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These comments by Key to the killings in Paris are difficult to accept. This is the same PM whose office was involved in the manipulation of the very fourth estate he is espousing support for via a black ops team operating out of his office. This is the same PM who called award winning journalist Glenn Greenwald a ‘henchman’. This is the same PM whose Police force has raided Nicky Hager’s house. This is the same PM who claimed Investigative Journalist Nicky Hager was a communist conspiracy maker. This is the same PM who had Parliamentary Services spy on Journalist Andrea Vance.  This is the same PM who had newspapers and news organisations raided and a Journalist defamed for the Epsom tea cup recording.


It’s incredible that when Key needs to champion the Fourth Estate it’s to justify the Muslim baiting fear mongering he’s induced to ram through warrantless spying and new terror laws, yet when that Fourth Estate attempts to engage in the democratic responsibilities to hold his Government to account, Key can’t denigrate, shut down and defame those journalists fast enough.


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  1. He’s a serial defamer, belittler and censor of serious journalists and critical opinion from qualified experts.

    HNY TDB.

  2. One thing I believe about John Key is that he is not the kind of man who gives too much of a fuck about anything much at all, and his comments on anything that goes beyond money and business are nothing but jaw flapping and he is only doing it because he is expected to. He is a passionless man.

  3. Well mirrored Martyn,

    You must get some air time on Channel 83 or other for this subject as a senior “tall Poppy” of the free press that remains today only with your gritty will & determination that Paris’s “Charlie’s Angels” showed.

    John Key is a master suppression expert.

    Key must have carried out many gagging orders when given the top job of sacking many employees inside Global branches of Merrill Lynch, in NY, London, and Sydney, so he is no stanger to using suppression tactics here before.

    I hope that now with the whole globe squealing saviour of the free speech, after the sad gunning down of the French Free Press in Paris yesterday, some acceptance for your brave heart approach to free speech will be embraced by all sectors of the gagged NZ MSM and they will now step forward and speak from their conscience and not from fear.

  4. You’re right Rae, when will the average New Zealander realise JK just ‘doesn’t care’ about them, and that its all his PR team at work.

    • Yes you are right Mai, John Key is not the PM of NZ he is the CEO for a group of American Multi Nationals, it’s his job to give them NZ to exploit,

      Wonder what his reward will be, that’s probably why he can give his PM’s salary away to Charity.

  5. Its why journalists never verify Keys fiction of facts, and his fraudulent political history, and fictional membership of the National party.
    Why hasnt any journalist even checked his electoral enrolment, it should be public record, I doubt he even voted when in America.

    • Good points Greg.

      However, I fear msm journalists are in the pocket of Key. As such, I’d say they are cautious of repercussions against them from him, via his putrid mouthpiece, one very toxic WhaleOil!

      Ironic really, when responding to the Paris massacre, Key defends the rights of the fourth estate to report and publish, while vilifying the work of NZ journalist Nicky Hager!

  6. As usual he just said the first thing that popped into his head, like that time he threatened to unfound the Human Rights Commission for not saying what he wanted to hear.

    • F*cking country is going to the dogs and becoming one of the most unequal and inegalitarian societies in the western world. Gone is the egalitarian paradise of 1960 – 72. Lost in the mire of UK joining the EEC and neo-liberal shiite of 1984 to 2014 -ooops – did I put am extra “i” in there. Thiat miust bie tierrorism if I put an extra “i” in “‘shite’.

      Viive lia rievalution.

  7. “… but I hate journalists, especially those investigative types”

    “Sure John, but this is an opportunity to look statesmanlike – go for gold”

    “so whaddo I say?”

    “it’s how you say it John, you know this stuff backwards, fake sincerity and honesty and you’ve got it made. I’ve got the statement prepared, go over it a couple of times – serious look, this is not a good bloke let’s have a beer situation”

    “will I be credible?”

    “no worries, we’ll put the words into a journalist who can tweet it out and your jake”



  8. And yet. Here is the same John Key who passed legislation to prevent freedom of speech and expression when protesting against oil exploration at sea.

  9. Read Dirty Politics to see the full extent of this – done covertly by others so as to keep the National Party ‘clean’ – a policy adopted directly from American politics.

  10. Key is a very effective servant of his corporate masters. He doesn’t give a fuck about the rest of us. End of story.

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