55 seconds and Cam gets knocked out – this is what it sounds like when the doves cry



Whaleoil knocked out in 55 seconds, Osborne knocked out after 4 weeks – John Key needs new mates who aren’t unconscious


    • Now Slater might have a bit more empathy for those he attacks with his uncaring words, his filth, his bile, his prejudice in his attack dog status for National.

      The sooner he gets back in the political assassination ring, the better and quicker we will get rid of the other Natsiness in NZ.

      Dirty politics got a bloody nose in both arenas last night.

    • How about a charity match between Crusher Collins and Willow Jean Prime?

      Could raise a few more dollars a head than Natsy supporters paid per head at Antoine’s.

  1. I have no time for the guy but to give him his due he did get in the ring and it was for charity!
    I wont defend him but I won’t put him down over this either

  2. I bet you couldn’t even meet the weight class martyn. you fat piece of shit!

    [Post permitted, to remind us of the sort of extremists who support far-right bloggers. Otherwise, permanently banned. – ScarletMod]

    • Keep going SageMcSage and Slater.

      You and Slater represent everything the Natsy party does. Filth, bile, dirty politics, self-centred arrogance and bullying which all got knocked on its fat, indulgent respective arses in Christchurch and in Northland.

      Get back up Slater….keep going…the country needs you to keep dirty politics firmly in the minds of good-hearted kiwis.

  3. Great display of the difference between left and right

    Practical action by Slater to make a difference to those in need.

    Embittered whining from Bradbury that gives the lie to his claims to care about those that are less well off.

      • The givealittle page indicates that Slater has raised over $5,800 for KidsCan. I understand that Jessie Ryder also raised funds for the same cause.

        I do understand that you are unable to give credit to those with different views for anything that the contribute but that says far more about your weakness than theirs

    • Hey dork….ever heard of publicity stunts to cover up the smell of freshly laid shit?

      Hide did it with his dancing.

      Slater does it with his boxing.

      And English did it with his boxing as well….this from the man who said early in the Key led govt……

      ” We should be glad we have a LOW WAGE ECONOMY as that encourages foreign investment ”.

      So English loves 300,000 low wage earners on the minimum wage, 250,000 kids in poverty , defeating a Feed the Kids Bill , selling off the very houses that hold those low wage workers families intact so they can be flogged off to speculators to ramp up rents,……

      Hell…I could be here all night laying out a list of the corruption and ILLEGALITY ( GSCB spying on 88 NZ citizens and permanent residents including Kim Dotcom ) anti democracy, anti sovereignty of the neo liberal far right.

      But I got better things to do than worry about a moron like you.

      In fact…why don’t you take up dancing classes or get off YOUR FAT BACKSIDE and get training?

      BTW …that’s a good photo of Slater….I’d like a copy to put over my dartboard.

      And so would most of my other low wage security guard colleagues.

      • We are seeing the Nasty NatZ on a new mission to seem as the “Moral Right” when they have only promoted pure hate between the haves and have not’s John so see this for what it is, a publicity stunt dressed up as a media benefit event, “Yeah Right”

    • “Great display of the difference between left and right”

      So according to John if you make a practical difference to those in need you are from the ‘right’, and if you whine you’re from the ‘left’. Really John? … or are you just providing a great example of a bigoted generalisation?

      “Practical action by Slater to make a difference to those in need’ –

      Yep, cos Cameron Slater is well known for his charitable acts towards others/sarc. More like it’s a desperate attempt for attention and relevance now that his bestie John Key isn’t taking his calls anymore.

      • Gosh…the next thing you know…John will be nominating Slater for a knighthood for “services to charity”. I’m sure that John Key would second the nomination, and he may even enlist the GCSB to vet potential issues that may arise with the nomination, like he did for Mr Grosser.

        Still, it may be good for Mr Slater to feel what it like to get knocked on his backside. It’s what the state house tenants will be feeling soon;it’s what people in the provinces are feeling by 20% equity;by those knocked on their backsides by redundancies in times of a “rock-star economy”;by young couples trying to get into the housing market; by workers on zero-hour contracts;by workers about to lose their tea-breaks; by people who care about others but see a growing selfishness from neoliberal [lack of] values; by people who care about their environment when Simon Glib Bridges wants to sell mineral rights to the highest bidder; by 17,012 Kiwis in Northland who gave the Natsies 34,024 middle finger messages in the polling booth.

  4. All due respect to Jesse Ryder for his display of immense self-control. Most of us would have been unable to resist the urge to give Slater a couple of swift kicks in the crotch while he was down.

      • There’s a few people that Slater called ferals on the coast and a few whom he called scum here in Christchurch that may want to dispute that, but certainly I’m from Christchurch and won’t lower myself into the mire, filth, stench, bile, vitriole and dirty political scumbag tactics associated where John Key’s good mate Slater inhabits.

        I can’t speak for the coast, but I’m sure that if Slater wants to get in the ring again, do it on the coast. I’d travel over there to see it. Let’s see how much money would be raised for charity from good coasters trying to eke out a living on the West ‘Northland (which has heaps of one-lane bridges btw)’. You may be surprised by what they’d want to “give” Slater.

        As for the photo, it’s on my desktop background under the filename “the git that keeps on giving”. I’ll only replace it in 2017, with John Key’s valedictory speech photo.

  5. Name calling, abusive language etc etc in a blog does little to give a reader confidence in the intelligence of the writer – and on that basis I cease to read those writer’s blogs – go figure?

  6. Say what you will about Slater’s politics, but by training hard, getting in the ring, and getting his face smacked in he’s shown more courage and (indirectly) made more of a practical contribution to good causes than many keyboard warriors here or elsewhere on the Internet.

    That shows personal virtue.

    • No he hasn’t. 55 seconds in a ring slapping each other with cotton-balls might trump Noddy in Toyland on a clear day, but this is NZ mate. As for personal virtue, who are you his mother?

  7. It was a great idea for charity though, I mean who wouldn’t pay to see someone punch Slater’s lights out?

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