So what does Cameron Slater have over John Key?


Why oh why is Key still sucking up to Cameron Slater after all the Dirty Politics and text lies?

It seems incomprehensible to many that the Prime Minister would still be in contact with Slater, and none of the explanations Key has given to date sound anything other than a bare faced lie.

So why is Key still singing Slater’s praises?

One theory is that Slater has recorded all of his conversations with Key.

What could Slater have over Key that would make Key suck up to him so badly? What if Cameron recorded the conversation with Key where Slater alleges in Dirty Politics that Key referred to telling Slater that the mother of a car crash victim was the same “f****** feral bitch that screams at him when he goes to Pike River meetings?

What if Slater had that recorded? If he does, that means Cam can hang that over Key’s head for the next 3 years.

Does it concern anyone else that our Prime Minister could be under the control of a far right hate speech merchant like Cameron Slater?

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Judith Collins will be purring.


  1. Very good article by Bryce Edwards today in the NZ Herald summing this subject up and if we are to accept that and what else is going around New Zealand’s Prime Minister is only hanging on to his job because Cam says so.

    How the hell did New Zealand get to this ugly position?

    • By voting for the guy with a history of openly lying until caught out, or not voting at all. Still, the fact that he got away with it so long is precisely the reason he can’t help himself now.

      The higher they rise, the harder they fall, and when he falls, it’s gonna be a royal mess.

    • ‘ the great New Zealand institutionalized lie ‘
      Is busting out at the seams.
      Where’s all that farmer money since 1948 you ask ?
      You don’t ask ? Then you should .
      Jonky’s the head of a very pussie pimple.
      Writhe you scum . In the name of my mother and my father. Writhe . Here comes The Glorious Truth .
      Sorry, my eyes glazed over there for a moment .it’d save metaphorical ink to list what Slater The Slitherer hasn’t got on jonky. Look into the abyss jonky, and the abyss looks back.

  2. Lets take this from a thugs perspective….they keep dirt on each other in case of double crossing. Rudimentary and basic blackmail , to which that fraternity is well known for.

    The answer regards John XkeySCORE and Slater is obvious.

  3. It’s the greatest love affair since Romeo and Juliet. Or maybe since Simon Bridges and Simon Bridges. Shane Jones and Shane Jones doesn’t count. That was just unbridled lust.

  4. Although Slater is a pimple on the backside of international geopolitics…what the hell was he doing in Tel Aviv of all places when the book Dirty Politics came out?

    And why also has he been endorsed by the Israeli govt to not only commentate but to write articles about Israels military and economic strategies – always in a glowing light?

    And why is HE of all people invited there to do as such , and given hotels to stay in?….apparently he has been doing this for quite some time….

    Therefore, would it not be plausible that he is monitored not only by the Israeli foriegn policy analyst’s but also the American ones as well if he turned rogue on them?…ie: another Snowden?

    On the home front , he would also be watched by – the SIS.

    So someone watches Cam….so he needs an insurance policy….so he watches John XkeySCORE. And records everything he ever said.

    Interesting , is it not, …that the issue regarding the SIS giving information to Ede , and then to Slater to embarrass Goff had to do with Israeli spys around the same time as the Christchurch earthquake.

    Interesting also , that if true, these would be young Mossad spies.

    Irrespective of who they were…does the five eye spy network keep tabs on Israel?….of course they do…and their agents.

    Slater , is invited by the Israeli govt to travel to their country, financed to stay and put together reports and articles casting Israel always in a positive political light.

    Soooo….it is the watchers watching the watchers…both CIA and Mossad will use ‘blackmail’ techniques on their opponents as a safeguard against each other.

    This is not exclusively their methods, but common to spy agencies of many countries worldwide.

    This may not be the case ….but based on what we see emerging?…there are some pretty powerful forces bearing on John XkeySCORE to keep hush about a lot of things. Perhaps this may have bearing on just why.

    • Great post Katipo. The americans have learnt a lot about manipulating foreign governments since they slipped up and let NZ’s antinuclear labour government attain power

    • You have nailed it wild katipo, why would they admire a rat bag like Slater if not to use him,wish slater would spill the beans before the sis spill’s him,we all are aware of what Key wants hidden that he (Key) is the star and main character in the book dirty politics.It would prove what an absolute liar Key is,and he removed Ede in case he spilled the beans,Kathy Odgers maybe next in line of fire.

  5. The great Neil Young’s line from ‘Needle and the Damage Done’ ,
    ” But every junkies like a setting sun ” seems very profound.
    Key is rattled and rattled big time, and it’s only a matter of time now before it’s all over.
    Boag , clearly rattled as well, was just about hysterical on Q@A and talked the most inane gobbledegook. Her faux aggression however fails to mask a lack of any real cultural capital or intellectual firepower.
    Woods of course just let her rant on and on and on…..
    Watch out now for the likes of Gower and Garner to subtly try and move things on …..
    “Nothing more to see here. Move along now.”
    Gower’s already started on 3 news tonight talking about Key and the ‘new’ ANZACS. That’s right, using those poor brave souls from yesteryear for political advantage in 2014. How low can you go?
    Oh yes, it’s a sick old country we live in at the moment and the sooner Key and Slater anesthetize each other the better .
    I can feel Dirty Politics Book 2 coming on already!!

    • Yes the dead ANZAC soldiers must be turning in their graves watching Tony Abbott lie about the MH17 tragedy that killed so many Australians and at least one NZ’er. I note NZ is doing nothing to demand a more balanced investigation into this by allowing Malaysia to participate. I also note NZ abstained from a UN vote condemning Nazism. No reporting of that in the mainstream media

  6. Martyn’s view of the blackmail factor on Key resonates but there is another factor.
    A very close colleague of Key in a moment of perhaps indiscretion posited in my company that the Collin’s faction in National’s Caucus was a powerful and assertive one, with the clear inference that Key was nervous of them. Add into this mix a little told history of Bill English and Key’s betrayal on him years ago and two non Key caucus factions albeit incompatible, combine to make up a majority.

    Slater knows this which is why he’s delighted that “I dont like you” English has climbed into the fray against him.It enhances his manoeuvring power on Key and by doing so meets the sociopath attention getting need of a delusional Slater.

  7. Chairman is found himself in quite a predicament. The most cunning deceitful PM in the history of NZ has crawled into bed with the most malicious vile blogger NZ has ever seen. Initially, a perfect pact for both to advance each others self gains. However, in doing so, they have created a scenario where if one jilts the other, due to their vindictive nature, they will viciously turn on each other, and with their highly dubious backgrounds, they most certainly possess information that could potentially destroy one another. Key now has to do the slow waltz with the devil.

    Everybody fix yourself a nice cuppa tea. It is going to be an interesting New Year for Chairman.
    It is going to be an interesting New Year for New Zealand.

    • Only I week to go before parliament goes off on holiday, Key will get advice from the good old USA on how to deal with the problem, then we have wait till parliament is on board again ,plenty could happen by then. Yes Judith Collins has got plenty on Key,it will be very worrying if Slater and Collins collude with each other,i put my money on Judith she one smart tough cookie and is keeping very quiet right now.
      John Key might come back to some nasty surprises.

  8. 24 months focused on two streams:

    1- build brand Labour based only on increasing the scope of ‘working class’. Don’t even worry about beneficiaries, education,state services ,corrections etc- a single message which captures the middle classes who are suffering. Tell them- ‘We are you, you are us don’t be afraid of us”- we will make your children’s lives better.
    Avoid forming a Brand Little- demonstrate some dignified contempt to the MSM whenever they engage.
    Use Parliament TV to create headlines of our own making

    2- destroy brand Key- ruthlessly and relentlessly- but at the exact pace required so that if his buddies stab him in the back- and they will – they’ll not have time to build an effective Brand National in time for an election.

    The Tories won’t have Judith or Bill as their leader, and the young Luskians will eat themselves like hyenas at the mere chance of power.
    We may end up in 2017 with the exact opposite of ’14. A tory party in disarray without a Brand leader, and without a PartyBrand, and a Labour Brand which is simple but strong- with a strong leader to boot.

    Run labour like the machine it once was. THe likes of Goff leaking a document on Littles first day? If true- off with his head. THat has to be the clear message- party loyalty is important

  9. What’s he got OVER JK?
    Maybe he’s his pimp?

    Reminder of his duties
    to The “God’s Chosen” Collective

    They do have common “link”, DON”T THEY?!!!!
    (Wild Katipo, you’ve unknowingly struck close to the Bone..)

    Chosen …to RULE the world.( And THEY do!!!)

    Well..Lets face it, if you control the World Bank.. (The LOANs + (PLUS Interest) SCAM),
    ….PLUS.. the GLOBAL MEDIA,
    then you control the whole world, and EVERYBODY in IT!!!

    WHERE was I?
    Oh That’s right.
    ( Getting carried away by seeing way beyond, as usual..)


    Cameron & Key do BLEND ..(Like that ugly pic demonstrates..shudder)

  10. I never took much notice of Key in the past (same as all the other buggers we elect). But over the last week, it’s fairly obvious that he’s lying through his polished teeth.

    Thank god we never voted for the prick. And I don’t think my kids will be either.

  11. Read Whaleoil site for the first time,Slater says he dosnt have anything on Key but lots of others in the firing line. I guess he and Key have kissed and made up. Shame it would have been interesting to have everything out in the open,dont believe either Key or Slater though.

  12. Or perhaps it is just that people consider Whale Oil and Slater to be a better blog. That is why it has more followers so it may just be as simple as don’t poke the sleeping bear. (Just sayin)

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