TV REVIEW: Jono and Ben @ 7.30pm



When they aren’t feeding rape culture on The Rock, the Jono and Ben show – now at 7.30pm, is about as subversive as NZ TV gets, so from that point of view we should be supportive I suppose. It also gives the brilliant Rose Matafeo and genius of Guy Williams (who is wasted on that awful Edge Radio) a platform so we should be grateful for that as well.

TV3 have given them a lot of support by putting them on prime time, and based on the first episode in the new time slot it’s a faith that hasn’t been misplaced.

The opening song was funny, the walking in on a P Lab was funny, their bit where they try and out-gag each other was funny. More hits than misses, which is tough for an hour.

In a media landscape barren of humour and satire, this is a tiny oasis, but under National with their desire to crucify all public TV, a tiny oasis is the best we’ve got.


  1. I’m not normally disposed to “boy” humour, but with the recommendation of this review, it sounds like a good watch. Very little of f-t-a TV is.

  2. I love Rose. She put the X Factor talent to shame and she was just spoofing. Really hope she gets her own shoe

  3. Also check out Jeremy Wells doing his parodies of Mike Hosking on Radio Hauraki with his “Like Mike” skits. Pretty funny. He sounds so much like Hosking that when I first heard it I thought it actually was Hosking. It’s also available on the Internet, just google like mike, Jeremy Wells. Very funny.

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