Peace breaks out between Greens and Labour



Finally some good news for the Left.

Peace has broken out between the Greens and Labour.

One of the greatest barriers to a real relationship between the Greens and Labour has been the uncompromising arrogance of the Labour Party Caucus who have shown all the ability to share of an only child at Christmas. Any time in the past when the suggestion has been to work with the Greens, the right of the Party have threatened all sorts of aggro. It was so extreme that Labour were quietly looking to shaft the Greens once again if Labour, NZ First and the Greens had been the majority with a NZ First-Labour minority Government using the Greens to prop up their supply and confidence votes.

That all seems to have ended. Little recently met with the Green leadership and the new strategy is to spend the next 3 years talking about a Green-Labour Government. This news was finally met with acceptance within the Labour Caucus which serves to highlight that Little meant it when he threatened to knock heads together.

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At last Labour have a leader who the factions are afraid enough of to follow and the relationship between NZs two largest progressive political parties is finally workable.

Pity it has taken so bloody long.


  1. Good news for the left for sure.

    I hear tell there was a telephone survey over the weekend that sounded very much like a Labour/Greens joint effort.

  2. Cunliffe also wanted to “hunt as a pack “, but with only a year to go before the election there wasn’t enough time to bang heads and then rectify the inevitable fall out.
    The resultant damage to the country, with National being gifted a 3rd term , will be huge .
    With property prices now spiralling well out of control and being totally beyond 90% of future generations, there can only be two ‘end games’.
    Either most of the young will leave N.Z for a place where they can afford a roof over their heads to raise a family, or pursue a lifestyle not involving children , or….
    this giant ‘pyramid scheme’ will collapse like a pack of cards and the carnage will be catastrophic for many!
    This is a very dumb visionless Government and the ABCers have aided their return to power.
    Why do we have to keep reinventing the bloody wheel all the time.
    One word sums it up ….Egos

  3. Not before time. Let’s see how it all holds up. The Left will simply have to learn to recast their priorities away from their kneejerk reaction to kick each other in the nuts over trivial doctrinal issues. Personally, I don’t rate their chances: let’s face it, we’re talking about politicians here.

    Every day demonstrates at least one or other of my two Laws of Political Folly.
    First Law: There is no folly a politician won’t commit.
    Second Law: There is no folly a politician won’t repeat.

  4. Good now they have to use their brains and get strategic at election time and play the system.Forget about the moral high ground the Nats don’t they shamelessly rort MMP and their loyal followers do as they are told like the good little sheepies that they are.

    • It’s not about the moral high ground, just working the system as it is. Tell Greens in Ohariu to vote for the Labour candidate, for heaven’s sake. Maybe not even put up a Green candidate – if the Vicar of Bray is standing again, that is.

  5. Finally some sense. I hope they reach out to others too like NZ First, Maori and Mana to fight this National Attack Politics smear campaign that is making a mockery of democracy in this country.

  6. If Labour wants to remain relevant then it has to face up to the fact that 50% of the population has had a gut full of the status quo of center left/center right (Neo Fascist B.S) The Greens are the forward thinkers here, without being to hash on Labour BUT they have shuffled to the Right and not stood up for the ‘workers’ or the environment or the poor or kids …………. So well done Mr Little for seeing that the Greens are major players in the future. Work together today for a cleaner, greener smarter tomorrow.

    • As a middle swing voter this scares me more than a strong labour government with nzfirst and/or mana. The greens have proved they are only capable of being in opposition, by that I mean they sing and dance at every opportunity but, really, they are incompetent. Would Middle NZ really vote for a coalition involving them? No.
      I’d much prefer strong labour with a strong minor partner (anyone but greens) than having a non workable coalition.

      • Greg – What goes through your mind…………. looks like you are taking all your ideas from the MSM ……. Everyone has a point of view…….. BUT why not listen to what the Greens actually say and NOT what the MSM say about them.

  7. This, coupled with the UBI and Andrew Little will very likely knock John Key off his perch. Very sensible, sound strategy.

  8. Here here, Martyn,

    Little by name not by action.

    This man is what we badly needed.

    He is so smooth and relaxed in his own skin, you feel relaxed when watching him speak unlike Key and others.

    Russel Norman needs to relax also as we head forward to rid the evil imperialist NatZ.

    Good work team we feel recharged again.

  9. I’m not so sure it was David Cunliffe who didn’t want to work with the Greens – I suspect it was others on the Labour right who didn’t want Labour to win the election and thus made co-operation with the Greens impossible. Whatever the truth it is good to see some level of co-operation and understanding between the two parties, after all, they do have some common policies. However I think the Greens are always wary that they don’t want to be seen as simply Labour’s environmental wing, and that the two parties were formed for different reasons and due to different social forces so they should keep their independence.

  10. The neo liberal virus seems to have spread from Labour to the Greens. Russell Norman keeps making noises about moving to the centre the accepted double speak for pandering to the politics of self interest rather than the politics of inclusion and ccompassion. With the neo liberal disease well settled in the like of Annette King and Grant Robertso, iI still don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel I am afraid.

  11. Right, now let’s see if they can knock the bastard we call prime minister off his perch between now and next elections. It’s the only way they’re going to start controlling the government as part of their job as House of Representatives, in holding that conniving government accountable. They have the power now to throw Key out, they’ve got the grounds, but will they do it or will they let Key continue to mock the entire opposition and society?

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