GUEST BLOG: Joe Trinder – MANA on the Northland campaign trail


I had the privilege of watching Rueben Taipari Porter at a meet the candidates in Kaiwaka Northland. First I noticed the audience were elderly conservative farmers and I said to Rueben walking in “It looks like a tough crowd you’ve got some balls going in there to speak to that lot”.

I was wrong, very wrong the Kaiwaka community loved Rueben and many of the community came up and introduced themselves. Then I noticed something bizarre crowds started to gather around Rueben to get the opportunity to meet their friendly candidate. Mark Osborne wasn’t given the same reception or the other nine candidates.

This campaign is about dogs and here are the different dogs

Winston Peters -Attack Dog

Mark Osborne -Lap Dog

Willow-Jean Prime -Prime Dog

Rueben Taipari Porter -Under Dog

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Rueben’s campaign is going extraordinary well on a shoe string budget he is punching above his weight. His speeches have been well received with applause even more so than Winston’s. Rueben comes across as a humble man connected with the land.

His opponents have access to parliamentary BMW’s and can fly in and out of the electorate using parliamentary privilege. Mark Osborne can call on a number of decision makers to influence the by-elections with new bridges.

I take my hat off to Rueben Taipari Porter he has exceeded many people’s expectations and impressed other political parties campaign teams.


  1. That’s great for the next election, but NZ needs Winston to win, to try to temper the worst excesses of the National Party.

    National policies and corruption are a virus infecting the country.

    We need to fight back strategically.

    Not split the votes for National to get back in.

  2. Sadly, save NZ is right. To stuff Nationals plans Winston is the man.
    Reuben is doing well because he is saying it like it is. He is a true Northlander and true New Zealander, wanting to do right by his community and country. We need so, so many more candidates like him in the future. May the Mana party go from strength to strength.

  3. I’m really impressed with him. He speaks from the heart & spirit and most importantly is a speaker of truth. He’s obviously very connected to the land where he lives and to his ancestors and future descendants, so he has history on his side too. As the corrupt politicians drive away support from this faux democracy we currently have, I think Reuben and others like him will gain more support for all that they stand for. Indigenous values are what we need for real local democracy and for us to have any chance of a good future for the generations to come.

  4. I have heard Reuben speak – and I admire him – I think he has a lot to offer but …… effectively “Divide and Conquer” of the left will only please the right.

    • As long as Peters is part of the Labour and National consensus support for deep sea oil drilling and off shore oil exploration and drilling in Northland’s waters. The country and Northland need Rueben Taipari Porter to hold them to account.

      If it costs Peters the election, well he had a chance to do the right thing.

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