The Prime Minister and the Waitress: defence spin lines for John Key



Watching this story develop over the last couple of days has been remarkable. One of the most delusional aspects of it however have been the defence spin lines for John Key that the Right wing punditry have attempted to use to exonerate him and denigrate the courage of the young woman who stood up for herself.

I can’t begin to comment on the Herald’s meltdown of a response that saw 4 different versions and a removal of the date stamps all in one day. My only comment to Mr Currie’s various versions is he knows what we spoke about, he knows what he said and he knows what I told him.

None of that reality is reflected in his response.

The lines Hosking and his clones have been using is that the young woman has a political agenda and that her decision to have her voice heard on a left wing blog means that this is proof of a political agenda. They claim that if she had wanted to be neutral she should have told her story to the mainstream media.

I don’t think people can seriously accept this argument.

Firstly the ethics of the NZ Herald and Rachel Glucina highlight the very reason why posting her voice on a Left wing blog was far preferable.  Secondly, since when was not wanting to be a plaything for a powerful person make you a ‘leftie’? And thirdly, of course this is ‘political’, but that’s because the person doing the bullying is the Prime Minister! To try and minimise the awfulness of being forced to put up being the play thing of the Prime Minister by saying any criticism of him is ‘political’ is as offensive as it is stupid.

This is about a young woman who had to put up with harassment from the Prime Minister and had the courage to say stop. Minimising her for having an opinion is beneath those who argue it.

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  1. “…he knows what we spoke about, he knows what he said and he knows what I told him” Yes but does he give a toss? No he doesn’t… because all vestiges of good honest journalism have faded into oblivion with the Main Stream Media… let’s face it folks we no longer have anything like an neutral voice anymore.

  2. John Key and his apologists always blame the left for telling the truth ,its a pattern they always use.
    Amanda was defending her right to not be interfered with by Key.
    Its Hoskings and Glucina etc who make it a false political motive,what excuse would they use if Amanda was a National supporter.The right are attacking T DB because their story made it worldwide.

  3. Amanda Bailey remains a beacon of integrity through this affair. I can only hope that she has good support around her and that perhaps you Martyn are able to convey both the respect and good wishes expressed by many of us who see this situation for what it is; an abuse of power and total disregard for the rights of women generally.

  4. I also think it worth noting that Martyn Bradbury, owner of TDB, stood back from passing much in the way of comment on Amanda’s revelations for about 48 hours. He simply let Amanda’s words speak for themselves.

    • Yep, and no strange, pressured “affidavit”, no involvement of bully-boys and dirty laundry waving is to be found re that story on this blog! It was rather objective, what I read.

  5. Meanwhile over on the right-wing supporting media, potty mouth Mickey Mouth, silly Smith and a few others still don’t understand the issue in their haste to bend over to Key.

  6. predictably the initial “mea culpa” is shifting to “she/the far left smear campaign did it” I wonder how long before “she was begging for it” becomes the narrative.
    Disgusting, reptilian gang of thugs on the “far” right,and I don’t know how they sleep at night.

  7. John Key in Herald online says he dosnt think his credibility has been hurt in the pony tail saga.People that know him knows hes a fun guy,
    states hes not creepy.
    Well we don’t think the TPP or sending troops to fight Obama’s phony wars,or tormenting a young woman for an extended period is funny

    Thinks most people in NZ believe going to war with ISIS is a good idea.How the hell would he know what most people think ,didn’t the Northland elections give him some clue.

  8. What about the little girls that were groped by Key? In what way was that ‘political’? Are you going to suggest they were ‘plants’ by the insidious left?

    Gimme a break please! This is about some creepy old bugger molesting females.

    Please note the full stop in that sentence.

  9. Another point that I think everyone has missed is: she’s the victim in this scenario, she can tell whomever she bloody well pleases, and bring people’s attention to it however the goddamned hell way she wants.

    “wah wah wah, it’s politically motivated, wah wah wah.” Piss off, you crybabies.

  10. I do wonder how this would have turned out if she had made the identical post on Whale Oil instead. How would the media have handled it, and how would Slater have handled it? You would presume there would be literally no difference, since the story is what the story is, completely regardless where it was posted. I don’t really understand how the right claim a left-wing agenda, as if only a left-wing person would object to having their hair pulled by the PM. I really don’t.

  11. We know that John Key, his spin masters and their followers, in media, in government and the wider public would come with this “leftist conspiracy” theory.

    It should not surprise us at all.

    We should remind them of the dirty manner in which “Whalecrap” was “revealing” the scandal about Mayor Len Brown.

    That was dirty, for sure, the tactics Cam Slater used.

    I see nothing “dirty” or “conspiracy” in what the Daily Blog did, although there is of course some self interest in revealing a story where the Prime Minister behaved totally inappropriately to a weaker, private person employed to serve him in a cafe.

    So fare NOBODY has disputed what Amanda publicly stated, nobody has discredited her, and her employers chose to stay silent, yet involved their “friend” Rachel Glucina, to try and trick Amanda into making comments she could not agree with.

    I continue to see John Key at fault, and I continue to see Amanda’s employer at fault. And I also now see the NZ Herald having lost remaining credit it may have still deserved for some good reporting. I would honestly advise them, send Rachel Glucina off, to start her own gossip mag or forum. Then she can try all the dirty tricks in her own capacity and with her own responsibility. Sack Glucina, Herald editors and management, if you want to regain the trust of your readers!

    Hence I do not give a damn what Hosking, Henry, Garner and others say about it all. They have all convenient put Whaleoil and the nasty attacks coming from there behind them, which after we know by now, were partly fed directly from the Prime Minister’s Office!

    So John Key has some way to go, to come clean.

    • We can imagine what wine judges might say about John Key wines: bouncy, sweet and cloying but ultimately leaves the drinker with a bitter aftertaste and a whiff of b.s Full of promise but falls woefully short of expectations.
      She would have been better off tipping the lot down the sink.

  12. This photo of what looks like twins – brother and sister should be the poster child image of what biased; cynical and unethical journalism looks like. I would not waste two minutes reading either of them as it would clearly be a waste of time and energy. Infantile and irresponsible – and we are hoping, that soon, these journo ” want to be’s ” will be replaced with some new blood with ethical backbones instead of chapped lips.

  13. Here we go again. People that question or complain are always lefty stirrers. Of course! Isn’t the pope catholic?
    Oh my godddddddddd! How much more do we have to put up with the pathetic whingeing of right-wind dickheads humiliated because they were caught eating their own earwax, playing with other people’s hair or sending offensive e-mails?
    To the political right, the only crime is getting caught.
    Your dear leader got caught, folks. You can’t spin your way out of this one this time, although I’m sure you will dig out any amount of dirt to try.

  14. I predicted it all. Read my last blog post :

    Who is going first with a complaint to the press council ?
    It will be interesting to see how the Herald and its gossip person are going to wiggle themselves out of this one.
    Interesting how the Herald/Glucina, Hosking, Henry, Punket and the rest work hand in glove.
    If you ever wanted to watch dirty politics live just stay tuned.

  15. Some of their posts are even saying that the whole thing was a set up, right from the start! That it was a honey trap. FFS.

    • If such a bizarre scenario could even be possible, it speaks volumes for the stupidity of Key, his wife, the DPS police, and every other person sitting around in a public place.

      It’s not only not a credible explanation – it makes Key look even dumber.

      An own goal if there ever was one.

  16. The mockery he’s open for from those who aren’t plain creeped out in parliament is one thing but also the role he’s setting for the rest of the country in touching people and the awkward question “is he a trichophile” don’t quote me because I don’t know if that’s a word.

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