The weirdness of Campbell Live



Isn’t it weird that TV3’s National Party mates management tried to kill off Campbell Live yet it’s rating higher than ever with zero promotion from the station and TV3 has yet to say one thing about it?

I mean for a show to rally and rate in such an incredible manner in such short period of time deserves celebration yet the station is giving it no promotion at all. Not even a full page advert thanking viewers. Why aren’t TV3 bragging about such an incredible performance? Because this was always politically motivated.

Mark Walden, John Key’s mate, wants to chop the show for political reasons. The fact it’s now rating so well is embarrassing to TV3 as the management continues to plot Campbell Live’s demise.

If we as NZers want a fourth estate on TV that actually holds the powerful to account, we must continue to vote with our remotes and continue to support Campbell Live because once we switch over, the management will swoop.

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  1. Yep that’s right Martyn this criminal Government is controlled by Corporate power hungry elitists that also own the MSM so we have only a few patches of honest media jorno’s that bob their heads up briefly just to fire off a round and put their head down before the bullets fly at them again, it must be almost like being in the western front trenches in 1915.

    Hope these opposition MPs all get together and put the public media TVNZ/RNZ and Government in court to fight for half the asset for their control of public media to finally give all Sleepy hobbits some real stories to wake them up.

  2. But why did support rally?

    “Supporters” were quite happy not to watch the programme until it became under review and I suspect the same supporters will desert again should the review go their way. I quite like some of the Campbell show but think the political balance could do with some work.

    • Grant – I never watch Campbell Live on TV, or anything else for that matter, but I do watch it online and will continue to do so. As for “the political balance” – have you watched Mike Hosking?

      • Watching Mike Hosking on Seven Sharp for a few minutes is enough to make you vomit. It is so bad that you end up actually praying for the ads to come sooner. Why torture yourself?

  3. God knows how it rates. Look at this week, a story on hedge hogs, the “farm”puppies, and other animal stuff. More animal stories than anyone can take. It is its own worst enemy. And the other side is no better.

    • Oh no, good old “entertainment” rears it’s ugly head! Do that all the time it’s irrelevant, do serious stuff it’s too, well, serious.
      What do you think should be on there? Feel free to quote the J Key volume, “What My People Should Have at Seven.”

  4. It is bizarre . It’s beyond bizarre, that this is happening . I feel as if I’ve strayed into an episode of House of Cards .

    There’s a Rubicon approaching, I can smell it . But who’s crossing it, and why ?

    I hear on the ‘ News’ tonight that the American military are planning on amassing in Australia ?

    I can smell a shit fight coming . Not wanting to be alarmist or anything.

    I think pro American ( Corporate ) foreign policy is leading the way in dumping Campbell Live . After all, we know how one thing leads to another .

  5. You know- for any so called ‘journalist’ to have never reported once on the controversy around the ‘official’ 911 report – clearly shows they are very controlled and limited. Campbell included.

  6. Campbells programme is capable of addressing some issues but there is a real need to provide the means whereby New Zealanders can understand the craft of politics … human rights … the economy … etc. TV is one means. How many of us are au fait with workings of Govt.? – How decisions are made on our behalf and how these decisions affect us. Too many of us wallow in ignorance … and this makes it easier for Govt’s to obfuscate and to potentially mislead.
    Of course you would have to make such a programme entertaining. But we’d all be better off.

  7. Apparently, ratings are determined by a whopping 600 households, supposedly selected at random, who then have a little gizmo installed on their TV, which in turn passes on the viewing data to an outfit called Nielsen.
    Now, considering that there must be at least a couple of million homes with TV’s in this country, how the hell can a mere 600 TVs be an accurate representation of what is watched?
    Campbell Live’s ratings are up, no surprise there. But, where are those new figures coming from? The 600?

    • Wanifli, I presume you are able to confirm what you have “alleged”.
      Words like “apparently” and “supposedly” don’t help your argument.

      There are standards for poll taking and the methodology used is able to stand up to scrutiny. Because these results do not suit your argument is not a reason to dismiss them – they could well be right.

      I am sure if the poll results suited your argument you would accept them without question.

      • Yes television ratings are ascertained, stupidly in my opinion, from just 600 televisions in households in New Zealand,>AboutTV>ThebusinessofTV

        You could have found that info with a 2 minute Google like i did instead of making your stupid comment,

        Having read your other comments in this post tho i consider stupidity to be part of your genetic nature which science tells us, in many cases can be overcome by enviroment,

        The hint being that befor you denigrate others by accusing them of not knowing what they are talking about in a comment YOU do some basic research to ascertain what is in fact true…

  8. All of this is irrelevant

    Mediaworks is a dead man walking, as is most of the mainstream media.

    Nobody under 30 watches The News anymore and nobody with an education and a life under 60 watches it.

    No longer will some half baking ‘luvvie’ with a Media Studies degree and a fake tan be telling people what to think.

    I see a bright future!

  9. @ Andrew, you are right, and the media know it!
    Like a rat on a sinking ship, they will do whatever it takes to survive! That means buying cheap programmes from America, playing repeats, and getting handouts from the government, to keep themselves, and their shareholders afloat for as long as they can.
    The media’s role in this country, and others, is changing fast…how long can they hang in there before the general population realise that really they are no longer relevant and switch to other alternatives.

    • The media are now just part of an (often) loss making company portfolio to support propaganda to their parent companies and like minded lobbyists and political party associations.

      That’s why they wanted to can John Campbell. Media companies don’t want any independent political or product views, because other companies are paying them to make sure their ‘brand’ is protected worldwide.

      The only reasons rating’s matter is to make sure someone is watching to be sucking in the propaganda in between cheap reality TV shows.

  10. For the same lot to sanction a pile of poo such as the likes of The Paul Henry Show, it is TV3’s principle management that needs axing forthwith.

  11. Next they will all switch to vulgar Paul yuk Henry type characters!

    So Andrew yes you are right.

    John Campbell is a special character rare in NZ now so John belongs free on a live show on a commercial free public service channel.

    We hope that all the opposition present a writ in court to take half our public TVNZ/RNZ back under their control for the public good and have John Campbell on a daily current affairs show.

  12. I listened to Paul Henry on the radio this morning. He was having a crack at everyone and quite funny at times I thought. Havent listened to him before, and I know someone here will think I am wrong, but so be it.

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