Key’s SkyCity Scam is a dirty deed done relatively expensively


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So we have to give SkyCity more money for their gambling den or else it’ll be uglier than the planned vice abattoir it currently resembles?

How does Key get away with this scumfuckery?

First he involves himself directly into the deal so that the Prime Minister of NZ is pimping for a Casino. He rewrites the law for these vice barons giving them a sweet 24 year deal where they will amass tens of millions more in gambling revenues, he hands over TVNZ land to them without even telling TVNZ,  and now we will add taxpayer dollars and another law re-write because if we don’t the design Sky City have come up with will be an “eyesore”???

That is 100% ScumFuckery at it’s most pus filled.


On a cold winter’s evenin’ on a first class flight to nowhere
I met with Key the gambler; such an uninspiring creep
So I took turns a starin’ into his bleak eyes of darkness
‘Til narcism overtook him, he began to speak.
He said, “Son, I’ve made my wealth out of money speculation
not knowin’ its true value or cost to society
If you don’t mind me sayin’, you’re out of agitation
For the price of a convention centre, I’ll tell you something twee
So I hand him the gambling act and he ripped it to pieces
then he bummed a host responsibility code and asked me for a light
And the night got deathly quiet, and his face lost all expression.
Said, “If you’re gonna play the game, boy, ya gotta learn to play it right.
You got to know when to cajole em’, know when to scold ‘em,
know when to talk this way, know when to pull a gun
You never acknowledge your cronies when media are sitting at the table
They’ll be time enough for lying when the dirty dealin’s done.


  1. Despite hinting yesterday and the day before, that public money might be needed to complete the Sky City deal, Key in Parliament today has denied any taxpayer funding will be required!

    Mind games now? WTF!!!!!

  2. Key’s pathetic excuse that ,” the Convention Centre needs more money so it doesn’t look ugly”, flies directly in the face of Bill English’s comment a few months back , that to solve Auckland’s housing shortage , “things may need to get a bit ugly”.
    Both cases show how soulless and thick these guys (er, make that , con men, are.)
    I mean, who in their right mind believes this bullshit ?
    At least the Aussies , despite having a strong ‘right wing’ msm media, also have enough ‘other’ voices out there to keep their populace from being totally brainwashed.
    New Zealand on the other hand is moribund !!

  3. I smell a filthy big “short” rat here.

    To refresh my memory I quote from Investopeida: Short selling is motivated by the belief that a security’s price will decline, enabling it to be bought back at a lower price to make a profit”, and, “short selling should only be used by experienced traders who are familiar with its risks.

    If somebody’s was an “experienced trader/s” and better still a somebody/s who hid my investments well and even better knew how to legally manipulate the market then it’s really not hard to see, if you had a lot of money, how you make a lot more real quick with what has happened in the last month.

    27/01/15 shares in SKC (SkyCity) close at a 2015 high of $4.06 then trend downward probably on uncertainty that has been flagged regarding this convention centre deal and reach a low on 09/02/15 of $3.77.

    On that day we are told by a poker faced Key and Joyce that its all doom and gloom and the convention centre is going to be an “eyesore” if an extra $140 million is not found. Key suggests the taxpayer bails it out and to be blunt thats a big risk to your political credibility to be that honest, admitting this deal is a cock up.

    But then who would have thought -Bingo- the share price bounces upward to $3.96, a 19 cent gain by this calming news that the deal is on again possibly funded by the taxpayer.

    Then Bill English starts pouring cold water on the whole idea of a taxpayer bail out like some sensible independant Finance Minister should, which is really weird given how tight this government is.

    I mean think about it, if you were a moral and ethical desert would you not play the game of manipulating the share market??

    There are much more lucrative reasons to be in government than the worn out old want for a better country.

  4. I predicted that whatever was settled on for this shonky deal wouldn’t be the end of it right from day one, although I thought they’d wouldn’t pull this clearly shit deal until after construction had already started (so there would be no turning back – actually I guess that may well still happen also, stay tuned!). These private-public “partnerships” ALWAYS favour the private side of things. I’m surprised Key hasn’t offered more pokies and/or an even longer gambling licence to fill the shortfall (why have no journalists asked this, given that pokies/gambling licence for Sky City was all it took to get our “free” convention centre greenlighted in the first place?). I personally hope they mothball the entire venture, but somehow I doubt that will happen. NZers really should have been given a free jar of vaseline and stick to bite down on after the Key Government got in.

  5. Key needs to be asked some crucial questions
    1st. How much money has Sky City donated to the National Party over the last 6 years?
    2nd. Does Key have shares in, or benefit in any financial way from Sky City?

  6. I am surprised there is not more comment on this blog re this. This is a cock up and the Nats really need to get out of it somehow.

    • Is there really a defined right or left, or is there a very large blurry bit in the middle, where people have a mild bias to one side or the other?

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