Would John Key really use the GCSB to try and get his mate a job?



Did John Key really use the GCSB to spy on a job for one of his mates? I mean there’s casual and laid back and then there’s power crazed freak right?

While he is the boss of the GCSB his spy agency spies on the other WTO candidates in a job Tim Groser is applying for. How could he not have known and authorised that?

Does it make everyone else a tad worried that the PM is using the Eye of Morder to try and get his mate a job?

Could Key really have abused power like this? Put aside all the evidence that Key has the political ethics of a Drug Cartel, and consider the PMs Office colluded with the Secret Intelligence Service to smear the Leader of the Opposition months before the 2011 election. If the PMs Office and an Intelligence Agency are going to falsify information to smear their political opponent just before an election, they are capable of all sorts of capers aren’t they?

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Including using the GCSB to spy on candidates in competition the Prime Minister’s Trade Minister is applying for.

Remember when an outrage was water saving shower heads and power saving light bulbs? Oh for the days when the Media was wall to wall with Paintings the PM signed but didn’t paint.

Key is abusing power at a rate that makes 50 Shades of Grey look beige.


  1. Does the leader of the Opposition have any major concerns about the politicians on of the GCSB on this issue?

  2. Totally right.

    Good analogy about the good old days where scandal was light bulbs and paintings in government, not selling the country, conducting mass surveillance and giving it no questions asked to the US, sending troops to a non sanctioned occupation in the middle east, bullying public servants, smearing individuals, txting deranged individuals who are being paid to smear others, allowing criminal MP’s and then keeping it quiet, constant lies by our PM, clearly an endless list.

    I guess you must laugh or you will cry….

  3. Oh yes…..the eye of Mordor is watching…..to ensure ‘ their man ‘ is the ‘ right ‘one selected for the TTPA….

    The problem is….. Golem Key has already fallen off the edge of sanity and into the Abyss…..and Frodo Snowden is about to throw the evil empires ring into the fiery volcano’s lava…

    Vote Winston Peters this Northland by election.

    • Excellent link, thank you PHILDC.

      A pretty good summary of the way the world appears to be heading. Couldn’t agree more with the ideas expressed in this clip!

  4. Nothing this PM does surprises anyone anymore,of course he will use his spy facility because with Grosser in the WTO Key will have a mole he can use on the inside,and Grosser dosnt want to be around when the TPP is signed and kiwis realise Grosser had a hand in it.
    Key is a master evil manipulator

    Vote Winston in Northland and rob Key of mp that will make it easier for him to pass his rubbish.

  5. TV3 Headlines .
    St Bedes Dip Shits go all jazza brownlee and upset airport . Ugh .
    Oh, oh , wait . Now it’s cricket ….

  6. Well done Martyn. Where is the NZ mass media on these issues? Ignoring them as usual.
    John Key will eventually find that when you lie down with dogs you will wake up with fleas.

  7. MSM = Eveready bunny.

    Needs new batteries.

    But NatZ Government has no budget surplus to buy new ones. Ha Ha.

  8. The ominous evil eye of the dark side is watching us and everyone else now it seems, courtesy of Key and his personal watchers at the GCSB!

    Key would use anything, including the GCSB for his sordid little game to go in his favour.

    Go Winston on Saturday. Go kick the Natsies in the backside. Roll on the day when all is exposed re the reason for the Northland byelection!

      • @ ELLE – I’m waiting for someone to speak out about Key’s involvement in the cover up of what he knew about the “prominent NZer” issue, prior to the last election.

        Am I asking too much for it to come out this week, before the Northland byelection?

        Of course there is the very faint hope and it will be a long shot, one Natsy MP with a conscience will spill the beans on the past seven years of Key’s reign of lies and deceit!

        • We can only hope, but Key will tell us nothing if it spoils his chances , but the one who lets us know it to be admired, A message to all the smaller parties if you let Key win ,none of you will get my vote,its Winstons to win ,no disrespect but hes the only one who can .

  9. To answer the question of this blog – Yes is the answer. I have no doubt that John Key would use what ever means possible to keep himself and his corrupt crew in power. Hence the worry about northland ‘being fixed’. I hope Winston has the same fears and keeps a close eye on things.

  10. This is hardly news. The NSA/Five Eyes network were designed from day one primarily for corporate/political espionage. How else do you explain all the scrutiny on Germany, for example!!??? Yeah ‘cos Germany is so full of terrorists, right?
    The whole “to save us from terrorism” angle is merely smoke and mirrors to placate the masses into accepting mass surveillance as part of our daily lives.

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