,

    Combining Carbon Fiber,Plastics,Glue, and, Wood Pulp with 3D manufacture anything and everything will be able to be mass produced pretty much from a Pine Tree,…/emerging-objects-has-big-bold-plans-for-3d-print…/2013123-could-wood-based-material-lead-2014-3d...

    For the depressed areas of New Zealand with the right planning and investment such technology offers both Coal and Pine a new future,

    With the addition of hydro energy along with the ability of 3D printing technology where anyone will be able to become a ‘manufacturer’ there is huge scope from the forest floor/coal face for the creation of a Green industrial future…

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