No Len. No



Len Brown wants another term as Auckland’s mayor
Auckland Mayor Len Brown has told an inner circle of friends and advisers he plans to seek re-election next year.

Sources have told the Herald that Mr Brown made the decision over the summer holiday with the support of his wife, Shan Inglis.

But rather than throw their weight behind the under-fire mayor, it is understood some supporters have told him he has no chance of winning a third term and should step aside.

Len won’t be allowed to run unopposed by the Left and a stronger candidate will be sought out. The reality is Len has lost a significant amount of mana after Slater’s humiliating articles on him and he simply doesn’t have the political capital to make the capital stop being political with Auckland’s infrastructure problems.

That Len thinks he could get a 3rd term suggests he doesn’t understand how damaged his brand has become.

Expect the hard word to now go on Goff to reveal his intentions. Labour are needing a shake up and some fresh faces and Phil could hand his electorate to any number of brilliant new bloods within Labour.


  1. Awesome. Then we’ll have Phil “The TPPA’s not THAT bad!” Goff for Mayor. Auckland gets more depressing with each passing day.

  2. You might as well vote for Act as for Phil Goff. Sorry I’m sure he is a nice guy but his past sins of bringing in student loans, NationalLite stance means most lefties will not be voting for them. I would prefer Cunliffe. Sorry Len, voted for you last time but you did not deliver.

  3. If Labour dosnt have a strong candidate then National will make sure they have someone like the American guy who tried last time, National will pull out all the stops to control Auckland,better Len Brown than an American ring in ,controlled by National.

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