The final broadcast of Radio New Zealand 1/3



  1. The country is almost owned by National promoting media.
    See Wake up Kiwi,90% of people get news from only 6 news companies in America, these media owners buy up companies right left and centre to control what people think.
    John Key is an American puppet and more than likely gets his news backing from these controlling news sources.

    Also in Forbidden knowledge an article that says the science of holeograms has completed the work to put visions of Jesus and angels in the sky ,also demons, these visions will appear so real,that the people will be fooled into thinking the end of the world has come.
    Its all being done to brain wash people into being totally controlled through fear or religious exstasy.
    Be aware people the One World Order is ramping up to take us over.

    If we keep ourselves informed we can fight the false portrayals , TPP TIRSA, and governments who are in league with and controlled by
    these criminal organisations.
    We know Key and his permissive MPs are in the process of handing us over,surely this is reason to demand a change of government,why should Key get away with lies and secrets and perfidy in regard to our well being.Everyone should be involved in the fight, no standing back out of fear of reprisals ,no more leaving to the brave activists who put themselves out there always,its a war people,a war we must win.

    • Lol! I love a good nutty conspiracy theory and that is right up there with the best of them. I have a challenge for you. Find an author of articles on this blog to support this. Might be a tad difficult but it will be so worth it.

      • You love anything nutty gosman because you are nutty, I do have the link but im not going to give it to you you don’t have the brain to understand .remember the conspiracy theory that one day a man would walk on the moon or people would be able to fly through the skies. etc etc all classed as nutty at the time ,now not so much heh!

        • How about you provide the link for people other than myself who is obviously far to gone to undertsand the details of the wacky conspiracy theory.

          As for your second point, I had a Taxi ride home the other night from a Serbian Taxi driver who was adamant the moon landing was faked. So perhaps man has yet to walk on the moon…

    • Excellent post there Elle. Agree with everything you have said.

      It seems the treacherous, decadent powers-that-be are hellbent on having full control of the citizenry though any means, be it going to the extent of using holograms in the manner in which you have referred to, or by either manipulating or culling media sources, in an attempt to wield power over the subliminally influenced masses!

      And fight we must, to take back what is rightfully ours, our sovereignty, our identity. We owe it to ourselves.

      Surrender is not an option, keeping in mind the streets can be ours and always there for the taking!

  2. “It’s a war people,…” Thank the Goddess someone has used the W word. We are over the precipice certainly and the Orcs are winning. Every step forward or away though is impeded by prone bodies of glazed eyed consumers who can’t see anything bar what they hold in their hands or pour down their throats let alone sound and light shows in the sky. The Reptiles and the Greys are closing in. They could have been beaten years ago but for a couple of huge hurdles. These are Unity and Trust.

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