Tension inside the Blue Tent – questions that should be asked



With Andrew Little on fire taking a straight shooting no crap approach to Key’s dead eyed duplicity, the tensions inside the Blue Tent of National are at risk of erupting again.

When the TeamKey brand falters, National’s factions sharpen their knives.

The House of Bridges vs Collins’ Coven vs the English-Joyce Alliance who prop up the evil King Joffrey Key.

If Steven Joyce gets scrutinised for the way he shepherded Jason Ede’s career into Key’s Office, there could be the first means for either House of Bridges or Collins Coven to weaken Joyce enough to challenge Key.

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Former advisor to Key, deputy chief of staff Phil de Joux, is married to the deputy campaign manager of the National Party, and I think their rumoured role in finding the email from Cathy Odgers that allowed for the distraction of Judith Collins’ resignation was helped by David Farrar’s real time qualitative polling that told Key the exact moment he should jettison Collins as a distraction. If that’s the case, the question is what did de Joux and his wife offer, or have over, Odgers for her to give them the emails?

It was vital that the evidence presented was not based in the book Dirty Politics as that would prove Hager was right, National had to source evidence elsewhere that manufactured them a media distraction from the seriousness of what was being levelled at Key.

From my understanding Collins’ Coven are furious at the dumping of all three reports in one day this week, not because they saw it as swamping the news media, they were angry because they saw it as a direct move by the English-Joyce Alliance to rob Judith of any air time to announce her return from purgatory.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Collins’ favourite attack blogger is now tripping up the Prime Minister whom she blames for her public smack down.


  1. It’s wonderful to hear Little adopt a language that will register with “the common man,” – for an understanding of the “Common Man” see film Barton Fink, – and National gobs getting very personal in response. I finally agree with Key on something! We’re in for an interesting three years.

  2. Oh goody the long knives are out ,protagonists Joyce/English, Collins /Key Slater /Key ,hope Paula and Barry join in the corruption stoush, dissapointed in Maggi Barry ,I thought better of her.

  3. HAHAHAA ….L00L !!!!

    Comical satire at its very best 🙂

    The whole thing is getting sillier and sillier by the day, – Key got his stage act kudos from the Key – stone cops !!!

    See ya later alli- Slater!,

    In awhile , crocodile ,

    Cant ya’ see ya’ in my way now –

    So long , thats all ,…GOODBYYYEEEEE !!

    • Wild katipo I just love your posts you naughty chip on the shoulder type upsetting Mr Finlayson like that , I read on an older site the SIS is spying on you and all of us who might threaten Key. Who in the hell does Finlayson think he is?
      Im not frightened of the likes of him nasty spitefull little man.
      The aim is to make people fearful of speaking out, to think NZ is subject to this makes my blood boil.
      Key wants to just hand us over to the Corporations, Bilderbergers ,Freemasons ,Jesuits and whoever else he takes his orders from.
      Key uses the police .spy agencies and everyone he can think of to keep us down,those agencies were supposedly put in place to keep law and order, not act like the KGB.
      Well people the only thing to fear is fear itself. which is the intention of people like Finlayson , power hungry (rude words) wish I could express myself like you wild katipo,you have my admiration , just watch out for the boogyman.
      The SIS is under the spotlight now, and
      Key is being shown up for what he is . Cameron Slater must be under SIS spotlight now,hope he speaks out against Key before his whale oil site is shut down. Finlayson is a perpetrator of creating devisions between Maori and Pakeha while pretending to work for Maori.
      So many nasty ambitious people in National now,brainwashed by the leadership , decent people until Key became PM.

      • Its all good , currently I sleep on a camp stretcher ..so I don’t fear ‘reds under the bed’ as I feel there wouldn’t be much room under there..

        And as for a knock on the door well I would invite them in for a cup of coffee and some biscuits but I lack a table and chairs so I would feel rather rude…cant have suited officials sitting on the carpet in their expensive suits and polished black shoes..

        They might scuff and damage the carpet.

        So their fresh outa luck , Im afraid…..:)

        • It wouldn’t be posh people raiding your well furnished abode wild katipo it would men in black with batons, im sure your description of your living conditions was a joke but if not the slammer wouldn’t phase you ,keep safe .

    • Key is a superb example of the revolving door. Made millions with Merrill Lynch and is sufficiently lacking in morality to make governing for the elite the obvious next step. (Merrill Lynch and moral compass spells antithesis). Now that he’s the darling of ideological Conservatism he will earn many millions more when he embarks on his next step – the lecture circuit, giving pep talks to up-and-coming financiers. This is why one of the single most detestable moments for me during our recent election campaign was hearing Cunliffe play the deference game and acknowledge thanks to Key and National for getting us through the global crisis, and agreeing that Key wants what’s best for NZ. It’s time to cut that crap.

      • Key is and always has been, morally bankrupt and so are those who persuaded him to come back and stand in the Helensville seat.

    • Yes wonderful achievement for “The Dear Leader”. What a wonderful body to be elected chair, a shinning light for democracy and human rights. I suggest all readers check out the membership list on Wikipedia.
      “The Dear Leader” must be particularly gratified in following such an esteemed predecessor as “Deputy Dawg Howard” who is renowned as a great defender of democracy in tandem with his fellow unconvicted war criminals Bush, Cheany, Rumsfeld, Blair etcetera.

  4. Lots of Nats that I interact with daily have wondered why John Key would continue to have contact with Cameron Slater – he doesn’t need to, he’s popular enough they say.
    But it got me thinking, if he stops taking Slaters calls, who knows what Slater would do – he’s a pretty irrational guy – he has the power to bring the whole lot down in a screaming heap of dung. Key is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    And a few months back we all wondered why Key hadn’t sacked Judith Collins – same reason / Slater and Collins are so intertwined – they have Key over a barrel

    • . . . which just might indicate that what the public know thus far about Dirty Politics is only the tip of the iceberg.

      I agree – Key has succeeded in getting himself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    • Key set up Collins and outsmarted Slater, he is scared of them because both of them could get him out of office and Collins could become the new national leader, she would be far better than key hes got to be one of the most bent politicians in history

    • The best promotional effort for Slater is the continued references to him in Parliament by Labour. His site hits are going through the roof!

      Unlike this place, which is an echo chamber for sad old lefties.

        • Is this TDB blogger an “old” leftie?…
          “My name is Finn Jackson. I turned sixteen this year. I was born into a family of journalists who were very involved in politics. Since birth I have been surrounded by talk of Mayoralty Campaigns and election stratergies. This has influenced my entire life, and has prompted me recently to join the movement for change.”

      • In hindsight its to be wondered if Andrew little is putting key on the spot ,saying he should admit things and apologise and move on.David cunliffe gave Key a free pass praising him for getting nz through the downturn ,Key borrowed millions to do it . Then agreeing to back the labour man KelvinDavis and knocking out Hone Harawira to stop Kim Dot Com because obviously Cunliffe didn’t want to go against Key.
        Labour didn’t lose, Cunliffe gave the election away . Both leaders should have been calling for Keys resignation ,Cunliffe only had to wear a red scarf to be told to resign, a set up if ever there was one. I hope Mr Little is going to work for the people not against them ,he could start by calling for Keys resignation,if only for all the lies hes told.

  5. Just to add to the tension. It’s about time we recorded and released the song, “Our PM Can’t Stop Telling Lies.” Key’s lies of the past two days have made this song litigation proof.

  6. Well Little is failing to disappoint, and Labour may be learning the lessons of unity as a small proportion of National’s corrupt excesses come to light. Perhaps the neglected role of the unions as a training ground for Labour leadership will be reviewed. I hope once Little finishes taking out the trash – a task that dwarfs the Augean Stables – that he unrolls his positive policies with equal vigour.

      • Yes except he said “why dosnt John Key admit his mistakes and apologise and move on “, better if he”d said move out of parliament , If Key thought apologising and admitted his lies etc would get him out of the poo he would ,and continue to do the same as usual bully and lie.

        • But Little’s phrasing is clever stuff. On the one hand it implies that the opposition is playing a fair game and not asking for much other than an apology, but on the other hand, if Key says sorry for lying now he’s as good as finished as leader. Little seems to have the quick intelligence that’s been lacking in the Labour leadership for these six years.

  7. If that’s the case, the question is what did de Joux and his wife offer, or have over, Odgers for her to give them the emails?

    One obvious threat; to lay a complaint with the NZ Law Society and have Odgers’ practicing certificate as a lawyer stripped from her. The Old Boys’ network here in NZ would be happy to comply, I suspect…

  8. It’s all starting to unravel for Key and Slater, and as their sleazy shallow cartel implodes the rest around him will also fold like a pack of cards.
    Both Key and Slater are showing all the classic behavioural symptoms of people who possess a certain ‘personality trait’…..
    Blatant outright lying without batting an eyelid.
    Blaming every one else.
    Twisting and bending their stories to try and make themselves sound credible.
    The facial contortions .
    The sucking in of air through the teeth after telling yet another lie.
    Speaking extra quickly and slurring more than usual.
    Making more and more bizarre statements.
    The list goes on and they’ve ticked every box.
    Key has to go!!
    We cannot anymore , have a Leader of our beautiful country, NZ , who is so clearly corrupt and surrounds himself with equally corrupt and sleazy henchmen. This shit has gone on long enough and needs to stop right now!!
    If Key is allowed to get away with this , even God will be not enough to defend N.Z…….
    How has N.Z allowed itself to get to this point ?….

    • By allowing Key to get away with rigging the election, im sure majority in Christchurch didn’t vote for him.Would still like to know what happened to the avaaz petition to have the recount , never heard a thing , did this get buried ,no one seems to know.

      • It appears Avaaz is not what it seems ,George Sorus is one of the top members with agenda of collecting money from unsuspecting avaaz members to use to fight Israels cause against Palestine.
        When asked was a previous petition ever presented, no answer and the person named who supposedly instigated it was josh nothing else so no way of finding out.

    • Little is excellent but calling for an apology from Shonkey sounds wishy washy. He should be calling for his posterior to disappear out the political door. Because the recent plethora of Shonkey lies, you know that being honest means less than zero to the dead eyed puppet. But he will never apologise because he knows if he did, his rear end would ignite and he’d be kissing it goodbye.

  9. Interesting piece, Martyn. However, I have one question regarding the second-to-last paragraph: Is Collins ‘furious’ that the Chisholm report was lost amidst the noise of the other inquiries? Indeed the reverse could be argued.

    The Chisholm report still leaves many serious questions open. Collins is technically absolved of the allegations, but the inquiry’s scope was so narrow that the result hardly constitutes a big victory. Therefore, the less oxygen the Chisholm report receives, the better it is for Collins (at least for now).

  10. With so many egocentric individuals within the National Party it would be no surprise if many of them are looking into how John Key’s current exposure for lies and corruption will help them get into the leadership role.

    More power to them I say. All of them are people I would never vote for, contemptuous of the New Zealand public and self-serving, however it’s time for a change. A proven liar versus an unproven liar just means we get to expose their dirty dealings over again further discrediting the right wing as the narcissistic ideologues that they are.

  11. Interesting in the Herald today… Bill English states ”John Key runs the most transparent govt weve had ever ”……

    From the same man who gave us his other immortal statement : ”We should be glad we have a LOW WAGE economy because it encourages foreign investment”.

    Also the same man (English ) was caught out double dipping in Dipton to the tune of around $750.00 each week claiming on housing…..most of that is a weeks wage for most of us – for others its MORE by about $200.00 – $300.00 per week.

    Says it all about Key , English and the shitey govt they really are…..NOT to be trusted.

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