Best Twitter burn from a NZ Comedian on Peter Dunne goes to…


For reasons known to no one, Peter Dunne bizarrely decided to make himself a target on twitter from NZ Comedians when he slagged them off with this tweet…

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 1.52.19 pm

It has provoked a massive backlash from NZ comedians. Seeing as most are unemployed when 7 Days isn’t filming, they have plenty of time on their hands to stab Dunne repeatedly in his rupee. Best burn however goes to the ever hilarious Ben Hurley…

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 1.46.35 pm


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  1. It’s almost comedic that what gets passed in parliament is down to Dunne, the plonker from Act, and the Maori party…sadly 250,000 kids ain’t laughing.

  2. Peter Dunne isn’t someone I have a great deal of sympathy for but give anyone twitter or facebook and they are going to say something that blows up in their face once in a while. We are all made up of an odd assortment of opinions on a myriad of subjects, any one of which could nail us if we were a politician who shared them. Likewise, the only time I have ever had any sympathy for John Key was when he couldn’t hit the nail on the head. I’m happy for any politician to vent off, as long as they vote for good policies.

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