Why Sky City will probably get away with their publicly funded gambling den



Dirty deeds done pretty expensively huh?

At the end of last year, SkyCity said the original $402 million cost had been “revised” to $470-530 million.

Mr Morrison said “design improvements” would “further enhance the quality of the convention centre”.

The original estimate in the 2009 feasibility study had been pegged at $329 million, but for a 27,000sq m centre.

Mr Morrison said SkyCity wanted a taxpayer top-up and told Radio NZ: “If New Zealand doesn’t want it … we don’t have to do this.”

So on top of rewriting our gambling laws, on top of the crony capitalism this dirty deal required, on top of the Prime Minister of NZ pimping for a Casino, we are now on the hook for public funds to help build this gambling den?

So much for letting Steven Joyce and John Key bypass the normal procedures and cutting a mates rates deal for the boys huh?

Sky City will probably be able to get public money for this because National and Sky City are in each others pockets and because Key simply has too much invested politically and personally to get this monstrosity built.

Seeing as NZers re-elected Key despite his Office being involved in working hand in glove with the Secret Intelligence Service to smear the Leader of the Opposition months before the 2011 election, they won’t care much about this Casino deal. What’s a crony capitalism deal when you can ignore outright evidence of an abuse of power at the highest levels of Government?

‘In Key we trust’ is the catch cry of middle Nu Zilind. The House will win. Again.


  1. Where ever there is money there is corruption.

    The Sky Tower – and this episode looks so much like the Mafia gangland activities of Chicago & Las Vegas doesn’t it?

    I guess some movie maker should now make a full length movie of this corruption between Key and the overseas mob running the sky tower complex.

  2. Yep. No public money to be used for the Sky City trade-off. Which means long suffering Kiwis definitely will cough up the funds to fill a deficit! All to keep Key’s capitalist cronies happy and laughing all the way to the bank!

    The disgraceful ominous Sky City deal is part of the sleazy Natsy old boys network. All together in filthy backroom deals done in the cover of darkness, corruption and subterfuge!

    The streets people, the streets. The streets are there for our taking to voice our condemnation of Key and all the parasitic scum who support him!

    FJK and all who cling to him!

  3. This deal started badly and has gone from atrocious to appalling. I strongly hope that the surprise and condemnation of any increase being paid for by the public purse will actually be followed through.

    Sadly many in public office didn’t see the problem with trading off gambling machines and a monopoly on casino gambling for a new convention centre. Now that the public purse is threatened there have been a few more dissenting voices from the Right. It’s a shame the problems with this deal have to be so obvious and affect their bottom line before they realised.

  4. And yet again we’ve been forced off with Keys broken promise of working for New Zealanders, because he’s only working for himself, his rich mates, and imposing further addictions of gambling on people already in trouble with their gambling problems, as well as encouraging new debts on the public. Perhaps it’s time to seriously take the bull by the horns and fight for Key to be removed from power.

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