The leverage Slater has over Key and Key’s claims about me on Breakfast TV


John Key has just come out on Breakfast TV today and said “Go ask the left about Bomber Bradbury, he will be just as vicious as Cameron Slater can be”.


Remember when Slater published falsified SIS info to smear the leader of the opposition months before an election in a dirty smear campaign that originated out of the PMs Office?

Remember when in Dirty Politics Slater is alleged to have blackmailed Rodney Hide into standing down?

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Remember when in Dirty Politics Slater is alleged to have trawled brothals for dirt?

Remember when in Dirty Politics Slater hacked into and downloaded the Labour Party website?

Remember when in Dirty Politics Slater crucified public servants?

Remember when in Dirty Politics Slater was trying to attack the head of the SFO?

Remember when Slater called a person who died in a car accident ‘feral’.

Remember when Slater described a Kings student who drank himself to death as “a toffee-nosed school boy, a dead thief and a liar who couldn’t handle his piss. I always said King’s boys were poofs.”

Remember when Slater published all the details of businessman Matt Blomfield whose stolen computer he somehow obtained?

Remember when Slater tried to insinuate that Tania Billingsly tried to get sexually assaulted on purpose to claim rape culture?

Remember when he was convicted of breaching a variety of name suppression orders?

Remember when Slater published the personal employment details of a wharf protestor?

Remember when Slater posted a fake Green Party press release that inspired threats of violence against Russel Norman?

Remember when Slater publicized a doctored interview with Jim Anderton edited into Anderton saying an earthquake would need to strike for him to lose the Christchurch mayoralty?

Remember when Slater was wanting looters in Christchurch to be shot in the stomach so that the death would be slow and painful?

Remember when he claimed Chris Carter’s mother who was dead for 12 years was still using a taxpayer cell phone?

I don’t think I’m even in the same ball park of vicious as Slater is.

Slater via his sock puppet ‘Slightly Left of Centre‘ has made it public that he still has all Key’s messages and may have recorded conversations with Key. The reason Key is bending over backwards for Slater is because Slater now has leverage over the Prime Minister.

Let’s just consider that possibility for a second – the Prime Minister of NZ can be blackmailed by the worst far right hate speech merchant in the land.

Did you just shudder?


  1. We know you Martyn and how this claim is untrue. Thanks heaps for providing an alternative to the poison out there, where people can discuss social justice, truth, humanity in such a way that serves to make the world a better place Cheers.

  2. Hi Matryn,

    Key said on Breakfast TV,

    “Go ask the left about Bomber Bradbury, he will be just as vicious as Cameron Slater can be”.

    Go ask Key’s cronies if they actually know the difference between thorough Investigative Journalism that seeks to get to the bottom of the truth of every political subject Government is involved in and a simple case of a paid assassin and a nasty attack dog blogger.

    Key does not like anybody attacking him so he sends others most often to do the job for him, and we saw that with Bill English on Q+A Sunday where English ass wiped what Key had been up to as nothing wrong.

    Pity for NZ to see that what they though was a saviour of NZ turns out to be just another Al Capone type thug using our public agencies and MSM to beat up on his opponents, hello are we near a banana republic yet? Just about.

    On TV3 political panel said today that no MSM commentator last week came forward to support Key except his press photographer!

    That said it all.

    Keep up the voice of free press and your excellent investigative Journalism Martyn.

  3. Seriously, are Key’s pants on fire yet? I feel embarrassed that this man is our Prime Minister.

    I just can’t believe anything he says, he has no credibility. we expect far more honesty and integrity from our kids, and here we have the ‘leader’ of this country making up ridiculous excuses to hide his ‘mistruths’.

    His true character is defined by his choice to get involved with Cameron Slater, who is in an underclass all of his own.

  4. Yes, I shuddered as well. The thought is bile provoking!

    Martyn, unlike Slater, you and TDB have some standards and class. You always will be above Slater when it comes to presenting alternative news blogging.

    Key is an arsehole of the worst possible kind, just like his mate Mr WhaleOil! Like attracts like as they say!

    Interestingly in today’s NZH, Key is claiming he will still keep in contact with Slater, although he won’t be actively contacting him, but will respond to communications from the blogger.

    Seems if this is the case, then Slater with all his mental health difficulties, has it over Key and could well be blackmailing the PM! To the extent it makes Key suffer at the thought of what Mr WhaleOil is capable of!

    I hope opposition parties keep up the pressure on Key regarding this issue in Parliament between now and when it goes into recess. They need to give Key the hell he rightfully deserves!

  5. Martyn, if there is credible suspicion that the Prime Minister is being Blackmailed, and MSM is starting to mirror this suspicion, is this not terms for some kind of legal action to be taken against John Key? The country is now starting to speak the words that our Prime Minister is under the influence of Cameron Slater. There must be something constitutionally that can be applied in this situation. This needs to move beyond the realms of speculation and gossip, as it has significant implications of the Prime Ministers capacity to function in his role.

    • John Key is being controlled by the money cabal in America,and probably blackmailed by Slater.
      Key has only himself to blame,his ego in wanting to be PM is matched by his inability to do the job honestly and well.

      Key latched on to Slater as an attack weapon and used him and Ede etc but all the time saying it was nothing to do with him,he forgot, he wasn’t there,he didn’t have the pm hat on ,he blamed everyone else but himself,hes lied over and over again ,but still he “won “the election,so all the dirty tricks ,attacks on opposition parties by MSM, lies etc etc enabled him to keep power,

      What does it say about his supporters.a bunch of self interested ,blind
      followers of a near criminal wouldn’t you say ? .
      Blaming Bomber Bradbury is a joke, but Key must be worried ,he always resorts to blaming others when caught out in lies .

    • Yes what I don’t understand is why all the other parties ar’nt uniting to call for Keys resignation ,there is a deafening silence, are they all under the thumb of the cabal. Why isn’t john Armstrong calling for Keys resignation like he did over Cunliffes red scarfe and a letter in the distant past, something is being hidden.Wheres Nicky Hagar?

  6. Well, when those in power are singling you out for specific attention, then you know that you’re on the money. Thank goodness for “The Daily Blog”. They don’t like it up ’em, Capn Mannerin’!

  7. When a ‘leftwing’ blogger gets personally attacked by the PM, given the PM’s track record the first thing to assume should be that he is lying.

    Ok, so which kind of lie will it be today, and what does that tell us?

    Mainly that Martyn is becoming a serious nuisance with the risk of being taken seriously if, in spite of all efforts to suppress him, he is still somehow managing to be heard.

    Also that we haven’t quite reached the stage when opponents get mysteriously disappeared without comment. So keeping public belief onside is still regarded as mattering. Though slipping, the mask is still necessary to preserve the fiction that the PM is still there because most people want him there, not because we’d really like to be rid of him but it just isn’t that easy to achieve.

    Sir John (it’s only a matter of time, but will the boos be loud enough on the day?) has stated (could be a lie) that he only apologises when it’s seriously called for. There was one a few days ago made to the last person in NZ who would seem to deserve it when judged by the misery he causes, which leads me to conclude that it was seriously required for some other reason.

    Are we about to see another one? In stating that Martyn can be ‘just as vicious as Cameron Slater’, did Sir John Itsjustamatteroftime in any way imply that Cameron has ever behaved viciously? You see at the end of the day the left do it too, I mean we didn’t akshly smear anyone, they did, because they are so vicious, every bit as vicious as…ooops…

    Oh dear, truth accidentally getting mixed up with planned lies, it just won’t do.

    Please speak up louder Martyn, as perhaps in the deafening silence the pm (afternoon, nearer to the end of the day) didn’t hear you right.

  8. the level of distress across the country increases with each pronouncement from John Key. It all sounds too childish for words. The National party have placed the office of Prime minister into disrepute. They have fostered a medieval style leadership where the “courtiers” do the dirty work and like the inquisition have made the concept of opposition a sin punishable by dismissal and loss of privilege.

  9. Key just keeps on making an arse of himself by continually lying, and remaining in touch with a lowlife like Slater that’s below the level of scrapping the bottom of a barrel. Both of them have serious mental issues, unfortunately, neither qualify for treatment, as their is no treatment available for an incurable disease such as those two have contracted. Such a shame, yet no pity for the fools that never learn.

  10. effing hell Bomber! do you get a right of reply? Any real democracy with a functional MSM would at least grant you that. The PM has sent in one Scott Campbell PR ex TV3 journo( and not much of one either) to attack the Standard on The Nation. Lprent is super pissed off and has the data to refute all of this apology for a journalist claims.Yet another coordinated attack from the office of our douche bag PM. What is wrong with this country? Why are we so stupid? Someone please help me to understand why we are such flaming muppets?

    • Shona, asks;

      Why are we so stupid? – “someone please help me to understand why we are such flaming muppets?”

      Because we are being continually feed bullying crap by the paid MSM and Key’s spin machine that most folk are overburdened with “less we care any more”

      This is a well planned policy used in other countries and Key is using the same fear and misinformation policies to dumb down the whole population in a mind cleaning operation.


      Also, we are now bombarded with high frequencies used in most communications now that are known by US Military as a weapon of war, used to confuse and erase the minds of people.

      They know after conducting studies, that the brain can only operate on certain frequencies below 1000 hertz per second and when the brain is exposed to certain high frequencies the brain is unable to function as normal and confusion sets in so there so there is your answer folks.

      The US secret service used it on the Soviet embassy in Washington during the last cold war during the 1960’s Cuban missile crisis, and during the 1980’s the Soviet Government used High frequencies beamed at the American embassy in Moscow before the breakup of the Soviet empire.

      Serious stuff believe this is still happening around the globe today.

      Your Smart meter is also a tool they can use to beam high frequencies at your homes so get rid of them as they emit 900megahertz to 2.4 gigahertz, which are causing insomnia, and confusion in many.

      Check out “” on the web.

      • Thanks CleanG. I have read about some of this on Global Research. The level of disconnect in new entrants classes in our schools is a result of the frequencies children are exposed to in utero and during their pre-school years. Coupled with poor nutrition and housing we are becoming a zombie like species.

  11. You and many of the other TDB bloggers may occupy the high ground, unfortunately many of your sleepy hobbits are totally mesmerised by Jonah and his Whale wallowing in the swampy lowlands.

    • I’d get a legal opinion on that first. I really doubt the chance of success. Viciousness is not an objective measure. Key would need to say “Bomber is a peeping tom who spies on people from behind hedges”, for example. There would be objective proof whether something like that had happened or not.

      I suspect Key will say something actionable, but this isn’t it.

  12. Another day another lie.

    Of course Key knows that TDB is not vicious but if he says so publicly well then that means NZ will think they are all as bad as each other so what can you do but just accept Slater as normal.

    Lets just default to the position that anything John Key says should only ever be accepted with trusted multiple sources of corroboration. Its so much easier!

  13. If we dissect this statement by John Key we can logically come to one of two conclusions. The statement is, “he will be just as vicious as Cameron Slater can be.”

    If the statement is true, then this is an admission that Cameron Slater is vicious, and that Key has admitted being in contact with a “vicious” blogger. Not the sort of company fitting somebody holding the office of Prime Minister one would think.

    If the statement is false, then John Key has lied, again. This time in an attempt to deflect attention away from his own relationship with Slater by stating that all bloggers are the same so it must be okay.

    This is a lie because Martyn Bradbury is nothing like Cameron Slater in terms of personal attributes or journalistic integrity.

    Sue him for Libel Martyn.

  14. Now, I suspect Slater has a more geopolitical influence than we realize…several questions about this character come to mind….

    Just what is Slater doing in Tel Aviv when the Dirty Politics book comes out?

    And why has he be involved for years apparently writing glowing reports of Israeli military and economic initiatives…essentially bolstering up moves by the Israeli govt against the Palestinians?

    Surely one would be monitored by not only the GSCB , SIS – but also the five eyes spy network itself if certain information was being passed on to a foreign correspondent ?….if not for vetting of articles but to ensure that individual doesn’t become a whistle blower / turncoat.

    Now this has relevance – in part – to the same objectives as John XkeySCORE ,…the five eyes spy network , American interests in the middle east , our role in the undeclared war we are now involved in there in tandem with USA foreign policy and our new obligations to it when the TTPA is signed…

    I suspect this could very well be a case of ‘ the watchers watching the watchers’….

    John XkeySCORE is kept in line by the dirt Slater holds on him,….Slater is kept in line by the spy networks…..they both seem to have exclusive access to the SIS when needed…despite Slater needing Ede and co…

    And lets not forget Simon Lusk and his training camps for right wingers…attack politics training? …and just what sort of triangulated manner of individuals do we have working here?

    None of this happened in a vacuum didn’t just ‘happen’ one day…

    This is deliberate. It was planned . It was organised. And it seems we are dealing with some very nasty individuals here.

  15. I think you’ve got a bit of living down to do, Martyn, before you can be truly compared to Slater. Key’s remarks were probably scripted for him by Lynton Crosby or some other fascist monster.

  16. Although I have been following your blog regularly only for the last couple of years, I have yet to see anything under your name that I would call repulsive. Some of it may be borderline, but you do seem to have a line which you don’t cross. Blubberman, on the other hand, has no such qualms and no such boundaries. Add to this that he can’t write for toffee. I once forced myself to read through his blog (in the name of objectivity) and found it virtually unreadable. It was so full of clichés, stream-of-consciousness self appraisal and devoid of humour (funny how the right always claim the left blogs have no sense of humour) that I gave up. David Farrar’s blog is mostly rubbish too, but at least it is readable.

  17. It certainly is horrible that you’re being compared with such an odious and loathsome individual as Slater. However, this is just a desperate PM attempting, and failing, to change the conversation through his usual attempts to mislead. If he finds himself attempting to defend another blatant porky this week, like the “months and months and months” porky last week, he will be political history.

  18. “Go ask the left about Bomber Bradbury, he will be just as vicious as Cameron Slater can be”.

    Seems a rather juvenile comment to make.

    I doubt anyone in the New Zealand blogosphere could ever approach the level of notoriety of Slater. But I guess Martyn Bradbury is “vicious” because of his scrutiny of this Government. Or perhaps it’s the harsh sentiment directed at the Establishment. After all according to Hosking on Seven Sharp chants of F**k John Key amount to hate speech.

    It appears compliant media dressing demons as angels is the way to go, even though many can’t surrender to the illusion and instead see the spectacle for what it is.

    On the positive side, this inane comment can be construed as an endorsement of the success of The Daily Blog since the so-called Prime Minister went out of his way to make a juvenile attempt to discredit its editor.

    Regarding Key’s association with Slater, the ancient wisdom of Aesop expresses the situation well with the moral to the story of the ass and his purchaser: a man is known by the company he keeps.

    • I’d like to add that I never viewed the linked video of this interview because I absolutely despise breakfast television shows as well as TVNZ. Dull uninformative programming, low expectations, a fitting medium for the PM to spout his drivel.

      It was incredible watching One News last night and seeing how much of the news bulletin was dedicated to the Police. Even the police had to get a mention in an item regarding christmas parades. All seems like they’re obsessed with police or part of some bizarre grooming campaign for preparation of a police state.

      • I agree. It smells like we’re heading for fascism, with so many reality programs glorifying ngati poaka and the military. It’s not what Aotearoa used to be about.

  19. I will not always agree with you Martyn, but there is no question about your honour or integrity. Comparing you with Whale Oil is not appropriate, as you do not attack people personally for jollies and to appear important.

    I know people who are not keen on your blog, and that is fine, However, I am hard pressed to find anyone to say that you would ever be nasty or vindictive in your blog, which is why I stand by your integrity.

  20. How ridiculous Key is for wearing the white ribbon against domestic violence, he lies, defaces NZ, justifies everything he does with more bullshit, bullies others, takes our rights/freedom away, he IS the abuser of us.

    All Bomber has done is show the mirror up to him. Key should only be able to wear that ribbon once he does cut the crap and come clean, he is taking the piss by wearing that ribbon. Keep showing him up Martyn, maybe he will finally see his own reflection that’s if he isn’t a vampire! Key is now clutching at straws.

  21. OK. When will people realise this latest Slater thing is a red herring, designed to take critical analysis off the anti-terror legislation?

    Key is taking one for the team. The media are gullible and lazy, knowing Whale Oil will garner them the clicks etc they measure themsleves on these days.

    Well played, Prime Minister.

  22. What else did people expect from somebody who made millions of dollars at Merrill Lynch? In his book, The Roaring Nineties: Why We’re Paying the Price For the Greediest Decade in History, Joseph Stiglitz’ central argument is that deregulation of finance took away the incentive of institutions to disseminate truthful information about their companies, in order to make your company worth more on the stock market. Lying became the culture everywhere from Enron to M.L., and all stops in between. Merrill Lynch went bankrupt because it was lost in a culture of dishonesty and the truth finally caught up with it. To think that we made someone who was trained in this culture of lying our Prime Minister. Incidentally, I decided it was over for our most venerated leader when I read in the Steve Braunias satire article in the NZH last week, ‘The Secret Diary of John Key’, under Friday’s ‘fictitious’ entry, the line, “What a week! It didn’t help that I slept badly. I kept waking up to find I was lying in a painful, twisted heap.”

    • raychch says,
      “Merrill Lynch went bankrupt because it was lost in a culture of dishonesty and the truth finally caught up with it. To think that we made someone who was trained in this culture of lying our Prime Minister”

      His Corporate thugs installed this “Stool Pigeon” handyman Key not us.

      Perfectly spoken Raychch, if only NZ could wake up and realise he is exactly this you say, then we may be saved.

      Victoria Australia threw out the one term National/Liberal rotten lot last weekend and returned a Labour State Government. Now it’s our turn next.

  23. Latest spin, neutralise whalebile by SUGGESTING he has an equal and opposite on the left…..what? Of course we haven’t got anything like whalebile, or we wouldn’t be Labour supporters.

    I wouldn’t even dignify this with an answer, or you will have to engage with the weird logic of whalebile that we have been subjecting us to on the media recently, …..nothing is his responsibility (including attacking people who he doesn’t even know), and a total victim when anyone confronts him…it’s called a drama triangle, and he is an expert at them.
    Key is trying to take the heat out of his relationship with a venal blogger, to justify his contact……..but there is no excuse for a statesman to have anything to do with someone who uses family connections for power, without which, he is nothing, and no-one would take any notice at all.

  24. I fail to believe that within the National Party that there are not at least a few who can see what damage Mr JerKey is doing not only to their party, but to the country as a whole.

    It is way past time that they stood up and made their views heard loud and clear and let us all know that their are a few decent human beings in Govt.
    How can we put up with another three years of corruption ?

    • I think the era of decent Tories finished with Waring and Quigley. I can’t recall any since. Some, like Bolger, make a few soothing noises once they’ve retired, but looking back in embarrassment doesn’t help us.

  25. I wonder if the Nat voters knew they were voting for Mr Oil to run the country when they voted for Mr Key.

    And they squeezed their eyes shut and blocked their ears and went “Na-na-na na-na” when the book Dirty Politics came out. Nicky warned us, but they wanted to believe the wolf in sheeps clothing.

    The only good thing is the enjoyment of seeing the PMs house of cards toppling – finally!

  26. Children, CALM DOWN!!!

    Of COURSE everybody KNOWS
    that Martyn doesnt match up to Slater!!!( Slater is plain EVIL after all)

    Martyn only tells the TRUTH. He tells it like it is.
    Truth is DISLIKED VERY MUCH, in these current times.

    OK Martyn,

    The REAL significance of being mentioned PUBLICLY by NZ P.M.
    1) You should be flattered.
    You’ve drawn attention- by your acidic though TRUTHFUL words

    (and here’s the SUBTLE message:)

    2) are also being noted down as a ENEMY of The State

    aka “Terrorist” ..

    Don’t worry Martyn, because you are only a “big Mouth” , in their eyes. Means quite a bit of influence..
    .A slight nuisance…but
    – Not a threat yet.

    ( you’re not a WHISTLEBLOWER. Because you haven’t connected all the dots yet)

  27. You forget to mention Slater taking money from Mark Hotchkins’ PR guy/
    If you would take that money to do the bidding of those kinds of people…
    and yet the poor wee bugger is getting Legal Aid?
    must have good accountant.

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