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  1. ‘Snowden says Australia watching its citizens ‘all the time,’ slams new metadata laws’

    …”What this means is they are watching everybody all the time,” the former NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower said. “They’re collecting information and they’re just putting it in buckets that they can then search through not only locally, not only in Australia, but they can then share this with foreign intelligences services.”

    (Is New Zealand doing the same?….Where is the NZ Labour Party on this?…If they do NOT take a stand on this …they are NOT a Left Party ….and they are NOT worth voting for!)

    • Hi Chooky Yes indeed,

      Where is labour on this? da da da……………….

      So quiet aren’t they?

      Take a stand Labour on TPPA,- RMA,- NSA-GCSB & the flag labour lite before you fail us entirely;

      NZ First are already taking up the challenge as Winston already has clearly done!!!!!

      • CLEANGREEN – unfortunately Labour failed us ordinary Kiwi folks 30 years go!

        I honestly don’t think there is anything else Labour could possibly betray us with anymore! Not even the TPP or the grubby activities of the GCSB!

        After Labour betrayed my country, I gave it away for good, after years of working for and promoting it, switching my allegiance first to the Alliance and then NZ Greens.

        The NZ Greens I feel now is the party which demonstrates loyalty towards NZers as a whole, particularly the strugglers out there, trying to get by the best way they possibly can, fighting undue hardship.

        Even Labour becoming part of the filthy Natsy regime would hold no surprises for me at all.

        Labour’s betrayal and failure to represent and serve the working class and underprivileged is already history.

  2. Parties really need to be clear about what they support and don’t. All the vagueness gets us nowhere. That was one reason I liked Internet mana last election. At least you knew where you stood. The greens also to a certain degree. Yes labour you need to let us know where you stand on issues of importance, to reclaim your voters.

  3. Have you heard about the saying that if you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no-one. This is kind of what Labour does. Labour wants to be different from National, but it doesn’t want to upset the electorate too much and lose all chance of election, therefore it goes National-lite. Its left-swing supporters don’t like that, and its centre voter target don’t believe it. So Labour loses and it will probably lose again in 2017. National can pretty much get away with anything and they know it, that is why Key and the others are so arrogant. They know there is no credible organized opposition to them at the moment and they figure there won’t be much more in 30 months time.
    Little and Labour may well score the odd point here and there but ultimately it means virtually nothing.
    National has systematically taken control over everything that can possibly take it to task for its shortcomings, with one notable exception: the public education sector. Public education is the one area that National has never managed to take control of, but it is trying hard with its latest creation – Charter Schools.
    Labour needs to work out what it stands for and who it wants its supporters to be. It failed last time because it couldn’t decide and it still hasn’t.
    Parties like the Greens, ACT, NZ First know what they want, for good or bad but Labour so often looks like a huge beached whale stranded by the tide.

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