Malcolm Evans – the first casualty of war


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  1. The commonly accepted comment on war is that “Truth is the first casualty”

    A very short sighted, hindsight observation.

    A progressive expansion of lies and a raft of untrue and viscous memes leads up the the final assault on reason, the declaration of war.

    With drones and other toxic applications of technology now the declaration is bypassed.

    War is invading every part of our lives with capitalism propping up a growing class of ruthless plunderers attacking every conceivable aspect of civilization and the environment that may offer spoils for the murky investor world regardless of consequence.

    The media is the new weapon to promote the ravages of criminal asset stripping by uncaring, deranged financially obese.

    It is also the lifeblood of some sanity to educate the public public with information vital to dealing with the corporate and political lying that is rampant.

    There are media employees (Mike Hoskins comes to mind) who are complicit with the lying and deception proliferated from the corporate oligarchy.

    So the headstone needs to be honoured with acknowledgement of heroes past and presently fighting the John Keys of this world.

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