Key uses GCSB to spy on WTO job for Tim Groser



No. Way.

GCSB spies monitored diplomats in line for World Trade Organisation job

Our spies monitored email and internet traffic about international diplomats vying for the job of director-general of the World Trade Organisation – a job for which National Government Trade Minister Tim Groser was competing.

The spying operation was active in 2013 and called the “WTO Project” by New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), according to a top secret document obtained by the Herald and United States news site The Intercept.

The operation involved covert surveillance of candidates from Brazil, Costa Rica, Ghana, Jordan, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico and South Korea.

This spying breaches the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and it’s a breach of section 14 of the GCSB Act, so how do you feel sleepy hobbits? I need to know.


You believed John Key after the Moment of Truth didn’t you? You believed the allegations of mass surveillance were all a big communist conspiracy just like Dirty Politics was supposedly all just a big communist conspiracy didn’t you? You believed the GCSB was just a glorified Norton anti-virus program didn’t you? You believed that any powers were being used to protect your wee bottoms from domestic Muslim terror threats, didn’t you Sleepy Hobbits?

Didn’t you!


Turns out, everything said at the Moment of truth was true. Turns out mass surveillance is happening. Turns out the PM’s Office colluded with the SIS to frame Phil Goff with false smears months out from the 2011 election. Turns out we are America’s nark in the South Pacific. Turns out we are spying on our trading partners. Turns out we are using these spy powers to bloody well try and get Tim fucking Groser onto the WTO!!!

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How is using the all seeing powers of the 5 Eyes Club to spy on who becomes the next WTO director-general protecting NZ from domestic terror threats???

The reality is that those who voted National in 2014 don’t care that everything Key has had to say on mass surveillance is a lie because those who vote National loath the Left so much so that they believe any tactic is acceptable to keep progressive politics that might challenge their privilege  out of power.

But hush my mouth sleepy hobbits, we’ve got a Cricket World cup to win, we have the X Factor to fret over, people secretly pooing in pools and we have Poppy farting on her first date on The Bachelor to obsess over.


And what’s Labour going to do? Well other than voting for the SIS to have 24 hour warrantless searches and Andrew Little telling us he’s a little less worried with GCSB mass surveillance spying, and appointing David Shearer (who wanted to cut a secret deal with Key over the legislation) onto the Intelligence Review committee rather than the Greens, it seems bugger all.

If you aren’t angry, you are not paying attention and you are not paying attention because the mainstream media in NZ is a celebration of wilful ignorance.


  1. Yep- you gotta keep those commie kids and left wing screaming conspiracy theorists under the thumb.

    So who’s going to be the next X factor judge?

    WHAT !!??!! – a bleeding Aussie !!!??!!

    HELL !!!..and I just ran out of beer!!!

    The worlds coming to an end I tell ya !!!!

  2. But we are able to multi-task are we not? We can be demanding to know what is going on in our name AND watch X Factor (even if it is just to see BT and the Vibes) and the cricket, because, well, it’d be rude not to.

    • Well…seems some don’t want to multi task …but you’re incredibly right…too many stoops not caring to give a damn.

      And that’s a big part of the problem.

  3. Allies spy on each other. Always have, always will. Why? For lots of reasons but mostly to make sure they’re still allies. Allies don’t always tell the truth face to face. Do you? Even with your friends? To deny otherwise shows a remarkable lack of historical or geopolitical knowledge. The “sleepy hobbits” know the deal. The deal is that freedom is fought for, then protected by whatever means. You may not agree with the way the “sleepy hobbits” voted, but they very rarely get it wrong.

    • With all due respect – what a load of bullshit Iceberg. This spying breaches the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and a breach of section 14 of the GCSB Act.

      • Why would you give me “due respect”? You give voters none. You may find that if you did, they might start to listen. Wait…you spoiled it with “load of bullshit”. Spying is not outlawed in international law. The convention you speak of only covers embassy premises.

        • “Iceberg” – not everything need be “covered by law” to make it right or wrong. If we don’t treat our allies and friends with respect, why should we expect any different from them?

          In effect, you’ve given justification for French agents to enter our territory and blow up an unarmed ship in our harbour, killing an innocent man.

          Yes, that is where it leads when you suggest we don’t treat each other with respect. Self-interest is not a justification.

              • No. You’ve tried to equate spying with an act of State terrorism. That is rather poor form. Funnily enough if NZ had spied on France before the Rainbow Warrior bombing we may well have been able to prevent it.

                • Funnily enough if NZ had spied on France before the Rainbow Warrior bombing we may well have been able to prevent it.

                  Really, Gosman? Think that statement through. There are 200-plus countries in the world. Now consider the crippling cost of spying on each and every one of them.

                  How much more tax do you want to pay for that?

                  Or do we take it out of the education, health, housing, superannuation, et al, budgets?

                  Your call.

                  Honestly, sometimes I think you live in an Enid Blyton world of childish “Famous Five” style heroics.

                  • I believe The recent revelation has suggested we currently do gather intelligence from France or at least the French colonies in the South Pacific.

                • Gosman If you think that spying on the French would have prevented the Rainbow Warrior bombing then you must agree that we should be spying on the USA not cooperating with them as they are the biggest source of terrorism in the world. There are lists of their false flag incidents available on the internet if you care to research.

                • If our clever oo7s can’t get Grocer his WTO job how the FJK would they have had the wits to stop the French? We are so good we can’t even keep our secrets secret.

            • Ah yes. An analogy is ‘straw man nonsense’. This straw man claim is becomming quite popular I’ve noticed, especially when the argument is given more credence by the analogy.

        • Well how about spying on the WTO candidates to advance the ambitions of Tim Grocer? This is the “High Politics” equivalent of cops using the Wanganui computer to get the addresses of cute drivers.
          Heads rolled over that. Perhaps our superiors would like to explain our behaviour to the WTO. Perhaps they already knew and that’s why he got his arse handed to him.

    • Mass surveillance and conformity via perception control/Psychological warfare is the antithesis of ‘freedom’. So you believe you have freedom because you were told so, . . by who? I guess we will have to define terms.

      What does freedom mean to you?

      The world is changing every day. IMO for the worse. Maybe your lifestyle hasn’t been adversely affected yet.

  4. Through the release of information on the GCSB’s activities over the last few weeks we have learned that;

    1) The GCSB conducts ‘full-take’ mass collection of all electronic communications in the South Pacific. This includes the communications of New Zealanders residing or visiting this area. This is a breach of the privacy of all those individuals who had their emails, phone calls or other electronic communiques intercepted. This is regardless of whether they were later filtered to find particular messages/calls as per Article 12 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights all people have a right to be free from interception of their communications.

    2) The GCSB has specifically targeted our allies and trading partners in the Pacific and around the world. These have included the communications of diplomats and politicians, but also human rights campaigners. We were assured this was all done to keep us safe from terrorist threats.

    3) Today we learn, that without any possible pretence that it could be being done in the name of security, the GCSB has spied on competing candidates for the position of Director of the WTO on behalf of Tim Groser while it was under the leadership of John Key and Ian Fletcher.

    So we have a situation where we have gone from having assurances that mass surveillance doesn’t happen, to knowing that it does, but that really as somebody isn’t reading every email John Key claims it doesn’t really count. This despite the UN Declaration of Human Rights being quite clear on the matter.

    Then we learn that this is not being done in the interests of the security of New Zealanders as John Key has purported, but rather to support a candidate for an economic / trade position.

    This misuse of secret surveillance state powers is morally and ethically wrong and must stop. Don’t be persuaded by arguments that it might be ‘legal’, even it were shown they were acting within the legal scope of their powers, what they are doing is reprehensible and must end.

  5. Martyn;

    Interview; with former Director of the Technical Division of NSA.

    This man has an IQ of 143. His job was to design software programs
    to spy on our ‘so called enemies’ such as Iran,Russia and China etc.

    When he saw that it was then being swung around to spy on all our populations worldwide his conscience would not let himself to participate any further.

    He became the original whistleblower.

    These are our true hero’s. It’s a wonder he is not dead.

    It blows lid off the myth that,”Oh,we are just saving mega data.”
    Snowden’s documents are validated.

    All content is being saved and Key surely would know this and perhaps why his lifelong buddy has resigned.
    It is mainstream, already.

    If you are pressed for time,make sure you watch the first 20mins and the last 10mins.
    We are mentioned in the first 3mins and all the programs in middle.



  6. The government is merely taking a realist perspective on the WTO – they know perfectly well no-one would elect a Gnat to anything by any honest process. When your ‘talent’ consists of Key, McCully and Groser you cannot play with a straight bat like Guptill.

  7. Ice man is just a drip!

    It is o/k to spy on each other.

    “yeah right!”

    Plausible deniability again as you NatZ try to moderate and normalise everything.

    “Rip shit and bust” is your modus operando

    Oh wait a minute that’s a Kiwi slang term rip shit & bust so you nasty US spy agents sitting at sweaty office somewhere in US are ignorant of some things still hopefully.

    Get a real job.

  8. If the point name here by some was correct and National is abusing the powers of the intelligence services why do people feel Andrew Little has no problem with it? Does this mean you think he is a National party plant?

    • You are sounding more and more like a plant yourself Gosman. . .Always deflecting/distorting/dividing the argument. No matter what the issue is you try to turn it into a National/Labour. . .Left/Right argument. Can you not just address the actual issues. Is everything ok in your world as long as it is your team doing it?

      This is far, far bigger than NZ. . and ‘party politics’. Do you really want to be a cheerleader for your own oppressors?

  9. Martyn Bradbury, when the NZ GCSB is working full steam to get the very left wing Helen Clark and Tim Groser into key UN and WTO posts, you should celebrate, because its obvious real defence and international developments are not the concern of the GCSB and they don’t have a clue. While the left reviles Tim Groser due to his TPTP stand, in reality Groser is a left winger, so fashionable he has a failed marriage to an Islamist. Groser’s pro trade position is so extreme that it resembles, Roger Kerr, (roundtable) who’s more market was so extreme it was reducing the nation to an agricultural backwater and feudal state.
    The interesting piece in the Snowdon piece was that the Indonesian rival of Groser was much more minutely examined which shows a real priority and not just the most serious ‘pacific’ based competitor.

  10. John Key was the GCSB minister at the time of the WTO spying. If any international laws have been breached here, he and only he is accountable and must be held so, by international jurisdiction!

    This latest GCSB/WTO spy issue has confirmed the fact John Key has taken NZ into his personal sordid, dark, filthy, sleazy, vile, corrupt world of slimy currency traders, of which he is still one!

    Speaking of the GCSB, the real reason Ian Fletcher resigned was …? Truth please!

  11. I have a question for Scarlett mod.

    I asked a question about what part of the Vienna convention on Diplomatic relations was breached. My comment has been disallowed. Would you be able to advise why this question was not permitted as I would like to avoid this happening in future?

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