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    • because he has Nact connections…and they want to make him look good…because if he crashes he takes John Key Nactional with him

    • Hi Kim

      I’ve come to the conclusion now, this is yet another dirty politics PR job from the tainted office of one dear leader, to give the false impression all is well in the dark house of illusion, corruption, lies and cover ups.

      When all is revealed re the “prominent NZer,” there will be some sewer rats scuttling about finding a place to hide, one in particular.

    • These Open Mics seem to be getting nearer to the critical mass of commenters needed to sustain discussions. Still a few commenters seem to be unaware of their existence and will shoehorn comments only tangentially related to other posts.

      The one problem I’m having today is that the banner button is directing me to yesterday’s OM, which is a bit disorientating.

  1. +++STOP PRESS+++

    Granddaddy Herald actually ran a story with a commentator from Environmental Defense Agency. It didn’t even appear censored.

    If we want to preserve clean green environmental NZ the public has to fight for it and for protection for the environment under the RMA. They also need to work together at a local level and with local and central government help to preserve it.

    The RMA should be strengthened not weakened, it is already so weak as practically powerless mostly due to having council’s resource consent officers as the first line of defence.

    Look at ports of Auckland. The council is doing nothing effective and allowing them to legally to steal the publicly owned harbour and zero public input and environmental effects are needed to do it.

    Yesterday Campbell Live ran a story about NZ water being bottled and exported to China while a local farmer’s crops died due to drought.

    This country has gone mad! Nothing makes any sense anymore!

    We have lost our identity as a country in this soup of neoliberalism and corporate welfare and quest with zero questions asked trade agreements that are depriving decent Kiwis of a future.

    Someone needs to read parliament a bedtime story, of the golden goose.

    NZ environment is being destroyed. Soon no more golden eggs left in the fire sale.

    God knows what will happen with TPPA. Now is the time to lobby.

        • I suspect a fail on Little Labour’s part ….and therefore imo they are not worth voting for

          I would be happy to be proved wrong…that they have not sold out

          They need to come clean before they sell us out!

          • yep. Labour get my electorate vote, and have on some occasion’s under Helen Clark got my party vote, but how can you vote for a party that wants 24 hr surveillance and the secret TPP?

            Hense rise of NZ First.

            Greens need to wake up, they have the best policies overall in my view but need to shine.

            The outspoken but effective Bradford, Kind Jeanette and lobbyist Kegley have left a huge hole in the party. I just am not sure how effective the Greens are in policy and influence and all this talk of Nat link up not doing them any good.

            Is there any way to bring those ex Green MP’s back or get some new blood into the party? Now Russell going, they need to do something quick.

            • hmmm…no answer to this…agreed the Greens seem to be low profile of late, but maybe they are just resting while they appoint a new co-leader…they certainly worked hard before the last Election and were a better Opposition than Labour … unfortunately the malicious spin of a coalition deal with Nactional in the weeks before the Election lost them votes

              …agree it would be good if those ‘old’ Greens returned

              ….but maybe you should get involved with the Greens, if you aren’t already…seems to be your natural home…and you speak out well on Green issues

  2. If it wasn’t for Campbell Live (the entire team, not just Campbell himself), who would bring stories like this to the country’s attention?

    there’s growing demand for water, with more intensive farming, changing weather patterns and overseas demand for our superior drinking water.

    Hawke’s Bay in particular is really feeling that. On top of water restrictions over dry summers, Chinese-owned bottling plants are about to send ships full of local water to China.

  3. McDonalds UK is in strife as well over worker rights:

    ‘People NOT polls: Fast food workers demand £10 min wage despite ‘intimidation’

    …”Workers are demanding a £10-per-hour “living wage” and an end to zero hours contracts, which do not guarantee employees a minimum number of hours”….

    “Fast food workers in the UK are joining a one-day international protest for higher pay, just days after mainstream British politicians promised modest rises in the legal minimum wage.

    Demonstrations in London began at McDonalds in Marble Arch on Wednesday morning, where activists went on to occupy the restaurant.

    Thirty protests are taking place across the country according to campaign group Youth Fight for Jobs, and are inspired by Fight for $15, a movement for higher wages in the US”….

  4. From Granddaddy Herald about Dotcom….

    Sony’s top copyright lawyer, Aimee Wolfson, said it was “not at all unimaginable” that the internet tycoon would avoid extradition or even successfully defend himself in the United States.

    Emails relating to the Dotcom case were revealed by WikiLeaks yesterday in a database of emails hacked from the global entertainment giant.

    Those relating to the Dotcom case show Sony to be less sure privately about the criminal and civil charges facing the internet entrepreneur than the bullish public attitude from the Hollywood studios.

    Crunch-time for Sony came mid-2014 when the Hollywood studios filed papers in New Zealand courts to restrain Dotcom’s assets.

    Ms Wolfson recommended Sony pull back from the joint action against Dotcom in New Zealand.

    The other five studios went ahead.

    p.s Viacom has already sued You Tube/Google and lost. A File sharing business is not copy write infringement!

    That’s why they are seizing his assets so that he can’t defend himself.

    Great to have the John Key and the armed defenders and GCSB on the NZ taxpayer dollar doing all that work for the five studio execs for their civil action.

    Even if you do not like Dotcom what is being done here is morally wrong.

    • Yep, it is happening here too I’m sure.

      One idea is that when assets are sold off a percentage is tithed to the National party in donations.

      Guess who also is a big money launderer in particular for overseas funds – sky city.

      There is a roulette game apparently where you can win on every number but 0 (or something like that) and so you just put your ill gained money on that, have a huge change of winning, then get a lovely cheque from the casino.

      If anyone asks where you got that money from, you just go, I won it, and here is the cheque from Sky City.

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