Key can’t name leader of ISIS despite going to war with them



Key couldn’t remember Mike Sabin, Kim Dotcom or Jason Ede so ‘al-Jaberi something’ is actually pretty good for him.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 4.36.45 pm

It just seems rude to not know the leader of the group we are off to kill for reasons that haven’t really been explained or justified beyond calling them ‘barbarians’.

How can ANZAC Day be commemorated in good faith when we are being engaged in a war for reasons as wasteful as those that dug the graves of our dead?


  1. You’ve got to laugh or you will cry.

    The insanity of it all.

    With an ignorant lying warmongering self serving bully at the helm.

    Hope our representative at the security council has a better grasp of the Middle East landscape, but I very much doubt it.

    This is on par with The Lord of the Rings being Key’s favourite NZ author. The guy does not seem to know fact from Fiction.

  2. I like the picture. I bet dear leader Kim Jong Key could
    teach the North Korean leadership a thing
    or two about gagging critical comment.

  3. ISIS is the product of the illegal unjustified invasion of Iraq by the USA. The nation that thinks it has the right to invade anyone and ignore the United Nations. The same nation that has ignored nuclear disarmament treaties and by printing money spends an obscene amount on its military despite being insolvent. The same nation that has become a surveillance state far worse than the infamous Stasi in East Germany. The same nation whose own police force is becoming militarised with hardly a day going by without another police killing of a US citizen.
    This is our ally and the same nation that gains legitimacy and power by New Zealand’s support. This situation reminds me of the ad on TV where a voice-over describes a wife beater and then suggests if we know of someone like this the right thing to do is confront them about it.
    Perhaps I misinterpreted the ad and the right thing to do is go across to his place and join in the beating.

  4. [Offensive remarks deleted. If you persist in trolling you will be permanently persona non-grata. – ScarletMod

  5. If Premier Key is suffering from Alzhiemer’s – to which he certainly seems to in a convenient sort of way…..may I suggest we all turn to and Google Hackpad , Honest John.

    That should set the record straight about what he said and refresh his memory as well as provide an invaluable resource for any journalist , young political scientist , concerned citizen or even the mildly curious.

    May I also recommend you have a bucket close at hand because I assure you , you will need it after reading the data.

  6. We need to form stronger alliances with other countries so the USA does not have us over a barrel.

    At the moment most things this Govt does are dictated from the US Oligarchy. Key is a placement with US residency and interests. A branch manager.

    A part of the club that runs global finance, manages continuous waring and controls politics particularly in small countries like NZ.and Australia.

    Of course he is a lying sod. You cannot expect truth from him unless you are deluded.

  7. Are you seriously suggesting some obscure nutters name actuallymatters? These people are murderous bastards who need to be eradicated like the vermin they are. Let whoever they meet in the afterlife worry about their names.

    • Spoken like a true madman.

      But you’re not alone, Nehemia/Intrinsicvalue – I’m sure there are a few fanatics in ISIS and others groups who think just like you.

      • ^ L00L !

        Have another shot of that there whiskey , Wall ,…you lovable excluded brother , you….

        Oh that’s right….you lot don’t partake of the old mountain dew, now do yer…

        Oh well…give my regards to Don , an y’all come back now , y’hear?

      • Are you seriously cuddling up to these people Frank? Mind you, you do seem to be a friend of Stalin, another mass murderer, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    • Hell yes, it matters, and here’s why – Let’s say you bought a new house, only to discover it had an insect infestation. Do you run to the store and grab the first pesticide you see, because “Hey, it’s just a bloody bug, the name doesn’t matter” and run gung-ho at the problem, or, do you learn about the bug, what effects it has on your environment, how to combat it, and the effects of the pesticide on your family’s health, before choosing the right one?

      Key doesn’t have a goddamn clue what he’s rushing into. The fact that he doesn’t even know the leader’s name shows he is intellectually inadequate to be making such a decision. The fact that he makes jokes about his inadequacy shows he is also morally sub-par for decision making of this calibre. This is a decision whose cost will be measured in human lives. That is nothing to brush off and make fun of.

      • Enough of the “eradication” comments Nehemia. They are becoming hate-speech. – ScarletMod

  8. Aaaaaaam clown prince Johnny.. Fated to spend his retirement doing a Princess Leia to Hillary Clintons jabba The Hutt…..

  9. Martyn and others above;

    I am sure that Key and McCully know or have ‘a fair idea’ that the
    ‘War on Terror’ is a hoax.

    I am also sure that they know the ‘Terror hoax’ is designed to reduce
    civil liberties and justify mass serveillance as well.

    The fact that Key can’t name the leader of our ‘new enemy’,in my mind,proves the farce that it is.

    Evil and Qrwellian indeed.

    Knowing the centuries old model of ‘Boom,Bust,War,Consolidate’ of the ‘Powers That Be’, WW3 has started.’
    Just that we haven’t been told yet.

    Starting with the false flag of 9/11 our allies,along with our physical
    or moral support, have gone to war with
    Afghanistan,Iraq,Egypt(Muslim Brotherhood) proxy armies in Tunisia,
    Libya,on to Syria, Ukraine with Neo-Nazi’s against Russia and now a new front in Yemen with the Sunni countries Saudi-Arabia,Qatar etc against Iran.

    Not to mention Pakistan and the funded,armed,trained,advised terror
    groups across Africa.

    In a climate of Gvt’s and MSM culling,sacking,silencing any investigative journalism and anti-Gvt/status-quo criticism there
    is only one place left to go for truthful information and that is trusted sites on the internet.

    Along with this man whose family line has a proud history of fighting
    and exposing tyranny.
    His father educated him as a teenager about the Global Agenda.
    An indication of how far down the road America and UK is with these
    programs that are coming here.

    All with documentation:
    1.’The Four Horsemen Are Drawing Near.’

    2.’New World Order:Blueprint of Madmen.’ 2nd video.

    3.’Russia Blinks As NATO Marches Toward WW3.’

    4.’Hope on the Horizon and it Comes from Greece’

    5.’City of London’

    Did we get any of this information from our MSM? NO.

    A MUST view of All journalists and political parties.

    WILD KATIPO quote;
    “An invaluable resource for any journalist, young political scientist,
    concerned citizen or even the mildly curious.”



  10. Just goes to prove what a total ignorant, arrogant bastard Key is doesn’t it?

    The war mongering creep is not fit to wipe his own backside, let alone lead a country and I use the word “lead” very loosely here!

  11. “Mr Key, do you even know his name?”

    “Ah, look, I honestly can’t recall…”

    The first time that old dog of an excuse would actually be plausible.

  12. I think a book he read recently in bed got him confused: Alibaba and the forty thieves. He only got it out of the library cos he thought it was a story about a Wall St trader!

    • Must have too many lead based amalgam fillings in his teeth – too close to the brain so they say…

      Hard to imagine from such an insipid sour bugger though…

  13. El Jaberi? Ol Jabbery?
    Look at the end of the day New Zealanders don’t really care who we go to war with

    • Enough of the “eradication” comments Nehemia. They are becoming hate-speech. – ScarletMod

  14. The true leader(s) of Islamic State are others, as this new enlightening report shows. As I suspected, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is more of a front or “figure head” leader, meant to display some religious, Islamist “credibility”:

    ‘The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State’

    Investigative, leading German media seem to be better informed than New Zealand’s Prime Minister, and also the NZ SIS and GCSB!

    Perhaps John Key should phone someone at Spiegel in Hamburg? He may learn something.

    Maybe they have more information than even the US CIA and NSA, with what they published yesterday?!

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